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Date: Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Oct 27 2014 00:03:41Notweary enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:04:03Notweary: 899 in tennessee
Oct 27 2014 00:04:25Notweary leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:06:14jump6702 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:06:51jump6702 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:07:10jump6702 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:08:18philly enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:08:20jump6702 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:10:20philly leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:19:54sherita enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:20:07rankinhenry enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:20:12sherita: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:20:24rankinhenry: HI SHERITA
Oct 27 2014 00:20:41rankinhenry: ANY LUCK THIS WEEK
Oct 27 2014 00:20:44STR8HITTER enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:20:58STR8HITTER: Hello everyone
Oct 27 2014 00:21:04sherita says to rankinhenry: Yes
Oct 27 2014 00:21:11sherita says to STR8HITTER: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:22:12STR8HITTER: Anybody catch that 500 tonight
Oct 27 2014 00:22:31sherita: No. Played 000,555
Oct 27 2014 00:22:58sherita: Repeats at end of month in Ga!
Oct 27 2014 00:23:43STR8HITTER: I knew it was going to be a double but didn't play that one..
Oct 27 2014 00:25:36sherita: I hope you are still playing the triples..
Oct 27 2014 00:25:55sherita: 500 is a false triple..
Oct 27 2014 00:26:19STR8HITTER: Got to have a good week next week I'll be leaving on Sunday. Yep looking for another soon.
Oct 27 2014 00:26:31sherita: Me too
Oct 27 2014 00:27:02STR8HITTER: I'm thinking 222 mid
Oct 27 2014 00:27:54sherita: 000,555,666,777,888, esp 777,555
Oct 27 2014 00:29:25STR8HITTER: look for 314-109-292- or 693 and 529 together, these numbers like to bring trips
Oct 27 2014 00:29:33pwm2003 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:29:54STR8HITTER says to pwm2003: hello
Oct 27 2014 00:29:55sherita says to pwm2003: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:29:58Twiwi enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:30:08sherita says to Twiwi: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:30:10pwm2003: Hello!
Oct 27 2014 00:30:10STR8HITTER says to Twiwi: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:30:24Twiwi: Hello everyone
Oct 27 2014 00:31:03Twiwi: Im here in ga racking my brain for tonite's pick 4
Oct 27 2014 00:31:26sherita says to Twiwi: I played the quads..
Oct 27 2014 00:31:33Twiwi: i have came up with 1578 or 8710
Oct 27 2014 00:32:14Twiwi: wow
Oct 27 2014 00:32:55Twiwi: that would be nice Sherita
Oct 27 2014 00:33:14sherita says to Twiwi: Oh yes!
Oct 27 2014 00:33:55rankinhenry: ANY LP PLAY NC
Oct 27 2014 00:34:25Twiwi: I kinda like to play only two sets, but you never really what the lottery is gonna pull
Oct 27 2014 00:34:56sherita says to rankinhenry: I posted Due Vtracs for the week in NC earlier...
Oct 27 2014 00:35:22sherita says to Twiwi: Yes, Ga has a lot of tricks and no treats!
Oct 27 2014 00:35:43Twiwi: you definitely have that one right
Oct 27 2014 00:35:59rankinhenry: OH THINKS I WILL LOOK OUT FOR THEM
Oct 27 2014 00:36:38LAVERNE MALONEY enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:36:44MzDuffleBaglady enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:37:02MzDuffleBaglady: Good evening.
Oct 27 2014 00:37:06STR8HITTER: Hello
Oct 27 2014 00:37:07sherita says to rankinhenry: Look under Trapping a Vtrac combo in you state. NC is there.
Oct 27 2014 00:37:13sherita says to LAVERNE MALONEY: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:37:18sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:37:21Twiwi: I wish the quads would hit
Oct 27 2014 00:37:25LAVERNE MALONEY: Hello everyone!
