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The Lottery Machine Ate My Ten
Edge errors usually are caused by the ticket top or bottom edges being misaligned in the machine. I would go back to Publix and speak with the store manager even though some time has passed. Also, contact the lottery (email or phone) and tell them the location of the machine and what happened. These machines store error codes with the time and date they occurred. Also, when the machine is reconciled at the store, the cash count will be off...
Today, 11:05 am - duckman - Lottery Discussion forum

Powerball changes??
Yep, they've been planning this for awhile. I mentioned it in a post earlier this year and if I'm not mistaken they are increasing the Powerball bonus ball pool to 43 or 45 (will have to dig up the post). They're also thinking of adding a second-chance element like the new Monopoly game will have.
Today, 11:04 am - LottoMetro - Jackpot Games forum

Quad City
morning, can you help me here in MO., THANK YOU.
Today, 10:57 am - kimber45 - Mystical forum

Ny Pick 10
For tonight's draw, I am looking at this group of 44 numbers. But now need to narrow the group down even more. 01 02 04 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 21 23 24 25 28 30 33 34 36 37 40 42 45 48 51 54 55 56 57 58 61 62 68 69 70 71 72 74 78 79 80 The high numbers have slightly been more but nothing standing out there. The even numbers have shown much more. Especially in last night's draw. Maybe pick more ODD numbers to balance out. The Long Out numbers I posted abo ...
Today, 10:56 am - mrsd446 - Jackpot Games forum

Virginia: 8/1 - 8/31/2014
Lotto bux can you help please....thinking triple in pick 4....999x...333x....555x longest out?
Today, 10:49 am - bedelta05 - Pick 4 forum

California $26 million lottery winner claims prize
Living in good weathered California and then winning the lottery is almost too good to be true. Congratulations Miguel Angel Peraza!
Today, 10:35 am - maringoman - Lottery News forum

Pick 3 Mastery..Today's All States Hits.
Morning Well for today we have a Special, Look see for your self... So In History today we will See the Last Real Numbers that are at the Boundary of The Finite Cycle .. 041 044 145 450 115 515 150 078 379 037 137 913 390 557 775 779 979 778 789 887 Beyond these there are nothing else.. Good Luck to All..
Today, 10:27 am - samgirl280 - Pick 3 forum

Quad City
Thanks Luckyshoes! I will put that 198 in for sure! I have been so busy at work and taking care of parents on weekends that my research has fallen aside. But after Labor Day, things will slow down--she can drive again, so they can get out of the house on their own. Mom is 85 1/2 and Dad just turned 90 in June. They celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary. How wonderful that is!! We redid the deck and rearranged our paver patio (made it bigger and prettier) with the P4 wins. Ready for s ...
Today, 10:23 am - dkwillis2000 - Mystical forum

Pick 3 Mastery..Today's All States Hits.
So If Yesterday Is Today and Tomorrow doesn't Exist, Where in the Fabric of Space is Now.. Just as a constant dripping hollows a stone. the conviction that even small results will have effects if kept up long enough, Such power radiates from The Advantage Pro, be mindful of this power, there can be no resistance, and no defeat. So we have found the Breaking Point of how to Find the , Phenomenon these came in No House in the World Yesterday.. 000 111 222 33 ...
Today, 10:16 am - samgirl280 - Pick 3 forum

Quad City
Hi, Donna Sure hope your moms feeling better . P4 hits=great ! No trip for me this holiday weekend but noticed NC needs a zero (04/40?) after these high-end hits. 198 has been known to show itself 2wice-keep that in mind.
Today, 10:09 am - luckyshoes - Mystical forum