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You supplied an invalid activation code.  There are three main causes for this problem:

  1. You already activated your membership, so the activation code is no longer available.

    Activation codes are good for one activation only; they cannot be reused.  For example, if you change the e-mail address on your membership and have to re-activate, you can't re-use the activation code from when you first registered your membership.

  2. Your e-mail software corrupted the activation link (for example, by splitting it among two separate lines in the e-mail).

    Go back into the activation e-mail to see if the link to this page was corrupted.  You can try to assemble the link back into one line, and then paste the entire link into your browser's Address line and press Enter.  Be sure there are no spaces in the link.

  3. The activation code has expired.

    For security reasons, your activation code is only valid for 24 hours.  Use the Re-send Activation E-mail button below to generate a new one.

Need Help?

If you get stuck and need assistance, here are the first places to look:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of any page!  You will find lots of helpful text directing you to areas of the site that can assist you with almost any problem or question.
  • The Help forum (available in the Forums drop-down menu at the top of every page) has step-by-step guidance for most basic features, as well as help for your Web browser.
  • The Contact Us page (available on the left side of every page) is a truly unique feature to quickly get you the help you need — either answering your question on-the-spot or displaying a contact form with just the right prompts in case we didn't anticipate your question.

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