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New York: 4/1 - 4/30/2015
Here's the scoop guys : NY and VA got the same pick four 5410 Va and 0541 NY . sc and Florida both had 5453 and 5543 VT had 1424 while Ga had 2412 (one off) NJ had 4872 and Maryland had 8712 (one off ) Pa had 3497 and DC had 4933 . The only one that seems a little different in the sequence is delegate with 1364 . I may play 0334 , 1447 , 4192 ans 2431
Today, 2:29 pm - Mommysb - Pick 4 forum

Use it if you want
First off this system uses a KEY NUMBER which im very close to figuring out how to find about 95% of the time Ok take for example SC Midday number for 4/18/15.... 905 if you had said to your self i want my key number to be 5 then you would count up 5 Always Count Up 5 your numbers would be key number you chose which is 5 and 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 you get 6 numbers all together..... now put them in combinations of three which would give you ten numbers put key number first 567 579 568 5 ...
Today, 2:18 pm - KidZero - Lottery Systems forum

Texas: 4/1 - 4/30/2015
All numbers in the top and great call on the sum 17.
Today, 2:01 pm - dannyboyhouston - Pick 3 forum

Winning North Carolina Pk4
I need you 4972! Has a good shot...hasnt been drawn in 2 years lol
Today, 1:02 pm - Kyle7824 - Pick 4 forum

Rachel 007 Numerology Corner Of Wealth
HI, THE 23/12 pair in association with the 34 PAIR APPLY TO ALL STATES THE 238 FELL IN GA.
Today, 12:59 pm - Rachel007 - Pick 3 forum

BOMBSHELL: MUSL employee might have rigged Hot Lotto computerized drawing
He did NOT buy a quick pick ticket. If you actually look at the convenience store security video, he handed the clerk a play slip with the numbers on it. No news story ever said quick pick . They said the ticket was bought at Quik Trip. He knew the numbers because he programmed the numbers in for the computer to pick in that drawing. Investigators did not recover a program self-destructs and leaves no trace, but they have testimony he bragged about having such a program and they have ev ...
Today, 12:43 pm - ChazzMatt - Lottery News forum

May Number's for Georgia - HAPPY EASTER
238 st 4/18 mid okay Debbie let's keep up the good work, don't stop now. We need a cash flowwwwwwwwww in Ga. from the lottery. Thank you !
Today, 12:36 pm - pwm2003 - Pick 3 forum

Ga Fl Sc Nc
what fell in ga???
Today, 12:33 pm - hitmanycb - Pick 3 forum

Tennessee: 4/1 - 4/30/2015
wtg mrbg i hope you are cashing in. you are on a roll.
Today, 12:17 pm - gra8*2win - Pick 3 forum

My New P3 System For 2015 (Its Awsome)
Right now, Michigan is off track and you cannot hit anything when bunch of doubles start falling.....I am laying low for possible next Month cuz things will change. GOOD LUCK TO ALL PLAYING IN MICHIGAN :)
Today, 12:06 pm - destiny2008 - Lottery Systems forum