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February 22, 2015, 12:37 pmDay 2 Of The Pixie Do! Yes,Mother is Back :)

And complete with a freshly coiffed pixie! It never fails. And underneath the bangs is the face of my mother, a little worse for wear,but yes,here she is one year later. It will be a long 2 weeks,lol.

The voice. That is the first thing I hear before I even lay eyes upon her. My cousin had the honors of opening the garage door this time to help her wheel in the luggage. Already it is high pitched, animated, and excitably full of the story of the SuperShuttle ride that she has just embarked upon.

Well heavens, can you believe the driver missed our street!! And he had to make a U turn and come back around! Can you imagine? And then the plane trip stories. Oh yes, wasn't it strange how the man sitting next to her put his carry on bag on the opposite side of where he was sitting? Didn't he know he was supposed to put it above him on his own side?

I give her a once over. Yes, she's gained a few pounds. Always in her stomach. The rest of her is pretty thin. Guess the trip to the casino she took with my sister and her husband the day before didn't help. Sis said she really chowed down at the buffet. No surprise. There will be none of that here.

I had lunch ready. Baked herbed fish,spinach,some of the Barefoot Contessa's creamy basil potatoes. She didn't ask for seconds. She never does when I cook. I always ask if she liked the meal. It's always "good". I don't believe my mother has ever put anything into    her mouth that I've made that was "delicious". Hmmm, funny since everyone else in my family has nothing but compliments and requests to make such and such dish again.

We have problems. At first I thought she might be having a stroke. Her talking was a little slurred. Then I find out she had bitten the inside of her cheek the day before so our conversations have been peppered throughout with occasional "ouch's!" The bottoms of our feet feel "sore" and "burning" and she can't figure out why. This can be an affliction with diabetes which she has recently acquired.

I mention that to her. I say, "you have to do more exercise and keep moving." I'm saying this while she's sitting in the easy chair next to me. She looks down at her feet, lifts them up and swirls her ankles around. Somehow I don't think that counts.

My sister calls to make sure mom has arrived. Mom jumps up to take it. From the other room I'm hearing the exact same conversation I heard as she walked in the door. Word for word then a squeal of laughter. About the Shuttle Driver missing the street. I sigh.

Already I'm thinking, "when's nap time?" I thought after she ate she might wind down. After all she "hadn't slept a wink" the night before. No such luck,lol. After the phone call she settles down in the easy chair again. Starts chat chat chatting again. Then she said she was cold and still trying to warm up. The plane was cold, the shuttle ride had the air conditioner on. It is almost 70 degrees out and I want to open the doors. Instead I crank the heat up and get her a soft throw.

She's staring at the TV as she's talking. I know she wants me to turn it on. But I don't.    She grabs a magazine instead as I get up to go into the kitchen. There is a container of blueberries I need to use up and am wondering what to do with them. Good excuse for an escape. I ask mom what should I make and hear "cobbler" come out from behind the magazine.

I find a "diet" cobbler recipe in one of my cookbooks. I am always watching my diet and try to "health-ify" most everything I make. She's got to watch her sugar and carb intake but I figure it's her first day here, okay, a little treat. Before I even begin gathering my ingredients I take a peek around the corner. Ahhh...Nap time has finally arrived.

The magazine splays open on her throw covered lap. Her head is tilted to the side. Dead out.

Yes, it's February but as I mentioned a flew blogs ago I have mom's Christmas presents waiting here for her. She doesn't sleep long and is up from her cat nap in seconds. (It feels like) I turn on the little fake 3 foot tree decoration to get her in the spirit. The gifts are just little things. "Oh, you got me my puzzle books." She loves circle-a-word puzzles. "Oh,you got me my almonds". She loves Trader Joe's sugar free chocolate covered almonds. "Oh you got me a Trac Phone card".

The gift that got the biggest "Oh," was the new slot machine casino game disc I got her. It has Texas Tea on it. She loves playing those on the computer.

The tape recorder is still waiting in a box. Something in me is hesitant about giving it to her.

It is morning now. I tip toe towards the living room and hear snoring. She insists on sleeping on the couch. I slide the door shut and say yippee to myself inside as I sit down to write this.

