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$2 million Hoosier Lottery winner has to give ex-wife $50,000
Do people really marry in Massachusetts? Alimony for life?
Today, 5:57 pm - THRIFTY - Lottery News forum

$2 million Hoosier Lottery winner has to give ex-wife $50,000
Jose De Jesus Carrillo Perez should be happy he does not live in the wonderful state of Massachusetts. The progressive judges here would have given Maria Guadalupe Vidrios Zepeda (did they meet at a names contest? ) half the jp and a lifetime of alimony.
Today, 5:33 pm - maringoman - Lottery News forum

Free unique Pick3 analysis / prediction tool
Mass uses their Pick 4 game for the Pick 3 games. So you need to snip the Pick 4 draw results to get the Pick 3 unless you know how to do it.
Today, 12:06 pm - winsumloosesum - Lottery Systems forum

April Moon Ingress Pairs
4/23/14 Wednesday Eastern Daylight Time 19 - 14 - 69 - 64 A.S.T. PR. 698 CT. 4916 DE. 2491 FL. 634 - 2196 MD. 0931 MA. 6297 ON. 174 - 2913 PA. 9586 SC. 6449 TS 2462 - 6464 WV. 645 Central Daylight Time 31 - 36 - 81 - 86 AR. 1352 IL. 188 KS. 864 LA. 081 MO. 4763 NB. 810 TN. 6553 - 8635 TX. 643 - 2643 Pacific Daylight Time 29 - 24 - 79 - 74 CA. 478 OR. 7598 WA. 029 Libra Dave
Today, 11:12 am - libra - Mystical forum

If you won the MM/PB big jackpot will you post it here at LP?
For what reason? To brag? No I wouldn't do it. It's bad enough that MA Lottery demands to splash the names of winners and amounts won on the website. I don't even think I'd have time for LP to be honest.
Today, 9:35 am - maringoman - Lottery Discussion forum

Free unique Pick3 analysis / prediction tool
need help. In Mass. is a pic 4 so I have problem how to copy just the front 3 and paste into chart. Can some direct me? thanks
Yesterday, 8:20 pm - retxx - Lottery Systems forum

All States P-4 (Lottery Forecast), 4-21-2014 - 4-25-2014
Wed, Apr 23, 2014 Massachusetts Numbers Game Midday 3-6-8-2
Yesterday, 7:43 pm - Kejana48 - Pick 4 forum

30 dollar scratch tx in MA tempting me when I've been doing so well on my budget
Hi EdG1955, I agree that the odds are terrible to win the 15 million since there are only 4 of those prizes. Though there are 36 one million dollar prizes ( still bad odds of winning). Most of the scratch ticket jackpots have lousy odds of winning based on the ticket run of a game and the fact that there are 7,800 retailers in mass selling lottery tickets. I was thinking today that I could buy 30 days worth of Mass Cash at a dollar per ticket in comparision to buying one 30 dollar scratch tic ...
Yesterday, 7:01 pm - shyguitar - Lottery Discussion forum

Free unique Pick3 analysis / prediction tool
update to mm. after looking at the analysis chart I took the highest total score and used those cx digits to enter in the pic 3 gen chart. Lo and behold a straight hit mid here in mass. Maybe others can try the same procedure and see if it works for them. The tot score was 960,the highest on the chart. Hope this helps others.
Yesterday, 1:23 pm - retxx - Lottery Systems forum

30 dollar scratch tx in MA tempting me when I've been doing so well on my budget
Hi everone, It has been around 8 months or so that I've been keeping myself on a kottery budget and have been feeling good about it. Now there is a new 30 dollar scratch ticket in MA that just came out yesterday with 4 top prizes of 15 million and 36 1 million prizes. This is the most expensive ticket in MA that we have ever had. I rarely play scratch tickets anymore and after reading about this ticket and hearing my co-worker who is a big lottery player talking about it I'm very tempted to p ...
Yesterday, 6:36 am - shyguitar - Lottery Discussion forum