Oct 27 2014 00:37:25MzDuffleBaglady: Hello Sherita
Oct 27 2014 00:37:38MzDuffleBaglady: I missed the 1111's in Missouri,
Oct 27 2014 00:37:57MzDuffleBaglady: was too upset, because, my son had got, 6666 for a quick pick, and I told him, 6666=1111,
Oct 27 2014 00:38:01MzDuffleBaglady: :-(
Oct 27 2014 00:38:07sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: I am so sorry. I knew you had them!
Oct 27 2014 00:38:14MzDuffleBaglady: I wish, lol
Oct 27 2014 00:38:40sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: That QP gave it away!
Oct 27 2014 00:39:03MzDuffleBaglady: The payout was $2 million , which is the limit. So, that's a good thing.
Oct 27 2014 00:39:16MzDuffleBaglady: I know @ Sherita, but, it slipped my mind to play them.
Oct 27 2014 00:39:50MzDuffleBaglady: Besides that, the machine would always say, "liability limit reached", and you couldn't play them.
Oct 27 2014 00:39:53sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: 2 Mil? That's the limit! WOW!
Oct 27 2014 00:39:57Twiwi: now i have two sets of numbers an i will not play tonight because i will have to get out an go to the store to get them. If they hit i will be upset with myself.
Oct 27 2014 00:40:01MzDuffleBaglady: But, I'm happy for the ones that did catch them.
Oct 27 2014 00:40:25MzDuffleBaglady: Yes, for the pick 3 and Pick 4.
Oct 27 2014 00:40:37MzDuffleBaglady: But, that's only in Missouri, it's probably different in every state.
Oct 27 2014 00:40:46Twiwi: true
Oct 27 2014 00:40:51MzDuffleBaglady: Ohio paid, $3 million on those quad 7777's. both times.
Oct 27 2014 00:40:55sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: 10 Mil in GA
Oct 27 2014 00:41:05sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: Limit...
Oct 27 2014 00:41:11MzDuffleBaglady: That's a lot.
Oct 27 2014 00:41:45sherita says to Twiwi: You have time to change your mind!
Oct 27 2014 00:42:51STR8HITTER: More people play the lottery in Ga than most states, thats why the limits higher. Believe it or not the lottery payout is set up on a percentage of the intake just like a casino
Oct 27 2014 00:43:38MzDuffleBaglady: I can believe that @ Str8hitter, because, Missouri kept 1111's locked out for a long time. And this is the first time they ever showed.
Oct 27 2014 00:44:23STR8HITTER: Yep they lock quads out in just about all staes
Oct 27 2014 00:44:38STR8HITTER: states
Oct 27 2014 00:44:48MzDuffleBaglady: I think Illinois will be next with the 7777's, they follow Ohio,, close.
Oct 27 2014 00:45:14MzDuffleBaglady: So, I"ll be going across the bridge to play them next week. They played, 7277, and tha'ts on the vtrac for 7777.
Oct 27 2014 00:45:55STR8HITTER: I saw on the news the other day where one state is thinking about raising their payout to get more people to play
Oct 27 2014 00:46:13sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: You know what I say, Play the entire Vtrac to cover all plays!
Oct 27 2014 00:46:27MzDuffleBaglady: In Missouri we get, $350 for a str/box pick 3, $600 for a straight, $6,000 for a straight on pick 4
Oct 27 2014 00:46:44MzDuffleBaglady: sherita, I'm watching and waiting for 823
Oct 27 2014 00:46:55sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: More than Ga!
Oct 27 2014 00:47:00MzDuffleBaglady: We had 387 2 times, so, I"m hoping, 823 is next.
Oct 27 2014 00:47:14MzDuffleBaglady: looks at vtracs<========
Oct 27 2014 00:47:16jump6702 enters the room
Members online:
Oct 27 2014 00:47:19STR8HITTER: Is Missouri a computer draw
Oct 27 2014 00:47:20MzDuffleBaglady: for the pick3 and pick 4.