OOP! It's not long before she wanders out. She's on her way to the bathroom with bedhead. She walks into the hallway and doesn't even see me sitting in the family room. She looks lost. Funny how she can look so lost in a house she lived in for 40 years.

My peace and quiet is gone for the day.

My mother is sitting next to me now rambling on and on about the games she doesn't like at the casino and how she gets so annoyed when they page people over the loudspeaker while she's there. Out of the corner of my eye I see shadows dancing but it's really her arms waving back and forth as she's talking on and on and on...day 2 has officially started.

And I am thinking to myself....Do I really want this tape recorded? lol.

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February 21, 2015, 1:18 pmMax The Manx

Max came over to visit yesterday.

He is one of my neighbor's cats.

He was also BusterBrat's very first friend.

Max is a Manx, one of those tailess cats. He first showed up unexpectedly in my backyard years ago as a gawky skinny teenager. BusterBrat was a little older and I wasn't sure how that was going to go over because Buster was not too friendly with most cats.

Surprisingly there was no friction. I would be shocked sometimes to look out the window and see Buster sprawled out resting on the patio and Max would be nuzzling him or jumping over him trying to play. Buster just squinted his eyes and didn't seem to pay much attention to him at all. By then I guess he was too old to care. 

Max came over just about everyday back then. He'd spend a few minutes trying to get a rise out of Buster then proceed to eat the rest of his canned food. I thought Max was cute the way he ate. He used his paw as a spoon and used to just sit there and dig out every little bit of food with his left paw. Buster was only interested in the gravy and pretty much left the meat. 

Max always tried to get into the house but I never let him. It was hard getting in and out of the house at times because he was so quick. One day I left for some errands and when I came home I noticed all the blinds were askew. Things looked "different" and out of place and as I walked through the house Max went darting by and out the door! Somehow he had snuck in as I left. And I'd been gone for 3 or 4 hours! Oh that cat! 

As time went on Max started getting a little persnickety and would sometimes hiss at Buster. Guess he was growing up and getting a little more dominant. He even started hissing at me so I used my Scram Patrol device I bought that supposedly lets out a sound to scare unwanted pests away. It doesn't hurt the animal, just sends out a laser beam with a sound that of course we can't hear. I tried it on Buster once for the heck of it and he just looked at me lazily like,"what the heck are you doing?" And he wasn't deaf by any means so who knows if the dang thing worked? LoL.

But it worked on Max. I'd be in the front yard and see him getting ready to saunter into the backyard where Buster awaited and turn it on. He'd run away like crazy. It got to the point where I'd just stand there with it and he'd run. I know that sounds mean but I didn't want any fights. Buster had had his share,believe me. One even left a permanent slit on the top of his ear that never mended. It gave him character.

So eventually, Max stopped coming over.

Until a few days ago. I hadn't seen him in years and almost didn't recognize him. He's filled out now and a little chubby. I was hesitant to reach down and pet him but he came right up to me and rubbed on my legs. Which shocked me because he never used to be so friendly.

Age must have mellowed him. Yesterday I stood outside on the back porch with him and he went back and forth purring against my legs. I gave in, he was just too cute, and bent down to pet him. He loved it. Couldn't get enough. He stood at the door looking at me through the screen door for an hour or more after I came inside. Went back out and petted him. Then I opened the gate and he went on his merry way. I THOUGHT. Two seconds later I turned around and he was squeezing through the hole in the fence and coming right back. It was hard to get in the house again because he's STILL trying to follow me in. So I rubbed his back some more.

We're friends again. All is forgiven. 

The Scram Patrol is still out in the garage. Haven't used it for years.

I guess I can throw it out now. 

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February 11, 2015, 11:40 amIf You Don't Know The Difference...

.....between the gas pedal and the brake then you probably shouldn't be driving.

There are quite a few elderly people in my neighborhood. Well, maybe more than quite a few,lol. And nowadays you take your chances walking out of the house. I'm no spring chicken myself but....

