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EuroMillions jackpot at record levels, capped at €190 million
I agree! any EuroMillions jackpot is worth 3 times more than any of the advertised jackpots here in the U.S.A.
Today, 1:40 pm - Drenick1 - Lottery News forum

Texas: 10/1 - 10/31/2014
Very encouraging and well said dannyboy. noon drawing - 154 1112 nice pick4 - ohhh boy triple in the pick4
Today, 1:32 pm - TBIRD881 - Pick 3 forum

Texas: 10/1 - 10/31/2014
Hey LIBRARY, you have to read every post and watch for numbers that come up often from different posters. I posted that 789 yesterday at noon because I had a good feeling that would be the number. It came in 879. We have had 3 hits from the list I posted yesterday and a total of 7 hits from the pre-draw numbers for the past 2 days. I recommended playing each set of pre draws for 8 consecutive draws for .50 cents each for $16, out of 8 draws you should hit one time for each draw played. That is $ ...
Today, 1:27 pm - dannyboyhouston - Pick 3 forum

WA state pick3
Thank You Wheeler! Congrats On you hits these past three days! I can feel the heat clear over here I see that you didn't post yesterday so I did the workout on 006 and see why (still new - 90 grace period almost over lol). Like the doubles workout because they give me clues -- sometimes when your pairs/or two digits show in your work out with doubles and those doubles then match somewhere in the next day or two, your next few charts hit really well. Good example is this workout hit 777 ...
Today, 1:26 pm - Makenmo - Pick 3 forum

CA Lottery - California Love - CA Lottery Scratchers
Thanks again DGinElMonte for posting the Emerald 10's payout table, I know this game will be out soon but wanted to see the odds as I play $10 or $20 games as its payout percentages are much higher than the other ticket values. It seems like the payout is the same as the Wheel of Fortune game, but I looked forward to this one because it is very easy to play like the 7's games, less prone to make mistakes and throw away a winning ticket than matching numbers. I wonder what took them so long (like ...
Today, 1:21 pm - CAScratcher20 - Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum

Texas: 10/1 - 10/31/2014
Hang in there LIBRARY281 I know the holidays are coming. We all trying to win. I have not won in so long myself but just watch and compare the posts and at the end of the day play what you feel and I don't mean wait until the end of the day, ya with me.
Today, 1:00 pm - TBIRD881 - Pick 3 forum

str8 in the short list with all 3 pairs and 02 pair twice....420 is a favorite way for me to play it also....
Today, 12:58 pm - tj2win - Pick 3 forum

Quad City
NC 37/38 pair. Could go double... 338 388/337/377 I could not zero in on it. Good Luck
Today, 12:33 pm - luckyshoes - Mystical forum

Texas: 10/1 - 10/31/2014
Triple 3 came up in pre-draw; beware. 10/23/2014 Test# 1 J* B29* B28* B19* K B10 B20 B11 7 - 4 - 9 20 Test# 2 J* B29* B28* B19* K B10 B20 B11 0 - 1 - 8 9 Test# 3 J* B29* B28* B19* K B10 B20 B11 3 - 3 - 3 9 Test# 4 J* B29* B28* B19* K B10 B20 B11 9 - 2 - 4 15
Today, 12:31 pm - dannyboyhouston - Pick 3 forum

New York Dream Team 10/1/14 - 10/31/14
Thanks longodds, now if I can only get myself to actually take advantage of the Suri-chart instead of heading in a different direction, that would be great, lol. No play for me today, I feel like double digits is going to mess with what I like to play so I'm sitting out for a bit. Good luck everyone.
Today, 12:30 pm - Golgo13 - Pick 3 forum