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Date: Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Oct 20 2014 00:02:08wj-pete enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:02:27hearsetrax enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:02:43wj-pete: thank you
Oct 20 2014 00:02:52hearsetrax: 4 what dare I ask ??
Oct 20 2014 00:02:54hearsetrax: lol
Oct 20 2014 00:03:44wj-pete: a good number for n.c. pick three
Oct 20 2014 00:05:21wj-pete: lol
Oct 20 2014 00:05:26hearsetrax: HA HA HA !!!!
Oct 20 2014 00:05:50hearsetrax: those loonies will be on in about 30 or so mins
Oct 20 2014 00:06:06wj-pete: ok
Oct 20 2014 00:06:41wj-pete: later
Oct 20 2014 00:06:44hearsetrax: sorry ....... but I don't play the small change games and I don'twish to be rude .....
Oct 20 2014 00:07:12wj-pete: no problem its cool
Oct 20 2014 00:07:12hearsetrax: TC and if ya needs a laugh .... check my mini blog her @ LP
Oct 20 2014 00:07:25hearsetrax leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:08:15rankinhenry enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:08:49rankinhenry: hi all slow tonight
Oct 20 2014 00:09:11LAVERNE MALONEY enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:09:12wj-pete leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:09:28LAVERNE MALONEY says to rankinhenry: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 00:09:36rankinhenry: hi
Oct 20 2014 00:09:58rankinhenry: did u get 777 for nc yesterday
Oct 20 2014 00:10:07LAVERNE MALONEY says to rankinhenry: No.
Oct 20 2014 00:10:11STR8HITTER enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:10:19rankinhenry: you play nc
Oct 20 2014 00:10:28STR8HITTER: Hello everyone
Oct 20 2014 00:10:30LAVERNE MALONEY says to rankinhenry: No.
Oct 20 2014 00:10:41rankinhenry: hi
Oct 20 2014 00:10:44LAVERNE MALONEY says to STR8HITTER: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 00:10:54Yvette909 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:11:15STR8HITTER: Who plays Georgia cash 3
Oct 20 2014 00:11:16Yvette909: Hello
Oct 20 2014 00:11:28LAVERNE MALONEY says to Yvette909: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 00:11:36rankinhenry: im nc
Oct 20 2014 00:11:39STR8HITTER: hello
Oct 20 2014 00:11:43Yvette909: I do
Oct 20 2014 00:12:43STR8HITTER says to Yvette909: Have you had any luck lately?
Oct 20 2014 00:13:08Yvette909: No I have not
Oct 20 2014 00:13:34sherita enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:13:34STR8HITTER says to Yvette909: Do you have a system you use?
Oct 20 2014 00:13:48sherita: Hello all LP's!
Oct 20 2014 00:13:50rankinhenry: hi sherita
Oct 20 2014 00:13:51Yvette909: I miss 711 and 303 that phoneman76 post last week
Oct 20 2014 00:13:53LAVERNE MALONEY says to sherita: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 00:13:57STR8HITTER says to Yvette909: hi sherita
Oct 20 2014 00:14:04Yvette909: hello,
Oct 20 2014 00:14:23sherita: Ga in the house I see!
Oct 20 2014 00:14:37STR8HITTER says to Yvette909: yep
Oct 20 2014 00:14:49rankinhenry: Did you hit those 999 Sherita
Oct 20 2014 00:14:50hearsetrax enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:15:34STR8HITTER says to Yvette909: That was the lowest payout ever for a triple
Oct 20 2014 00:15:37sherita says to rankinhenry: No and was looking at them and said , No Debbie won't do it!
Oct 20 2014 00:16:00Yvette909: YES IT WAS
Oct 20 2014 00:16:06sherita says to STR8HITTER: Yes, she fooled a lot of people!
Oct 20 2014 00:16:39sherita says to STR8HITTER: And she is going to do it again...WATCH OUT!
Oct 20 2014 00:17:01hearsetrax leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:17:12Yvette909: I like 444 and 000
Oct 20 2014 00:17:16STR8HITTER: I played the 2's because its been so long since they fell mid. should have played them all
Oct 20 2014 00:17:41Yvette909: I played 444
Oct 20 2014 00:17:46STR8HITTER: How many of you play SC
Oct 20 2014 00:18:02sherita: Looking for 17 and 36 pairs to follow plays from today...
Oct 20 2014 00:18:14rankinhenry: NC ONLY
Oct 20 2014 00:18:21sherita says to STR8HITTER: Sometimes online
Oct 20 2014 00:18:27Yvette909: GA.only
Oct 20 2014 00:18:40STR8HITTER: Trips and series due in sc
Oct 20 2014 00:18:59toppin enters the room
Members online:
Oct 20 2014 00:19:04sherita: Series DUE in Ga Mid
Oct 20 2014 00:19:24Yvette909: Yes Sherita I like 190
Oct 20 2014 00:19:49STR8HITTER: everybody 109..lol
Oct 20 2014 00:19:50toppin leaves the room
Members online:
Oct 20 2014 00:20:17sherita says to Yvette909: That's a HOT one!