Last year I was wondering what all the hub-bub was going on at my Wells Fargo bank. I thought they had been robbed. The whole front door and frame was completely smashed in. Come to find out some elderly lady had driven right through into the bank! She made her own drive thru window I guess. Scary. I stand in line right where she wound up. Guess it wasn't my time to go yet.

Cut to yesterday at the small shopping center down the block where there's a liquor store and Round Table Pizza I used to work at many moons ago. Was going to buy my PB ticket and noticed the whole front door and frame of Round Table was smashed. Guess what? ANOTHER elderly lady drove right into the door. I didn't realize their pizza was almost to DIE for. Geese. This is getting to be an epidemic.

You can bet I'm going to be watching my step from now on around here.

C'mon folks,give me a BRAKE!!

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Entry #114
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February 4, 2015, 9:57 amSorry Bruce Jenner, MJ beat you to it!

I admit I probably spend too many minutes of my life making comments on yahoo news stories. Sometimes you just can't help it. You see a story and naturally have an opinion. (And what woman doesn't? lol)

It seems I always start on one story then get distracted by something else and click on that and that and that and then wonder how the heck I wound up where I did.

Here was my chain of events today.

One of the headline stories was some supposed heartfelt performance of Christina Aguilara's. So I clicked on and it led me to YouTube where I watched her sing "Say Something" with some group I've never heard of for about 2 minutes.

On the sidelines where they show other "suggested" videos, Judith Hill caught my eye.         

It was her Voice audition. She really stood out on the show to me a couple of years ago,what a beautiful singer. Then I remembered she was going to be on Michael Jackson's last tour before he died. Punched that in and watched her and MJ singing "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" at the rehearsal. What a passionate performance that was! Wow, lucky girl. 

(Sorry Christina...your heartfelt song was no comparison but thanks to leading me to one!)

Well,once I heard that it made me think of Billie Jean. I mean, what was the 80's without Billie Jean? lol. Funny watching that video now. The lighted steps, the sleeve lift, the tippy toes. I kept waiting for him to really break out and DANCE but it was surprisingly very restrained. Lots of slo mo and stops. So so 80's. Were we really that campy back then?

You know how one MJ song can keep leading you to the next one. They're like potato chips...can't watch (eat) just one! I HAD to watch "Remember the Time", one of my most favorites. Don't know why but I really dig that song.

It takes about 3 1/2 minutes before the King of Pop shows up.

He's got the dress, the spaghetti strap halter, face paint.

The first thought that popped into my mind was Bruce Jenner!

Wonder if this is what planted the idea into his head. LoL. Let's see, he would have been about 43 when this video came out. Did he see it while he was in Mid Life Crisis territory?

Poor Bruce. What else can we chalk it up to, this sudden "wanting to be a woman"? Maybe not "sudden" but first we heard of it.

A former strong male Olympian reduced to fingernail polish and a straggly ponytail.

This has to be one of the more bizarre stories of 2015. I really didn't believe the rumors until reading he's going to be 'coming out' about it soon. Crazy.

But that's the least of the world's problems. And after watching the MJ video it's not even "news" anymore. 

Sorry Bruce, MJ was there first! 


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January 30, 2015, 6:54 amEbola In My Neighborhood

Quite a scary thought,isn't it? Imagine my surprise when clicking on Yahoo and seeing a neighborhood hospital as front page news. With the dreaded word "ebola" next to it. My first thought...do I know the person? I highly doubt it. People from all over go to Mercy Hospital. 

I went to the Catholic school about 1/2 a block away in my younger years. You can see the hospital from the playground. I have been in this emergency room they closed down yesterday to "scrub down". Once when my mother toppled down the porch onto her back when watering the bushes. Another time when my sister was admitted for a panic attack. 

When you read about these horrendous diseases you never think they will hit so close to home. But when they do all of sudden they are "real". The boogie man is really out there. I can't help wondering where this person may have been frequenting. The grocery stores I go to? The post office? Restaurants? WHO IS THIS PERSON? lol Chances are they aren't even from around here.