Oct 27 2014 00:47:28MzDuffleBaglady: yes it is, they use 3 computers
Oct 27 2014 00:47:30MzDuffleBaglady: it sucks
Oct 27 2014 00:47:40Mr 281 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:47:45MzDuffleBaglady: that's why I buy quick picks, and play off the quick picks, and that's how I win a lot of the time.
Oct 27 2014 00:47:48sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: Thay's my game....VTRACS!
Oct 27 2014 00:48:01sherita says to Mr 281: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:48:04MzDuffleBaglady: If I keep getting the same quick pick, I know it's going to drop soon, or that day.
Oct 27 2014 00:48:14MzDuffleBaglady: and I buy a quick pick, and sister number the 3rd digit,
Oct 27 2014 00:48:19MzDuffleBaglady: hit a lot of straights that way
Oct 27 2014 00:48:22MzDuffleBaglady: :-)
Oct 27 2014 00:48:44sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: Ok. Good strategy!
Oct 27 2014 00:48:58RJOh enters the room
Members online:
Oct 27 2014 00:48:59jump6702: just stopped in to say hello i'm still here. hello LM
Oct 27 2014 00:49:01MzDuffleBaglady: Yeah, I stick to the basics, up down, sister, other side of the double,
Oct 27 2014 00:49:08MzDuffleBaglady: Welcome @ Jump
Oct 27 2014 00:49:08STR8HITTER says to sherita: Still studying Vtracs. Been busy this week getting ready to go back to work so have not had a lot of time to play
Oct 27 2014 00:49:36sherita says to STR8HITTER: I understand that.
Oct 27 2014 00:50:01MzDuffleBaglady: I like vtracs also, I use them alot for Pick 4
Oct 27 2014 00:50:08MzDuffleBaglady: Pick 4 does get on my nerve though, lol
Oct 27 2014 00:50:22RJOh leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:50:25MzDuffleBaglady: Missouri ran the 789x for the past week. Missed all that money
Oct 27 2014 00:50:28MzDuffleBaglady: :-(
Oct 27 2014 00:50:32Jordans121 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:50:44sherita says to Jordans121: HI
Oct 27 2014 00:50:45jump6702: that 899 someone was looking for fell i tn tonight
Oct 27 2014 00:50:46STR8HITTER: Think I'm going to start playing online because where I'm going does not have lottery
Oct 27 2014 00:50:50MzDuffleBaglady: 7895 hit twice, then they dropped the sister, 2340, I was like wow,
Oct 27 2014 00:50:54MzDuffleBaglady: just like that?
Oct 27 2014 00:51:07Mr 281 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:51:15sherita says to STR8HITTER: I love online plays!
Oct 27 2014 00:51:21MzDuffleBaglady: I don't play online
Oct 27 2014 00:51:22Jordans121 says to sherita: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:51:29MzDuffleBaglady: I tried it, I didn't like it, too much red tape for me,
Oct 27 2014 00:51:39MzDuffleBaglady: I"ll just run the same number many times in my state.
Oct 27 2014 00:51:40Wentworth enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:51:45sherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: It can be.
Oct 27 2014 00:51:45Jordans121 says to MzDuffleBaglady: whats the word for IL
Oct 27 2014 00:51:52sherita says to Wentworth: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:51:55MzDuffleBaglady: I am not knocking it, but, I can't handle all that other stuff.
Oct 27 2014 00:51:59Jordans121 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: hey
Oct 27 2014 00:52:13MzDuffleBaglady: Jordans,,, I been cool on Illinois, but,
Oct 27 2014 00:52:19Wentworth: howdy
Oct 27 2014 00:52:25MzDuffleBaglady: just go to my thread, and see the quick picks, and play them in Illinos.
Oct 27 2014 00:52:29MzDuffleBaglady: Illinois
Oct 27 2014 00:52:34Jordans121 says to MzDuffleBaglady: yeah i been cold
Oct 27 2014 00:52:40MzDuffleBaglady: I don't know what it is, but, every quick pick I get, hit Illinois first.
Oct 27 2014 00:52:53rankinhenry leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:52:55MzDuffleBaglady: I got, 823, 038, 234 for tonight.