Oct 20 2014 00:20:34sherita: And 123...
Oct 20 2014 00:20:34STR8HITTER: she should let one more series go before the end of the month
Oct 20 2014 00:21:08Yvette909: yes Sherita,I play 312
Oct 20 2014 00:21:12sherita: You know election is coming up and if Deal goes, Debbie will follow!
Oct 20 2014 00:22:10STR8HITTER: I'm waiting on 88 pair
Oct 20 2014 00:22:30sherita: GLC is half way stepping up to the plate, but a little too late for me because everything changed when Debbie came on board!
Oct 20 2014 00:22:33Yvette909: me too
Oct 20 2014 00:22:55sherita: Yes and 66 and 16 pairs
Oct 20 2014 00:23:41sherita: 998,988,997,669,996, 660,600... stay on them
Oct 20 2014 00:24:49Pick3Guy enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:25:04sherita: Hi
Oct 20 2014 00:25:08Pick3Guy: Hello
Oct 20 2014 00:25:14Yvette909: hi
Oct 20 2014 00:25:45rankinhenry: PICK3GUY YOU PLAY NC
Oct 20 2014 00:26:01STR8HITTER: 366 & 066 have not fell this year
Oct 20 2014 00:26:14Pick3Guy says to rankinhenry: No, I play NY.
Oct 20 2014 00:26:29rankinhenry: OK
Oct 20 2014 00:26:39Pick3Guy says to STR8HITTER: What do you think about that?
Oct 20 2014 00:27:40sherita says to STR8HITTER: I have been playing 660 combo x2 each draw!
Oct 20 2014 00:28:02STR8HITTER: I follow GA numbers don't really know anything about NY
Oct 20 2014 00:28:15sherita says to STR8HITTER: 368 is the MOST DUE COMBO in GA!
Oct 20 2014 00:28:22Pick3Guy says to STR8HITTER: Basically, it's all the same.
Oct 20 2014 00:28:32Yvette909 leaves the room
Members online:
Oct 20 2014 00:30:05STR8HITTER says to sherita: Have to check that one out. I dont remember it showing up in my system
Oct 20 2014 00:30:35sherita: Trust me, That is what I do best!
Oct 20 2014 00:31:23STR8HITTER says to sherita: You catch it tonight?
Oct 20 2014 00:31:37sherita: Yes
Oct 20 2014 00:32:39STR8HITTER says to sherita: Congrats! It was all over the board. Been waiting on those pairs to fall.
Oct 20 2014 00:33:43STR8HITTER says to sherita: Looking for 317 and 937 now. 37 pair du
Oct 20 2014 00:35:23sherita: Yes, the only odd pair left...937 is my pet, if they do all odd, it's a winner. 037 showing up frequently in my workouts..
Oct 20 2014 00:35:43sherita: Ane 437
Oct 20 2014 00:35:49sherita: And 437
Oct 20 2014 00:36:22STR8HITTER says to sherita: both those numbers on my chart that like to follow trips
Oct 20 2014 00:37:15sherita: ok
Oct 20 2014 00:37:55STR8HITTER says to sherita: Keep an eye on 280 and 204
Oct 20 2014 00:38:13sherita: ok
Oct 20 2014 00:39:12STR8HITTER says to sherita: What type of workout you use
Oct 20 2014 00:39:53sherita: Several and they all involve Vtracs
Oct 20 2014 00:40:15sherita: And You?
Oct 20 2014 00:40:59catchdecrab enters the room
Members online:
Oct 20 2014 00:41:09sherita: Hi
Oct 20 2014 00:41:13STR8HITTER says to sherita: cool. My system works of the history of the lottery...due pairs and due numbers
Oct 20 2014 00:41:26rankinhenry leaves the room
Members online:
Oct 20 2014 00:42:22sherita: Vtracs easily shows due numbers and pairs. I use it as a short cut
Oct 20 2014 00:43:18STR8HITTER says to sherita: If you really take the time to look the numbers have a habit.Certain numbers like to hang out around each other
Oct 20 2014 00:43:45sherita: Oh yes I know this all too well.
Oct 20 2014 00:44:16STR8HITTER says to sherita: I'll Have to check it out.
Oct 20 2014 00:44:36catchdecrab: is there anyway to play 80% of the numbers to guarentee a hit
Oct 20 2014 00:44:47catchdecrab: i have trued to follow numbers but to no luck
Oct 20 2014 00:44:59Pick3Guy says to STR8HITTER: I can see how it may seem that way.