I found this out right after receiving some good news. My mother's mammogram came back negative. She had cancer several years ago but has been cancer free since. Up until a day ago. We THOUGHT. During her latest test "something" showed up. She got called in for a ultra sound yesterday so I was waiting on pins and needles. Thank the Lord she is fine. They are always overly cautious when she is tested. Which is good.

This "maybe" ebola patient has been taken to another hospital. But the waves of uncertainty still linger here. Until I see the test result I won't stop thinking about it.

2 health scares in one day,lol. Hope this isn't an indication of how this year is going to go!     

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January 20, 2015, 8:52 amMom,Step Right Up To the Microphone!

When I was in school, History was a snore! It was probably my least favorite subject (along with Math,English,Biology..etc...LOL ) It seemed to me we never got past the Indians. Oh, there were a lot of old war dates to memorize (like those came in handy) and...gee...I can't even remember. It all went in one ear and out the other.

Now art was fun. And piano and drum class. Wound up being the teacher's helper in piano since I had lessons for years and was way ahead of everyone in the class. It was my senior year and I had to just fill in time since the only class I needed to graduate was Government  by then. 

Yesterday's holiday got me thinking. Martin Luther King. Who was he? It's sad to admit after living half a century I never really knew much about him until I started googling yesterday and getting a crash course. Now WHY didn't they teach us things like THIS in school?

It probably wouldn't have been as interesting then as it is to me now anyway. I suppose there's a lot truth in the saying, "Youth is wasted on the young." Isn't that the truth,though? When you're young and bright and strong all you want to do is play. By the time you mature and wake up you think to yourself, "If only I knew then what I know now." Somewhere in between a lot of years get wasted just living and trying to find your way. Sometimes I wake up and think,"Where did the years go? I'm still 17, right? I still FEEL 17. Who's that person in the mirror?" lol

Life all happens so quickly. This Christmas really got me thinking about that and my own family history. What the heck is it? Growing up I don't remember my parents talking a whole lot about their childhoods and their life stories.

And most everyone in my family is now gone.

Dad, grandma's,grandpa's even my mother's only sister. MOM is IT. She's about all that's left besides an uncle and aunt on Dad's side. And they're in their upper 80's and can't remember what I said 5 minutes ago.

My mother's annual visit is coming up soon. (I'm preparing myself as of this moment,lol) When I was trying to think of a Christmas present for her this year the idea of a tape recorder popped into my mind.

My mother LOVES to talk as those of you who've read my other blogs about her already know,lol. Well, I thought, let's get her talking about something IMPORTANT for a change! (besides what time the neighbor put out his trash yesterday).

Let's hear her life story. Let's hear what happened before I was born. Stories about grandma and grandpa that I don't know. MY history.

It sounds good in theory. But getting her to actually DO it?   

I was so late this year getting the presents out that I decided to just keep hers here until she comes to visit. So the tape recorder's waiting wrapped up pretty with a bow.

It's the "old fashioned" kind. One that actually uses cassette tapes. Knowing my mom it won't be long before a knob will "mysteriously" fall off or heaven forbid, she'll start talking into the machine and thought she pressed the record button but really didn't. I'm imagining the tapes getting lost or worse yet, my whole family history being "accidentally erased". It could happen.

With mom anything's a possibility,lol.

I know she will laugh when she sees it. Her nervous giggle. She will be afraid of a "machine".  I will show her how to use it. Call her on the phone and REMIND her to use it. There will be questions and I'll have to give her blow by blow directions how to use it again. She will write them down.

Like she used to write EVERYTHING down. Like how many times her co-worker used to go out and have a smoke. And what time she came back. And who wasn't doing their job. (Talk about calling the kettle black! SHE wasn't working either!)

My mother has always been a "living" tape recorder. I have found literally hundreds of tiny pieces of paper where she has jotted things down. Her purses used to be loaded. (along with the napkins and straws,lol) She was always busy writing down what OTHER people were doing. 

Even her old calendars were full of notations. "Left pinkie hurts. 7/14/75"  "Stitch on left side" etc etc. I found a bunch of these years ago and just about every day there was some ache or pain mentioned. (real or imagined? lol) They made me groan just reading them.