Oct 27 2014 00:52:59MzDuffleBaglady: get on those 7777's
Oct 27 2014 00:53:21Jordans121 says to MzDuffleBaglady: i'm really looking at sums 5,10,15,20 singles
Oct 27 2014 00:53:29CajunWin4 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:53:39CajunWin4: Hello Rn
Oct 27 2014 00:53:42CajunWin4: rm
Oct 27 2014 00:53:48sherita says to CajunWin4: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:53:59Jordans121 says to MzDuffleBaglady: also. it has been almost 1000 draws since 6X2 has shown
Oct 27 2014 00:54:01MzDuffleBaglady: I kept posting 824 for Illinois and it hit twice, then the 539, the one down.
Oct 27 2014 00:54:05Twiwi: Hello
Oct 27 2014 00:54:10MzDuffleBaglady: wow,
Oct 27 2014 00:54:23CajunWin4: whats the discussion tonight Daily games or Jackpots
Oct 27 2014 00:54:29MzDuffleBaglady: I"m looking for, 700 to hit Missouri, tomorrow will be exactly 1 year.
Oct 27 2014 00:54:34MzDuffleBaglady: daily games
Oct 27 2014 00:54:38CajunWin4: ok
Oct 27 2014 00:54:48Jordans121 says to MzDuffleBaglady: do you play MO regularly
Oct 27 2014 00:54:58MzDuffleBaglady: Every day, lol, 2 times a day
Oct 27 2014 00:55:44Jordans121 says to MzDuffleBaglady: i have not updated my MO sheet in almost a year. Looks like I need to :(
Oct 27 2014 00:55:46STR8HITTER: Only way you gonna win is to play
Oct 27 2014 00:55:52Barbie1 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:55:59Barbie1: Hi all
Oct 27 2014 00:56:04sherita says to Barbie1: Hi
Oct 27 2014 00:56:06jump6702: i use illinois md number to get tn evening by making a tic tac out of. so far it worked.
Oct 27 2014 00:56:12STR8HITTER says to Barbie1: hi
Oct 27 2014 00:56:22CajunWin4: hi baebie1
Oct 27 2014 00:56:29Jordans121 says to jump6702: yeah i use to do that years ago
Oct 27 2014 00:56:33CajunWin4: barbie1
Oct 27 2014 00:57:03MzDuffleBaglady: Good Luck everyone.
Oct 27 2014 00:57:04CajunWin4 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:57:06MzDuffleBaglady leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 00:57:41Jordans121 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: what cool stuff have you been lookin at lately
Oct 27 2014 00:58:43LAVERNE MALONEY says to Jordans121: Hello, nothing new.
Oct 27 2014 00:58:56Wentworth: A pretty little red hIRED GIRL AT THE LOCAL BAKERY:o)
Oct 27 2014 00:59:03Jordans121 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: Well no news is good news
Oct 27 2014 00:59:32LAVERNE MALONEY says to Jordans121: How have you been?
Oct 27 2014 01:00:14Nita2014 enters the room
Members online:
Oct 27 2014 01:00:21Jordans121 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: I'm great. I've been playing around with NCS3. its a truly unique tool.
Oct 27 2014 01:00:22Nita2014: Hi everyone
Oct 27 2014 01:00:34Barbie1: Hi
Oct 27 2014 01:00:45Nita2014: ok whose here from GA I know what pick 4 is about to hit
Oct 27 2014 01:00:45Jordans121 says to Nita2014: hi
Oct 27 2014 01:00:46Wentworth: i I tried the new monopoly game..nah too complicated 5 bux a play dont care for it
Oct 27 2014 01:01:17STR8HITTER: I'm in Ga
Oct 27 2014 01:01:30Nita2014: a quad is coming
Oct 27 2014 01:01:42Wentworth: I heard you was from texas
Oct 27 2014 01:01:43Barbie1: GA\
Oct 27 2014 01:01:47Jordans121 says to Wentworth: Ha! I love scratch offs. Just cant find the tickets I want at my usual store
Oct 27 2014 01:01:48Nita2014: yep ga
Oct 27 2014 01:02:22Barbie1: which one
Oct 27 2014 01:02:25Barbie1 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:02:51jump6702: ya that game forget it. i play one or two time a year and hope.