Oct 20 2014 00:45:06catchdecrab: i will play a number and it comes but surelt not in the state i play
Oct 20 2014 00:45:23STR8HITTER says to sherita: My problem is I work out of state a lot and when I'm gone I dont keep up my system
Oct 20 2014 00:46:00beans enters the room
Members online:
Oct 20 2014 00:46:39sherita says to STR8HITTER: I understand that. A notebook and 30 Minutes after each draw should do the trick.
Oct 20 2014 00:46:47sherita says to beans: Hello
Oct 20 2014 00:46:48beans: good eveing everybody!
Oct 20 2014 00:46:56Pick3Guy says to catchdecrab: There's no point if you're not going to make any money.
Oct 20 2014 00:47:11sherita says to catchdecrab: Why 80%?
Oct 20 2014 00:47:27sherita says to catchdecrab: What state are you?
Oct 20 2014 00:48:13STR8HITTER says to sherita: oh I have a BIG book I use but I work 13 & 14 hour days and I spend all my spare time looking at blueprints
Oct 20 2014 00:48:32Barbie1 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:48:40sherita says to STR8HITTER: ok
Oct 20 2014 00:48:43Barbie1: Hi all
Oct 20 2014 00:48:45beans: doing very badly in my recent picks.
Oct 20 2014 00:48:45Pick3Guy says to sherita: Good question
Oct 20 2014 00:48:46sherita says to Barbie1: Hi
Oct 20 2014 00:48:49STR8HITTER says to sherita: Lottery has to take a back seat to my job
Oct 20 2014 00:49:00STR8HITTER says to sherita: hello
Oct 20 2014 00:49:29beans: like wise shertia.
Oct 20 2014 00:49:39sherita says to STR8HITTER: I understand that. I have a career too.
Oct 20 2014 00:50:08sherita says to beans: What state?
Oct 20 2014 00:50:38beans: would be nice to supplement the job.
Oct 20 2014 00:50:47beans: pa.
Oct 20 2014 00:51:01STR8HITTER says to sherita: I have worked in AL, MS, And Cali so far this year
Oct 20 2014 00:51:04LAVERNE MALONEY leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:51:05Jewel$95 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:51:23beans: I play the night number.
Oct 20 2014 00:51:33beans: pick 4
Oct 20 2014 00:51:35sherita says to beans: Some Good Predictors for your state on LP!
Oct 20 2014 00:51:45sherita says to Jewel$95: Hello
Oct 20 2014 00:51:58STR8HITTER says to Jewel$95: hello
Oct 20 2014 00:52:05Jewel$95 says to sherita: Hello
Oct 20 2014 00:52:16beans: hi
Oct 20 2014 00:52:30Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: Hello STR8HITTER & Everyone!
Oct 20 2014 00:52:45Pick3Guy: Hello
Oct 20 2014 00:52:52Barbie1: Hi
Oct 20 2014 00:53:07STR8HITTER says to Barbie1: hello
Oct 20 2014 00:53:10sherita says to Jewel$95: I checked out your system and saw some str and box hits from it!
Oct 20 2014 00:53:44Jewel$95 says to sherita: Yes, Sherita. I hope it helps with picking your plays.
Oct 20 2014 00:54:06STR8HITTER says to sherita: Did you see my chart I posted in the GA thread
Oct 20 2014 00:54:08Jewel$95 says to sherita: My next goal is to try and narrow the picks wihtout eliminating the good plays
Oct 20 2014 00:54:21sherita says to Jewel$95: Yes it can help decide the position
Oct 20 2014 00:54:33sherita says to STR8HITTER: Yes I did.
Oct 20 2014 00:54:33Jewel$95 says to sherita: Exactly.
Oct 20 2014 00:55:16sherita says to Jewel$95: That is a goal not to throw out the winning combo!
Oct 20 2014 00:56:00Jewel$95 says to sherita: I know! Maybe I should just leave well enough alone! :-)
Oct 20 2014 00:56:12catchdecrab leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:56:41STR8HITTER says to Jewel$95: I been looking at your system. Playing around with it trying to narrow the numbers down
Oct 20 2014 00:57:26beans: you guys are typing way to fast for me. i'm just one big fat finger.
Oct 20 2014 00:57:31Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: Oh good! Let me know if you come up with a strategy. I am still a novice, so any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
Oct 20 2014 00:57:46Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: LOL@ beans!
Oct 20 2014 00:57:57Pick3Guy says to Jewel$95: Keep in mind that you'd be lowering your odds when narrowing your list down.
Oct 20 2014 00:58:12Jewel$95 says to beans: Are you n GA, Beans?
Oct 20 2014 00:58:21chastity enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 00:58:26sherita says to Jewel$95: And it shows front, back, and split pairs too!
Oct 20 2014 00:58:29Jewel$95 says to Pick3Guy: True, Pick3Guy
Oct 20 2014 00:58:59beans: pa my friend.