Her sister used to call her from San Diego. Long distance was a BIG deal back in the old days. I only remember them talking about once a year. The first thing she'd do was whip out a pad and pencil and the whole time they were talking she'd be writing. Then she'd come and read us the notes after the conversation to let us know what our cousins were up to. It was never anything THAT important. So and so's graduating. So and so bought a used car.

But to her, I guess it was IMPORTANT. It's funny how what's important to one person is just mundane to another. This has been part of me and my mom's history. I'm always waiting to hear something important to ME from her. So far I've been out of luck.

I'm still trying.

Hopefully I'll get it out of her. 

If the tape recorder doesn't do it maybe I'll buy her a new calendar instead. Maybe I should have kept all the old ones. After all they were part of her history.

All the belly-achin', toe stubbin', piercing headache bit of it.

Hmmmm...sounds like our relationship.LOL 

Guess we have had a history after all.

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January 9, 2015, 4:45 pmThe First Shakey's Pizza 1954

Yes,this is it,lol. I took this picture back in the 80's while waiting for my sister to get off work. It is just a few blocks from my house. This was her first job, my second. We both worked together here for awhile.

Ah...the old days. I can still smell the pizza. My sis wound up being an assistant manager. Me? I did everything. Made the pies, worked the bar,mopped the floors. I think my favorite time was spent in the dishwashing room. I liked to hide away and listen to smooth jazz on the radio all night. There wasn't even a dishwasher, besides me. Everything was washed by hand.

On Friday and Saturday nights there was a live dixieland jazz band. We were always packed. I loved the little stage in the back. It had a piano there and after we closed I'd go play sometimes. So I had my 15 seconds of solo fame,lol. It was probably the only time Beethoven's Fur Elise was played on that stage.

Upstairs were a bunch of rooms that used to be apartments. We used it for storage. There was always talk of it being haunted. I never witnessed a ghost but always felt a little "spooked" especially at 1 O'clock in the morning when I used to get stuck closing up. Luckily I was never there by myself.

The building is still there. It closed as Shakey's in the mid 90's but 2 other restaurants have come and gone since then. It's closed at the moment,nothing there. Before the first restaurant opened I peeked inside the window and saw how much remodeling they did. It was sort of disheartening...it didn't look the same, of course. 

One time I was on the phone during my shift with a friend of mine. He'd just been to see the Rolling Stones and was telling me all about it. My back was to the register. I wasn't paying any attention but I did heard some rustling. My co-worker was talking to a customer (I presumed) and I heard the register open.

A few seconds later, my co-worker was jabbing his finger in my arm saying, "Get off the phone, we just got robbed!" LOL. The guy actually had a gun. Here I was 2 feet away and I didn't notice a thing. Crazy. Must have been a dumb robber...who robs a pizza joint on a Monday night? I think he got away with about $300. And it was EARLY in the night too. LOL

My mother told me when she was a teenager,she and her sister used to wake up their dad at midnight on the weekends to go get a pizza here. Same place,lol. She always talked about how delicious it was.

Well...by the time I got there in the 80's it was still okay but as time progressed the quality of the ingredients got cheaper. The sauce came out of a box and the cheese was like little pellets, not freshly grated. 

It's too bad when you watch an institution go down the tubes. This place was really rockin' in its day but gradually, like most things, went downhill through the years. Near the end of my time here, my boss quit and they had nobody to replace him. So guess who wound up with the keys to lock up? Yep, me. I used to put the bag of money in the floor safe every night. (Not that there was that much,lol) Then I'd lock the door and my dad would be waiting for me in front to drive me home.

One late night I was locking the door and this drunk man came up and was trying to get past me to go inside. I saw my dad watching from the car...I could see his mouth moving like he was yelling something but the windows were rolled up so I couldn't hear what he was saying. He was also beeping the horn trying to get the guy's attention I guess. (big help,dad,LOL) I wound up pushing the dude real hard and he stumbled away and I got into the Ford Granada and we made our escape.

Funny the things you remember. I didn't feel like I was in danger or anything. (Maybe I should have seeing as my dad didn't even get out of the car to help me,lol) It all just happened so fast,I don't think anyone knew what to do.