Oct 27 2014 01:03:21Nita2014 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:03:34Wentworth: do you have the 25 dollar ones?? I have done ok with those
Oct 27 2014 01:03:38Barbie1 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:03:42Jordans121 says to Wentworth: hope you not referring to GMO Donalds new monopoly game
Oct 27 2014 01:04:15Barbie1 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:04:17sherita says:
Oct 27 2014 01:04:43Wentworth: no no theres a new Lottery Monopoly game Lotta states 5 bux a ticket but it has a lot of different parts
Oct 27 2014 01:05:10Jordans121 says to Wentworth: The more chances you can win the better
Oct 27 2014 01:05:11Wentworth: No fries with it! :O)
Oct 27 2014 01:05:14Barbie1 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:05:38jump6702: it just came to tn friday
Oct 27 2014 01:05:55Jordans121 says to Wentworth: I wonder if Lebron really ate that burger
Oct 27 2014 01:06:11Barbie1 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:06:16Wentworth: If somebody wins the jackpot i guess you send in your number and can win a million but only if the jackpot hits
Oct 27 2014 01:06:42Barbie1 enters the room
Members online:
Oct 27 2014 01:06:48Wentworth: Lotta different stuff involved
Oct 27 2014 01:07:05jump6702: to much
Oct 27 2014 01:07:31Wentworth: he did eat the burger i see the mustard on his chin:O)
Oct 27 2014 01:07:54Jordans121: Has anyone heard from blackapple?
Oct 27 2014 01:08:12Wentworth: too much yup and for five bux they should spread the prizes out more
Oct 27 2014 01:09:11Jordans121: Has anyone heard from Libra?
Oct 27 2014 01:09:17Wentworth: OH GAWD!! If you do hear you cant figure out what he is saying and if you ask him its all mumbo jumbo! he frustates me
Oct 27 2014 01:10:08Wentworth: IM sppeaking about black apple he thinks hes clever keeps everything a mystery
Oct 27 2014 01:10:26Jordans121 says to Wentworth: yeah...he's good though
Oct 27 2014 01:10:36Wentworth: wont explain saays you figure it out!!
Oct 27 2014 01:11:01Wentworth: How can you tell when he wont say what he is doing?
Oct 27 2014 01:11:08Nita2014 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:11:11Jordans121: I noticed the guy that used to start NJ threads every month has not been around.
Oct 27 2014 01:11:52Jordans121: Although he didnt explain it. he did post the numbers before the draw.
Oct 27 2014 01:12:10Wentworth: I think you are right he seems good but nobody knows what hes talking about and he wont say whats the use??
Oct 27 2014 01:12:13Jordans121 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: Have you heard from paurths
Oct 27 2014 01:12:24sherita: I would like to get in touch with Msgirlinga...
Oct 27 2014 01:12:24Jordans121 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: aka Ricky
Oct 27 2014 01:12:28Toy enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:12:31Nita2014 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:12:38sherita says to Toy: Hi
Oct 27 2014 01:12:42Toy: Hello Gang
Oct 27 2014 01:12:51Barbie1: Hi
Oct 27 2014 01:12:51Jordans121 says to Toy: hi
Oct 27 2014 01:13:01LAVERNE MALONEY says to Jordans121: Paurths passed,
Oct 27 2014 01:13:08Wentworth: hello toy whats your secret to winning???
Oct 27 2014 01:13:24Toy: GA Crew do you think 777 is heaaded our way?
Oct 27 2014 01:13:35Jordans121 says to Toy: Sorry to hear that. He was so giving. I still uselotsoftpro
Oct 27 2014 01:13:37sherita: Yes..