Oct 20 2014 00:59:43STR8HITTER says to Jewel$95: how long you been playing
Oct 20 2014 00:59:49chastity: hiHi everyone i'm new need to win me some cash
Oct 20 2014 01:00:14sherita says to chastity: Hi. What state are you?
Oct 20 2014 01:00:20Barbie1: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:00:33Pick3Guy says to Jewel$95: I've found that when you reduce your list that you need to do more targeted playing.
Oct 20 2014 01:00:46Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: Since June of this year
Oct 20 2014 01:00:50beans: be right back, have to get my dogs in.
Oct 20 2014 01:01:27STR8HITTER says to Jewel$95: Yea you are new to it..lol
Oct 20 2014 01:01:38Jewel$95 says to Pick3Guy: Yes, that has been my goal, tinkering with TTT methods, boxes & formulas, watching overdue digits, etc
Oct 20 2014 01:01:40chastity: im from all the way st. lucia
Oct 20 2014 01:02:14Jewel$95 says to chastity: St. Lucia! Nice!
Oct 20 2014 01:02:21Pick3Guy says to chastity: Hello
Oct 20 2014 01:02:27chastity: use to win alot but things hve changed ...been really difficult lately
Oct 20 2014 01:02:42chastity: yh...its really hot here
Oct 20 2014 01:02:47Pick3Guy says to chastity: What has changed?
Oct 20 2014 01:02:59chastity: my winning streak
Oct 20 2014 01:03:22Pick3Guy says to chastity: Why doesn't what your doing work anymore?
Oct 20 2014 01:03:40chastity: no dont look that way
Oct 20 2014 01:04:25chastity leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:04:32STR8HITTER says to Jewel$95: Where did you come up with your system
Oct 20 2014 01:04:53chastity enters the room
Members online:
Oct 20 2014 01:05:12STR8HITTER says to chastity: welcome back
Oct 20 2014 01:05:28chastity: thanks...baby disconnected me
Oct 20 2014 01:05:29Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: Honestly? I woke up early one morning and the thought crossed my mind to track how GA numbers fall based on positions.
Oct 20 2014 01:05:32beans: any info on the pick 4 you can reconmend
Oct 20 2014 01:06:16STR8HITTER says to beans: I dont play pick 4
Oct 20 2014 01:06:27Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: So, I went back a few months, tracking positions and developed a list of plays. Then, I checked the actual plays and saw that the list produced an average of 15 hits per month.
Oct 20 2014 01:06:42Pick3Guy says to Jewel$95: It's more practical to stick with box plays.
Oct 20 2014 01:06:46sherita says to Jewel$95: When you have a overdue digit, go back thru the hits and track each pair..for example digit 1 was due in eve and when I looked at all the hits, 11,14,16,18 was missing and you put those pairs together to get your combo.
Oct 20 2014 01:06:49beans: thanks any way.
Oct 20 2014 01:07:36beans: are you guys talking about the pick 3
Oct 20 2014 01:07:43chastity: do u hve any clues on how to track the pick 3 numbers
Oct 20 2014 01:07:50beans: faest finger.
Oct 20 2014 01:07:53sherita says to Jewel$95: Another way to track by position is by using vtracs
Oct 20 2014 01:08:32Jewel$95 says to sherita: Yes. I did not play today. but, when I looked at the numbers that were overdue - 1 - and saw that 1 had not fell in the 1st position yet, that was an indication of where to play the 1. Of course, 148 fell & it is straight on the evening master list
Oct 20 2014 01:08:45Jewel$95 says to sherita: *fallen
Oct 20 2014 01:08:53STR8HITTER says to sherita: thats similar to how I do it but i have put together charts, I guess i read blueprints so much the charts make it easier for me
Oct 20 2014 01:09:55sherita: I know someone who is always talking about a master list, master board and can't hit the broad side of a barn with a bat!
Oct 20 2014 01:10:00chastity: what about wen they keep repeatin numbers...
Oct 20 2014 01:10:19Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: I am lost on the vtracs. Laverne mentioned those to me on my first chat session, but I have yet to learn. Any tips on where I can get a cliffnotes version?
Oct 20 2014 01:10:22chastity: cuz this is wat seems too be happenin alot now
Oct 20 2014 01:10:58STR8HITTER says to sherita: I have a friend and he and I compare our systems to narrow our numbers for st8 hits
Oct 20 2014 01:11:01Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: That last post was for Sherita
Oct 20 2014 01:11:04sherita says to Jewel$95: Are you a Platinum member?
Oct 20 2014 01:11:22Jewel$95 says to sherita: No. Just standard for now.
Oct 20 2014 01:11:26beans: sometimes thats when they become hot
Oct 20 2014 01:11:45Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: I will have to take a look at your charts.