This was my second pizza job. I was a traitor coming from Round Table,lol. But me and RT had an ugly parting. (That's another blog) Talk about fresh pizza,though. They had 2 prep people working in the morning, one for just the salad bar! (That was me!) I used to chop the lettuce,cut the cucumbers,tomatoes,onions. Open and drain the cans of kidney and garbanzo beans. Chop up eggs.

I eventually became the main prepper later on. Yep, making dough,(man,was that heavy!) putting the sauce together, grating all the cheese,slicing mushrooms. I also had to slice all the deli meats and onions. (Had to wear goggles for that) They used to have the greatest sandwhiches back then but no more.

Pizza Pizza! For years after I quit those jobs I rarely ate it. Even to this day I don't crave it.

I left them all behind with arms full of burn marks from taking pizza out of the brick ovens. They've finally all faded.

But my memories will live on........   

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January 4, 2015, 5:30 pmPublish Lottery Newspaper? Check! I finally did it :)

Well,I gone and done did it,lol. Yes, I published a little 8 page paper on lottery tips and such with a lot of plugs for the LP here.Thumbs Up Am passing them out here in Sac Town. This paper is geared toward California players mostly. Am discreetly sleuthing my way through the city and placing them in "waiting" areas. Or lottery playing places. The first liquor store I went into and inquired about leaving a few copies said yes! So my hopes are high as I venture out to other retailers. Coming soon to a magazine table near you!

LottoLaffs is on the loose :)


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October 27, 2014, 11:50 amBest Battle Round Ever on The Voice!

The Voice is one of those shows that gets me all wound up in the beginning and then disappointed at the end. Not one of my favorites has ever won on this show so I've pretty much given up.

It's kind of sad to revisit a lot of my past favorites Facebook pages or other media outlets. Most of them look like they've thrown in the towel and are back to mowing lawns or whatever they did in the past. Having a talent and not being able to share it is one of the most heart crushing realities any artist has to face. (Coming from a family of "artists" I can relate very personally.)

This new season I see another star in the making, Craig Wayne Boyd. I am not a country music fan in the least but do have to say this Battle Round was my absolute favorite.


Craig whooped some serious a$$ on this. I didn't pay the slightest attention to him in the blind auditions but he made me turn my head this time. It's such a wonderful moment to "discover" a natural talent. We can't all be "it" girls or boys but he definitely has "it".

Unfortunately he probably won't win now. Because I like him. Sorry,Craig! 

Entry #108
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October 25, 2014, 9:02 pmAre You A Newbie To LP? LL's One on One Consultation!

I thought I would offer some Pick 3, Pick 4 and/or Pick 5 help to the lucky one newbie who responds here first.

If you newly joined the LP and have some questions about what's going on in your state's games right now, I hope I'll be able to lead you to a more winning path :)

Entry #107
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October 10, 2014, 11:36 amYour Pick 3 Pairs For OCT,NOV and DEC

AZ-92X  93X  94X

AR-90X  91X  92X

CA-07X  08X  09X

CT-51X  52X  53X

DE-27X  28X  29X

FL-30X  31X  32X

GA-35X  36X  37X

ID-83X  84X  85X

IL-48X  49X  40X

IN-06X  07X  08X

IA-53X  54X  55X

KS-47X  48X  49X

KY-07X  08X  09X

LA-50X  51X  52X

MD-86X  87X  88X

MI-31X  32X  33X

MN-82X  83X  84X

MO-85X  86X  87X

NE-23X  24X  25X

NJ-43X  44X  45X

NM-53X  54X  55X

NY-16X  17X  18X

NC-97X  98X  99X

OH-51X  52X  53X

OK-29X  20X  21X

PA-24X  25X  26X

SC-54X  55X  56X

TN-24X  25X  26X

TX-70X  71X  72X

TRI-27X  18X  19X

VA-08X  09X  00X

WA-86X  87X  88X

DC-14X  15X  16X

WV-58X  59X  50X

WI-04X  05X  06X

Entry #106
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October 5, 2014, 9:04 pmThe Shield

The Sopranos on steroids?