Oct 27 2014 01:13:38Wentworth: i heard you win all the time
Oct 27 2014 01:13:39LAVERNE MALONEY says to Toy: Hello.
Oct 27 2014 01:13:45Jordans121 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: Sorry to hear that. He was so giving. I still uselotsoftpro
Oct 27 2014 01:14:23Toy: I don't have a secret
Oct 27 2014 01:14:54Wentworth: seems everyone is from ga here maybe i should come on down is it a nice state?
Oct 27 2014 01:14:55Jordans121 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: BTW. who is updating the draws daily?
Oct 27 2014 01:15:04Toy: Sherita, what numbers are good for this week
Oct 27 2014 01:15:27Jordans121 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: try my bday. 312
Oct 27 2014 01:15:37Toy: ok
Oct 27 2014 01:16:07LAVERNE MALONEY says to Jordans121: I do not know.
Oct 27 2014 01:16:08Wentworth: You must be from Kentucky
Oct 27 2014 01:16:44sherita says to Toy: 600,660,368,610,793,715,998,988,997,669,699,620
Oct 27 2014 01:17:05Wentworth: is that for GA??
Oct 27 2014 01:17:14sherita: Ga
Oct 27 2014 01:17:18Pick3Guy enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:17:20Toy: Thanks, I really like 528
Oct 27 2014 01:17:29Pick3Guy: Hello everyone
Oct 27 2014 01:17:36Jordans121 says to Pick3Guy: hi
Oct 27 2014 01:17:37sherita says to Pick3Guy: Hi
Oct 27 2014 01:17:43Toy: Hi
Oct 27 2014 01:17:51Wentworth: ah pick 3 guy!! THE MASTER!!!
Oct 27 2014 01:18:38Wentworth: I like your postings! nice to see you live and almost in person!
Oct 27 2014 01:18:42Pick3Guy: So, what's going on?
Oct 27 2014 01:19:04Pick3Guy says to Wentworth: Thank you
Oct 27 2014 01:19:19Wentworth: welcome
Oct 27 2014 01:20:05Pick3Guy says to Wentworth: I try to keep it real and help as much as I can
Oct 27 2014 01:20:09LAVERNE MALONEY says to jump6702: Hello.
Oct 27 2014 01:20:33LAVERNE MALONEY: Hello to anyone that I may have missed.
Oct 27 2014 01:20:34Wentworth: well you do excellent at it!!!!
Oct 27 2014 01:21:01jump6702 says to LAVERNE MALONEY: hey hello been a while
Oct 27 2014 01:21:23Wentworth: what does anyone think of onlymonee i enjoy his work not too bad
Oct 27 2014 01:21:40Jewel$95 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:21:50Jordans121 says to Jewel$95: hi
Oct 27 2014 01:21:51sherita says to Jewel$95: Hi
Oct 27 2014 01:22:05Jewel$95 says to Jordans121: Hello!
Oct 27 2014 01:22:16Jewel$95 says to sherita: Hello Sherita & Everyone!
Oct 27 2014 01:22:21Wentworth: Of course Laverne Maloney is THE NUMBUH MUMUH!!!! Top Choice!
Oct 27 2014 01:22:22Pick3Guy says to Wentworth: I think he has some merit with what he says
Oct 27 2014 01:22:24LAVERNE MALONEY says to Jewel$95: Hello.
Oct 27 2014 01:22:51LAVERNE MALONEY says to Wentworth: Thanks!
Oct 27 2014 01:23:53Wentworth: Your welcome yes Pick3 guy he seems to but hes not up to you yet you are the king
Oct 27 2014 01:25:33Toy: Good night to all, and have a winning week!
Oct 27 2014 01:25:38Pick3Guy: To be honest, there are a few members who stand out with me. These include Rjoh, Tialuvslotto, and Win D.
Oct 27 2014 01:25:49sherita says to Toy: GN
Oct 27 2014 01:25:51Barbie1: u2
Oct 27 2014 01:25:59Toy leaves the room
Members online:
Oct 27 2014 01:26:12Jordans121 says to Pick3Guy: What ever happened to Joker
Oct 27 2014 01:26:33Wentworth: Yes yes but you are the Arthur Fonzarelli of the group! THE FONZ!!