Oct 20 2014 01:13:18sherita says to Jewel$95: Upgrade and Start looking. I have some (several) old thread on Lp, search my name and find them and read them. Any further question PM me.
Oct 20 2014 01:13:38Jewel$95 says to STR8HITTER: Will do! Thanks.
Oct 20 2014 01:13:38STR8HITTER says to Jewel$95: the chart I posted doesn't put the numbers in the order they fall just something I use right after a trip falls. Those numbers have a habit around tripps
Oct 20 2014 01:13:42sherita says to Jewel$95: Charts are on my threads too
Oct 20 2014 01:13:56beans: Good Night all, good luck to all.
Oct 20 2014 01:14:20STR8HITTER says to beans: good nite and good luck
Oct 20 2014 01:14:33Jewel$95 says to beans: Good night.
Oct 20 2014 01:14:48chastity: good nite
Oct 20 2014 01:15:12beans leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:15:16sherita says to Jewel$95: Lookind at vtracs right now, Midday is showing a 2 and 7 due middle position and 1 and 6 due last position.
Oct 20 2014 01:15:23sherita says to Jewel$95: looking
Oct 20 2014 01:15:25STR8HITTER: have the Ga members on LP ever had a meet and great to compare notes
Oct 20 2014 01:15:48sherita says to STR8HITTER: No
Oct 20 2014 01:16:29Jewel$95 says to sherita: Thanks so much!
Oct 20 2014 01:16:52STR8HITTER: 6 and 0 showing overdue in last position for mid
Oct 20 2014 01:16:54Jewel$95 says to sherita: Without understanding vtracs, I can already see how these will help!
Oct 20 2014 01:17:24chastity: 127 is a hot hit is pretty gud for monday...cud dat be the 2 and 7
Oct 20 2014 01:18:32chastity: i already listed if to play but not sure...since they called 459 on saturday evening
Oct 20 2014 01:18:35sherita says to STR8HITTER: yes but since 5 hit today..0=5 that moved digit 1 and 6 up which is V2-1=6
Oct 20 2014 01:19:28chastity: back here we dont hve draws on sunday...any ideas on wat i should play followin the459
Oct 20 2014 01:19:48sherita says to STR8HITTER: For Ga Eve, 3/8, due first position, 1,6 Due second position, 4/9 due third position
Oct 20 2014 01:20:15sherita says to chastity: What state you play?
Oct 20 2014 01:20:32chastity: im in st lucia
Oct 20 2014 01:20:48chastity: but i normally follow the georgia posts
Oct 20 2014 01:20:49sherita says to chastity: No dear. do you play in USA?
Oct 20 2014 01:21:01chastity: no hun i wish
Oct 20 2014 01:21:18sherita says to chastity: Ok. I was hoping I could help you.
Oct 20 2014 01:21:18chastity: is this only for the us post
Oct 20 2014 01:22:19LAVERNE MALONEY enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:22:23sherita says to chastity: I can only track what I can see from winning states
Oct 20 2014 01:22:32sherita says to LAVERNE MALONEY: Welcome back
Oct 20 2014 01:22:37STR8HITTER says to sherita: I'm going to play around with Vtracs
Oct 20 2014 01:22:53LAVERNE MALONEY says to sherita: Thanks, eating a late, late dinner. LOL!
Oct 20 2014 01:23:02sherita: Trust me, it will cut your time in half.
Oct 20 2014 01:23:35chastity: OK THEN I UNDERSTAND
Oct 20 2014 01:24:02Jewel$95 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: Hello Laverne!
Oct 20 2014 01:24:08sherita says to STR8HITTER: I was afraid of vtracs at first and then I discovered some new tricks to put with the old tricks and WOW!
Oct 20 2014 01:24:17LAVERNE MALONEY says to Jewel$95: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 01:25:04LAVERNE MALONEY says to sherita: & I am sure the new tricks have made you a ton of money...at least.
Oct 20 2014 01:25:29ebbs12 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:25:32sherita says to LAVERNE MALONEY: And you know this HONEY!
Oct 20 2014 01:25:43chastity: is there anyone else who can help me win some cash...ffor record i am in st lucia..nned to learn how to track and play
Oct 20 2014 01:26:35sherita says to chastity: Ok, what digit is missing in midday draw?
Oct 20 2014 01:26:36Gimper enters the room
Members online:
Oct 20 2014 01:26:45sherita says to Gimper: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:26:52STR8HITTER says to sherita: HI
Oct 20 2014 01:26:56Barbie1: Hey Gimper how r u
Oct 20 2014 01:26:58ebbs12: blessings of the evening to everyone!!!! i am a new yawker...lol
Oct 20 2014 01:27:00STR8HITTER says to Gimper: hi
Oct 20 2014 01:27:04Gimper: Good Evening Everybody and glad to be back GA Players.