Recently on ebay I got a great deal. The complete series of The Shield (brand new) for $35.00. Just couldn't pass that up.

Watched the first season years ago when I had Netflix. But when they started raising prices for people who just wanted DVD's and not all that streaming crapola I ditched 'em.

I do remember really liking this show so as soon as I received it on Friday the box got whipped open and Disc 1 plunked into the player.

Yep! Just as raw and intense as my old memory 'members. Wow. This show was CRAZY and to think they showed it on regular cable. Really diggin' this.

Vic Mackey reminds me a lot of Tony Soprano. The bad guy with a heart. What a great mix for characters. You want to hate them but you wind up lovin' em. Or is that just me,lol?

Well, I always was a sucker for the "bad boys" when I was younger. What girl wasn't? We all love the danger on the outside but inside we're always hoping to tame that wildcat. 

This show is addicting. You can't just watch 1 episode! 

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October 2, 2014, 7:48 pmKids Today Vs. Kids of Yesterday

I'm sure everyone says this at one time or another.

"I'm sure glad I grew up when I did".

Thinking that now myself,lol.

Wasn't life "easier" in the 70's? Guess it depends on how old you were at the time. The 70's had a crisis or two. Or three.

I remember the gas shortage. Sitting in the Rambler station wagon in long lines on certain days to get gas. But that was FUN...when you were a kid!

I remember the drought here in CA. (It's the 70's again right now) We had to not run the water while brushing teeth and be careful about flushing the toilet.

But,for the most part,life was grand. 

I had 2 parents. My real ones. Until death did them part. How many kids can say that today?

My mother was a "stay at home" mom. She made our lunches,took us to and from school, had dinner ready for us at 5:00 when dad came home. All bought from Lucky's market right on the corner. "Wal-Mart" was not a word yet,lol.

I lived in a brand new house that my father built right before I was born. It cost $20,000.

The price of a car now.

But that was normal for then. We were just normal MIDDLE CLASS folk. Does that even exist anymore? 

With all these foreclosures and the rising housing market how many kids today will be able to buy a house? How many adults,even? 

In school we caught measles and chicken pox. Not deadly respiratory illnesses.

We never had to worry about another kid gunning us down.

We had "fire drills" not "lock downs".

We didn't worry about Katrina's washing our house away or nuclear plants melting down in our backyard.

And when the mothers made cupcakes for special days nobody I knew ever had a "peanut" allergy. That was unheard of.

When we came home from school we went out and rode our bikes. Roller skated with the old clamp-on wheels. Before we "graduated" and got "tennis shoe" skates, the IN thing! 

The only "screen" in the house was the 19 inch TV. (Imagine that!) Kids today practically grow up staring into a screen. I never saw a computer until high school and then that was only for the "smart" kids. 

When a friend called, we used the one phone in the house. A land line, remember those? And it was right in the middle of the house between the kitchen and dining room. I remember doing a lot of "whispering" in those days so no one could hear me. Especially when boys called! (when I was a teen)

Remember waiting for that "special" boy's phone call? Well,geese,you really had to wait. Because if he called and no one was home...well..you just had to wait until he called back.

Remember when the phone rang and you never had any idea who was calling? It was always a surprise. Sometimes welcome...sometimes not.

In the evening we'd all sit down as a family and watch a show because if you wanted to see it you had to watch exactly when it came on. Otherwise you'd miss it. And the commercials too. Which you came to know by heart. They were so LONG in those days, it seemed. Not the rat-a-tat snippets you see now assaulting you every 30 seconds. 

Sometimes there was a fight over what show to watch. But it didn't last long because there were only a few shows to choose from. Not 300 channels worth.

My GRANDMOTHER got a VCR before we did. Remember actually having to go RENT VIDEOS?

When I was in high school we learned to "type", not "text". On the old fashioned manuals. Once a week we got our chance at the electric ones. That was a good day!

When I graduated and started looking for a job I'd get the Sunday paper. The Want-Ads section was about an inch thick! There were TONS of jobs to choose from.

Now our paper is about as thick as a paper towel..the whole thing. Sad. Most job applications are online.