Oct 27 2014 01:27:16Wentworth: AYYY!!!
Oct 27 2014 01:28:20Pick3Guy says to Wentworth: Thanks, Wentworth. I know the game very well and I try to seer people in the right direction. Btw, do you do a lot of posting?
Oct 27 2014 01:28:54Twiwi leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:29:08Pick3Guy says to Jordans121: Idk.
Oct 27 2014 01:29:37Wentworth: sometimes if i get an idea that might help i ask a lot of stuff, trying to learn i share if i see something useful
Oct 27 2014 01:32:21sherita says to Jewel$95: How was your week?
Oct 27 2014 01:32:44Pick3Guy says to Jordans121: Well, all of my research ,over the years, has led me to the concept of group-tracking. I've always emphasized this. So far, it looks like members are moving in that direction.
Oct 27 2014 01:33:11Wentworth leaves the room
Members online:
Oct 27 2014 01:34:03Jordans121: group tracking is the way to go.
Oct 27 2014 01:34:31Jewel$95 says to sherita: It was light. I did not play much this week & GA lost me a couple of days with the unexpected. How about you?
Oct 27 2014 01:35:23Pick3Guy says to Jordans121: Yes, it is. I'm glad you agree.
Oct 27 2014 01:35:39Jewel$95 says to sherita: I am still slowly trying to grasp those vtracs.
Oct 27 2014 01:36:58Jordans121 says to Jewel$95: shouldnt take long before you master them
Oct 27 2014 01:37:05sherita says to Jewel$95: It was a okay week for me. I don't like the end of the month repeats though. Vtracs takes a minute but once you have it, you got it.
Oct 27 2014 01:37:19Pick3Guy says to Jordans121: I've developed an entire sysytem based on this. It's complete with terminology and all.
Oct 27 2014 01:38:23Jewel$95 says to sherita: Exactly! I was expecting repeats and/or series, but did not hit the right ones.
Oct 27 2014 01:38:40sherita says to Jewel$95: I believe C4 in Ga is setting up for a quad after the series, double/double, triple...
Oct 27 2014 01:39:43Jewel$95 says to sherita: I agree. And the low payouts in C4 are another sign, I believe.
Oct 27 2014 01:40:04sherita says to Jewel$95: They are always low
Oct 27 2014 01:40:09Jewel$95 says to sherita: Although, I rarely play C4, but I keep track of what falls.
Oct 27 2014 01:40:22sherita: So do I.
Oct 27 2014 01:40:31Jordans121 says to Jewel$95: its like The Pass of Caradhras!
Oct 27 2014 01:40:42Jewel$95 says to sherita: I could be wrong, but hte last two months seem to be unusally low.
Oct 27 2014 01:40:46Jewel$95 says to sherita: *the
Oct 27 2014 01:41:15sherita: A lot of people have stopped playing
Oct 27 2014 01:41:18Jewel$95 says to Jordans121: Ok., I am curious. What is The Pass of Caradhras
Oct 27 2014 01:41:23sherita: That I know
Oct 27 2014 01:42:08Jordans121 says to Jewel$95: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH4Xr6GIp4U#t=156
Oct 27 2014 01:43:00Jewel$95: They might get the same soon with C3 if it keeps on draining people's cash flow
Oct 27 2014 01:43:06Jordans121 says to Jewel$95: its actually how i feel when i get a str8 hit
Oct 27 2014 01:43:40Jewel$95 says to Jordans121: Ok. I will check it out later. Thanks!
Oct 27 2014 01:43:56Jewel$95 says to Jordans121: Those str8 hits are always sweet!
Oct 27 2014 01:45:13Jordans121 says to Jewel$95: i feel like Saruman
Oct 27 2014 01:45:58Pick3Guy says to Jewel$95: It's best to play box and increment up to make straight-like payouts.