Oct 20 2014 01:27:07LAVERNE MALONEY says to ebbs12: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 01:27:19sherita says to ebbs12: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:27:23LAVERNE MALONEY says to Gimper: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 01:27:58chastity: they are missin only 1
Oct 20 2014 01:28:06Gimper: Hey You guys were hot last week. I know you all cleaned up on the 303 and 117
Oct 20 2014 01:28:29sherita says to chastity: The last combo that hit with digit 1?
Oct 20 2014 01:28:56chastity: for miday it was 169
Oct 20 2014 01:29:20Jewel$95: Another vote for me & vtracs! I also need to learn a few tricks to get more treats! LOL!
Oct 20 2014 01:29:21Gimper: Sherita are you still keeping up with the sum dues
Oct 20 2014 01:29:36chastity: for evening it was918
Oct 20 2014 01:29:41sherita says to Gimper: YES
Oct 20 2014 01:29:58ladyc743 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:30:06sherita says to chastity: Is digit 1 most due in both draws?
Oct 20 2014 01:30:13sherita says to ladyc743: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:30:20Gimper: I know sum 7 should be due but I don't know what else is due since they took off that other website.
Oct 20 2014 01:30:28ladyc743: Hello ev1
Oct 20 2014 01:30:32Gimper: Hello ladyc743
Oct 20 2014 01:30:44Jewel$95 says to ladyc743: Hello
Oct 20 2014 01:30:45LAVERNE MALONEY says to ladyc743: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 01:30:48Barbie1: HHi
Oct 20 2014 01:31:19Gimper: Hey Barbie1, what have you been doing lately?
Oct 20 2014 01:31:41ebbs12 leaves the room
Members online:
Oct 20 2014 01:31:48sherita says to Gimper: Due Sums Midday-0,1,2,3,5,24,25,26 Due Root Sums Mid 0 and 7
Oct 20 2014 01:31:57Barbie1 leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:31:58Barbie1 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:32:09Barbie1: Not a thing Gimper
Oct 20 2014 01:32:19Gimper: Thanks Sherita.
Oct 20 2014 01:32:26sherita says to Gimper: Due Sums Eve..0,1,6,25,26 Due Root Sums 0 and 7
Oct 20 2014 01:32:37STR8HITTER says to Gimper: sums 16-15- 25-26-1
Oct 20 2014 01:33:10STR8HITTER says to Gimper: they are most due across both draws
Oct 20 2014 01:33:18Gimper: Thanks Sherita and STR8Hitter
Oct 20 2014 01:34:24sherita says to Gimper: Sum 15 has hit..456
Oct 20 2014 01:35:14sherita says to STR8HITTER: Start seperating the draws and you will know where to play the sum due
Oct 20 2014 01:35:29Gimper: sure did
Oct 20 2014 01:35:33STR8HITTER says to Gimper: Forgot to take it off 13 hit tonight.
Oct 20 2014 01:36:38sherita says to STR8HITTER: I did not list sum 16 since it has hit both draws within the range that I use
Oct 20 2014 01:36:56chastity: they are not missin any in the night draws
Oct 20 2014 01:37:00Gimper: Those trips last month threw me for a loop. I got a play sheet from one of the stores and it had 999, but 444 fell. I regretted that one
Oct 20 2014 01:37:26sherita says to Gimper: Mirror...
Oct 20 2014 01:37:58chastity: they were missing a 5 but the brought it in the last draw
Oct 20 2014 01:39:14sherita says to chastity: I will have to research St. Lucia's drawings.
Oct 20 2014 01:39:14Jewel$95: I notice that GA likes to mirror a due or expected draw, like it did this past week with 859 (304) & 957 (402)
Oct 20 2014 01:41:01Number Boss enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:41:17LAVERNE MALONEY says to Number Boss: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 01:41:34STR8HITTER says to Number Boss: Hello
Oct 20 2014 01:41:47Number Boss: hi, just checkin this feature out
Oct 20 2014 01:41:54Number Boss: hello room
Oct 20 2014 01:42:00Barbie1: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:42:27Gimper: hey hey
Oct 20 2014 01:42:48chastity: thanx so much
Oct 20 2014 01:43:01chastity: it is most appreciated
Oct 20 2014 01:43:15Ms Tie enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:43:35STR8HITTER says to Ms Tie: Hello
Oct 20 2014 01:43:36sherita says to Jewel$95: Yes and if you look at vtracs, 304 is v415 which is 304, 309,354,359,804,809,854,859. 453 and 859 have come from this! 304 is on it's way!
Oct 20 2014 01:43:38Pick3Guy says to Jewel$95: Hello
Oct 20 2014 01:43:42LAVERNE MALONEY says to Number Boss: Do you have any # tips that you would like to share with us?