In the summers we'd pack up the Rambler and vacation for 2 whole weeks! 

No burglar alarm...just a push button lock in the knob. No deadbolts or security doors. The neighbor would take in the mail. 

People just felt safer in those days. No boogie men coming after you like terrorists,AIDS or ebola.

Three words kids today will grow up with along with many more horrifying ones we don't even know yet.

"Drought" and "gas shortage" sound so tame now.

"Disco" might have qualified as the most "horrifying" word we heard then,lol. (That was music to my ears but not to a lot of other people's,lol)

Gone are the days of not having to worry about walking around barefoot on the sidewalk or accidently touching your face before washing your hands. Or of not cringing when you hear someone cough or sneeze RIGHT NEXT TO YOU instead of saying "gesundheit!

Us kids of yesterday really had it made. Oh, we didn't realize it. Even if life wasn't so grand back then, I still can't imagine it being worse than it is today.

"Spoiled" is what we were.

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September 30, 2014, 7:14 pmEbola Has Landed on USA Soil,Surprised?

Well....we knew it was coming. Needless to say, I am outraged. What is wrong with these airports? Why are there ANY flights at all coming and going from infected areas? And don't tell me MONEY because no amount of money is worth your life. That is unacceptable.

Did we American's think we were immune? 

I say BOYCOTT all AIRPORTS and FLIGHTS right this minute. Sounds like we have to take matters into our own hands because no one seems to be doing a cotton pickin thing about this.

If there are no flyers, there will be no flights. Is it REALLY NECESSARY to be flying right now?

Is it more important than YOUR LIFE or the LIFE OF YOUR LOVED ONES?

Is it MORE IMPORTANT than saving our COUNTRY?   

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September 15, 2014, 3:36 pmCooking With LL--Apple Hill Cake!!

About 40 miles away from me there's this wonderful little town called Apple Hill. 

And it's known for everything --you guessed it--apple! There are about 40 farms you can go between. Some have orchards where you can pick your own. Some are bigger than others and sell baked goods and candy. Some you can even  go to and cut down your own Christmas tree.

Open Labor day through Christmas Eve I usually take a run up there at least once to get my pies for the holidays. Pumpkin/apple (yum!), cherry/apple, apple crisp,apple donuts,apple struedel,apple cidar, apple and pumpkin butter, apple cinnamon rolls...you name it,they got it.

One of my favorites is the Apple Cake. They sell booklets with recipes and this one I'm going to share with you. Makes the house smell delish!

And pretty simple to put together.

The recipe calls for:

4 cups diced apples (It doesn't say to peel them but I do) You should probably start by placing these at the bottom of your mixing bowl and dump everything on top. This recipe is not exactly very clear with some of the instructions.

Now Combine Together:

2 cups sugar (this time I used 1 1/2 cup reg. sugar and 1/2 cup brown sugar. I advise to just use reg. sug)

1/2 cup oil  (used Canola)

2 eggs (used just the whites but it's up to you :)


Now it says to: 

Add,sifted together. (To sift or not to sift! I never do. Maybe I should start?)

2 cups flour

1 tsp. salt

2 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. nutmeg

2  tsp. baking soda

Add to apple mixture. Pour into a 9x13 greased cake pan and bake at 350 for 1 hour.

Serve hot,warm or cold. Plain,frosted or with whip cream.


This is what it looked like before going in the oven. I think I screwed up because I dumped the sugars and oil together and while I was taking pictures the sugar really soaked up the oil making it kind of lumpy and not so smooth. It's very important to make sure you combine the oil/sugar and eggs and stir them immediately together.

And don't use brown sugar like I showed in the photo. It just doesn't mix well in the cake.

I must sound like a horrible baker,lol. But just sharing my mistakes.

Note: If you can find it, Saigon cinnamon is cinnamon at it's best! Much more cinnamon-y than regular cinnamon. So flavorful! 


My end product was not what I wanted. I've made this several times before with perfect results. It was because of that sugar/oil thingy mentioned above that really ruined it.

My biggest suggestion is if you are going to be showing folks how to do a step by step recipe...hire a photographer!!  LoL.

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