Oct 27 2014 01:49:11Jewel$95 says to Pick3Guy: Thanks. Str/box can also give some good payouts. If I feel strongly about a play hitting in an exact order, I will add str/box. Like the 117 Phoneman gave us a couple of weeks ago.
Oct 27 2014 01:49:31scorpio817 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:49:41jump6702: out . have a nice week and get that money.
Oct 27 2014 01:49:48Jordans121 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:50:01Barbie1: u2
Oct 27 2014 01:50:07sherita says to Jewel$95: 11x is still due Eve Ga...
Oct 27 2014 01:50:18jump6702 leaves the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:51:43Jewel$95 says to sherita: Thanks. I will be on the lookout in my workouts. I played 116 yesterday, expecting a false trip, and look what fell this evening! lol!
Oct 27 2014 01:52:01sherita says to Jewel$95: So did I
Oct 27 2014 01:52:02Jewel$95: ..The other false trip!
Oct 27 2014 01:52:20sherita says to Jewel$95: Yes...repeat!
Oct 27 2014 01:52:29Jewel$95: Exactly! smh
Oct 27 2014 01:52:50sherita says to Jewel$95: Suppose to have been 000 or 555 tonight!
Oct 27 2014 01:52:55Jewel$95: Like there are no other combinations within 999 plays!
Oct 27 2014 01:53:11sherita says to Jewel$95: Right!
Oct 27 2014 01:54:04Pick3Guy says to Jewel$95: Yes, I've noticed that a lot of members do str/box plays. Personally, I don't because it's a way of spreading yourself thin. Also, it can require a higher capital.
Oct 27 2014 01:56:04phoneman76 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:56:10phoneman76: 5 mins
Oct 27 2014 01:56:13phoneman76: 000
Oct 27 2014 01:56:15Barbie1: hey
Oct 27 2014 01:56:15sherita says to phoneman76: Hi
Oct 27 2014 01:56:35Jewel$95 says to Pick3Guy: That is why I only play if I am 95% sure I have the right order. Of course, my real chances are 50/50! But again, using the 117 example. It was in a couple workouts, Phoneman confirmed, so I felt pretty confident. And, it paid off.
Oct 27 2014 01:56:36sherita says to phoneman76: 000 suppose to have been tonight
Oct 27 2014 01:56:37phoneman76: 2143 0819 2000 2020 5050
Oct 27 2014 01:56:44phoneman76: 600 too
Oct 27 2014 01:56:51phoneman76: she watching post
Oct 27 2014 01:57:04Jewel$95: I played tha 006 two weeks ago
Oct 27 2014 01:57:06sherita says to phoneman76: I see quads
Oct 27 2014 01:57:22phoneman76: me 2
Oct 27 2014 01:57:24phoneman76: 2222 5555
Oct 27 2014 01:57:28phoneman76: 7878
Oct 27 2014 01:57:30sherita says to phoneman76: ok
Oct 27 2014 01:57:45phoneman76: another series
Oct 27 2014 01:57:46Barbie1: thanks
Oct 27 2014 01:58:01sherita says to phoneman76: 576,012
Oct 27 2014 01:58:09phoneman76: 109 still out there
Oct 27 2014 01:58:29Jewel$95 says to phoneman76: What about 890?
Oct 27 2014 01:58:58phoneman76: 678
Oct 27 2014 01:59:01Barbie1: 786 is due aksi
Oct 27 2014 01:59:19Jewel$95 says to Barbie1: Yep! That one is overdue!
Oct 27 2014 01:59:31sherita: Good Luck all
Oct 27 2014 01:59:38Barbie1: same to u
Oct 27 2014 01:59:41pg008 enters the room
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Oct 27 2014 01:59:44Jewel$95: Have a winning week Everyone!
Oct 27 2014 01:59:45Pick3Guy says to Jewel$95: You were very lucky that it came in when you played then.
Oct 27 2014 01:59:48phoneman76: goog look
Oct 27 2014 01:59:52phoneman76: 001 110
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