Oct 20 2014 01:43:45phoneman76 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:43:46sherita says to Ms Tie: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:43:49phoneman76: ola
Oct 20 2014 01:43:55sherita says to phoneman76: Ola!
Oct 20 2014 01:44:00Barbie1: HeY
Oct 20 2014 01:44:05phoneman76 leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:44:07Ms Tie: Hello Everyone Not new to LP but 1st time in chat
Oct 20 2014 01:44:11Number Boss: not really
Oct 20 2014 01:44:19LAVERNE MALONEY says to Ms Tie: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 01:44:31Barbie1: Hi Miss Tie
Oct 20 2014 01:44:35Gimper: What it be Phoneman? Boy you smoked em last week.
Oct 20 2014 01:44:56Gimper: Hello Ms. Tie
Oct 20 2014 01:44:58Ms Tie: I've seen most of everyone's pages
Oct 20 2014 01:45:05Ms Tie: Still trying tolearn
Oct 20 2014 01:45:08chastity: really wanna win some cash...u are a GOD sent Sherita hope u do better than me at trackin it
Oct 20 2014 01:45:10Number Boss says to LAVERNE MALONEY: not at the moment
Oct 20 2014 01:45:15Ms Tie: Hello Gimper
Oct 20 2014 01:45:21phoneman76 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:45:30STR8HITTER says to phoneman76: Hello
Oct 20 2014 01:45:34Barbie1: He's back
Oct 20 2014 01:45:40chastity: but although we are in st lucia the games are run by Canada
Oct 20 2014 01:46:10phoneman76: yep and customs aint playing about this ebola stuff
Oct 20 2014 01:46:19phoneman76: but back to these #s
Oct 20 2014 01:46:27chastity: it use to be America but they changed hands to Cananda a couple months ago...hope this helps u
Oct 20 2014 01:46:30Barbie1: yes
Oct 20 2014 01:46:45Gimper: yes back to numbers
Oct 20 2014 01:46:50chastity: just go to stlucialotto.com
Oct 20 2014 01:46:53LAVERNE MALONEY says to chastity: Does St. Lucia have it's own lottery?
Oct 20 2014 01:47:46Ms Tie: Question - how did everyone learn how to tweak their workouts?
Oct 20 2014 01:47:48phoneman76: Ga is about to drop another over due series
Oct 20 2014 01:47:56chastity: it is run by Canada
Oct 20 2014 01:48:02sherita says to chastity: Will check it out for you!
Oct 20 2014 01:48:08Ms Tie: Hey I caught the 345 but not the 456
Oct 20 2014 01:48:25chastity: but the games are only fofr a few caribbean islans joined together
Oct 20 2014 01:48:33sherita says to phoneman76: Yes it is and in MIDDAY
Oct 20 2014 01:48:35phoneman76: check the 2 digit returns and lotto history and narrow down picks
Oct 20 2014 01:49:11Pick3Guy says to Ms Tie: Empirical data
Oct 20 2014 01:49:37Ms Tie: Sometimes I am good with picking out the numbers but d not stay with them long enough or I doubt myself
Oct 20 2014 01:50:05Gimper: I been on 123 for 3 months.
Oct 20 2014 01:50:15chastity: Ms Tie i hve the same prob as u
Oct 20 2014 01:50:20Pick3Guy says to Ms Tie: It's important to have confidence in what you're doing.
Oct 20 2014 01:50:27Ms Tie: I'm learnign to listen to the inner voice! That's how I got the 345. I went back intot eh store to play it at the last minute.
Oct 20 2014 01:50:36veronicajeffers enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:50:47sherita says to veronicajeffers: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:50:47Barbie1: Gimper don't give up on it
Oct 20 2014 01:51:00LAVERNE MALONEY says to veronicajeffers: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 01:51:07Gimper: Thats how I caught the 719. Last minute decision. No Barbie, I have invested too much in it.
Oct 20 2014 01:51:11phoneman76: about to give out this weeks #s
Oct 20 2014 01:51:30Barbie1: ok
Oct 20 2014 01:51:33Madamwhipass enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:51:35Gimper: I missed my 9532 by not having a ride.It was my car plate I play
Oct 20 2014 01:51:43sherita says to Madamwhipass: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:51:45Gimper: I am ready for the winning numbers
Oct 20 2014 01:51:56Madamwhipass: Hi Sherita!
Oct 20 2014 01:51:58Number Boss says to Madamwhipass: hi
Oct 20 2014 01:52:05Barbie1: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:52:09RJOh enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:52:10LAVERNE MALONEY says to Madamwhipass: Hello.
Oct 20 2014 01:52:10Ms Tie: I missed the 117 by getting into wok early and then having an impropmtu 2hr meeting before lunch
Oct 20 2014 01:52:11Gimper: hello Madamwhipass
Oct 20 2014 01:52:25Madamwhipass: Hi Number Boss Barbie Laverne, HELLO EVERYONE!
Oct 20 2014 01:52:30veronicajeffers: Hi
Oct 20 2014 01:52:36Pick3Guy says to Madamwhipass: Hello
Oct 20 2014 01:52:42Gimper: Ms. Tie, I did that crap so many times. I get an attitude with my boss
Oct 20 2014 01:52:42STR8HITTER says to Madamwhipass: Hello
Oct 20 2014 01:52:57Ms Tie: Hello Madamwhipass. Love the name!
Oct 20 2014 01:53:11Madamwhipass: hI pICK 3, mS tIE, sTR8
Oct 20 2014 01:53:43Madamwhipass: lol Thanks
Oct 20 2014 01:54:06RJOh leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:54:08Ms Tie: Gimper i was through that day! I had it all planned to leave to play 117 and 119
Oct 20 2014 01:54:13veronicajeffers: i'm new to the game and not many play Oklahoma anybody can help me figure how to get keys
Oct 20 2014 01:54:20Madamwhipass: You can search Madamwhipass on Youtube and listen to some of my videos
Oct 20 2014 01:54:25Jewel$95: I noticed during the dry spell of Cash 3 series, they were falling constantly in Cash 4. All but 456, 567 & 890 before 453 on Thrusday. Maybe 567 &/or 890 will come next?
Oct 20 2014 01:54:48phoneman76: 488 straight!!!!
Oct 20 2014 01:55:01Ms Tie: I've been on the 884!
Oct 20 2014 01:55:08Gimper: Yes, that is what i am waiting for 488
Oct 20 2014 01:55:38phoneman76: 454 431 471 211 201 294 213
Oct 20 2014 01:55:41Madamwhipass: I just wanna hit cash4 straight
Oct 20 2014 01:55:47sherita says to phoneman76: Popping up in all my w/o
Oct 20 2014 01:55:55Madamwhipass: ALWAYS
Oct 20 2014 01:55:55Madamwhipass: I'm always one off
Oct 20 2014 01:56:12veronicajeffers: i want to hit cash 5
Oct 20 2014 01:56:32pg008 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:56:41phoneman76: Cash 4 2143 0819 1103 7112 8191 2000
Oct 20 2014 01:57:14Madamwhipass: 2143 hasn't hit in the evening in 3 years.
Oct 20 2014 01:57:23Barbie1: Thanks Phoneman
Oct 20 2014 01:57:24Ms Tie: I've been on the 213. It's the 1st number I hit str/bx
Oct 20 2014 01:57:42Gimper: Thanks Phoneman
Oct 20 2014 01:57:51Ms Tie: Well the 3 is missing in the Csh 4 evening. Maybe it will hit soon
Oct 20 2014 01:57:58STR8HITTER says to sherita: I think
Oct 20 2014 01:57:59Gimper: I am staying on that 213
Oct 20 2014 01:58:02pg008 leaves the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:58:09Ms Tie: Thanks phoneman
Oct 20 2014 01:58:11phoneman76: lets get this Xmas money
Oct 20 2014 01:58:19pg008 enters the room
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Oct 20 2014 01:58:19Ms Tie: Yes I need it
Oct 20 2014 01:58:24sherita says to phoneman76: LETS
Oct 20 2014 01:58:24Gimper: I been playing 7561 and 8543 adn 0819
Oct 20 2014 01:58:28phoneman76: I've been spending lottp money in cancun
Oct 20 2014 01:58:28STR8HITTER says to sherita: I think I'm going to like Vtracs
Oct 20 2014 01:58:39sherita says to STR8HITTER: You will
Oct 20 2014 01:58:39Jewel$95 says to phoneman76: Sounds good to me!
Oct 20 2014 01:58:51Gimper: I gotta learn the VTracs
Oct 20 2014 01:58:56Barbie1: Great how is the baby?
Oct 20 2014 01:58:59Ms Tie: So do I Gimper and Sherita
Oct 20 2014 01:59:19veronicajeffers: i have 13 grandkids it would be nice to hit big for them
Oct 20 2014 01:59:19phoneman76: shes busy
Oct 20 2014 01:59:23Jewel$95 says to phoneman76: Good night & good luck this week Everyone!
Oct 20 2014 01:59:33sherita: Good Luck
Oct 20 2014 01:59:35phoneman76: u 2
Oct 20 2014 01:59:39Ms Tie: Great good luck
Oct 20 2014 01:59:41STR8HITTER says to Jewel$95: good nite
Oct 20 2014 01:59:45Gimper: Good night and good luck everyone.
Oct 20 2014 01:59:51Madamwhipass: Good luck
Oct 20 2014 01:59:58pg008: Good luck
Oct 20 2014 02:00:00Barbie1: Good Luck
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