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July 18, 2017, 5:21 pmfluffy9999 says THANKS TO ALL WHO READ HIS BLOGS!...

    Yes, thank you all so much for keeping up with fluff and his blogs! FLUFF PLAYS 1010 STR MIDDAY TUES,AND fluff just noticed 1010 hit str midday FL last tues! fluff will post ALL STATES PLAYS FOR THE NEXT SEVERAL DAYS, AND fluff asks ALL YOU FINE FOLKS TO KEEP UP ON FLUFF'S DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR ALL STATES! ONCE AGAIN, 1010 IS ONE DAY IN ONE SPOT,TUESDAY play, AND TWO DOLLARS IS TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR WIN! so, let us keep up on this and play accordingly! fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM IS A LOW-BUCK, LOW-RISK, HIGH-RETURN SYSTEM THAT MAY TAKE SOME PATIENCE, BUT THE POSSIBILITY OF HUGE RETURNS ARE THERE! fluff will keep you posted on any changes, as they do occur!


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Entry #193
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July 17, 2017, 11:22 pmfluffy9999's MESSAGE TO ALL STATES POSTS...

     Yeah, hey fluffy9999 here! Now, regarding ALL STATES PREDICTIONS POSTS FOR FLUFF, we are playing fluffy's DAYS SYSTEM across all states, and THIS MEANS YOU CAN COLLECT ON THIS IN ANY STATE! when fluff picks 320 for today and wed, this is a pick for all states and stands a good chance of hitting in several of the states, or even another country! Simply play fluffy's picks for your state on the day! Hey, if you know your state well and want to do more, then play the way you want! fluff played 808 sat midday, and hi two times in Puerto Rico within last 2 months, and this is PLAYING ONLY ON ONE DAY! one hit was boxed and the other straight! So fluff hopes all you great folks in other states can feel the rush and collect on his picks! The one reason fluff post these all states picks is SIMPLY FOR THE GOOD OF ALL, THAT GOOD PEOPLE IN OTHER STATES CAN WIN THE LOTTERY!

    Good luck from fluffy9999, THE MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY!

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Entry #192
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July 17, 2017, 11:13 pmfluffy9999's NY Picks and MORE!!

     Hey, how are you! well for ny, 888 came in on sun eve, and the angle indicator was right there but fluff got busy and we missed it. Now, same thing for 333 NY numbers! So let us stay on this for a while, and see if we can collect on this! You know, fluff said the angle indicator was there for 888, well and actually 777, but the question is did it deserve a bet? fluff would say yes, and for same reason 226 and 227 for our picks to thurs look good for NY! 116 hit NY on sun mid, another one of fluff's Days System plays, although fluff did not post it! Now for ALL STATES PLAYS, FLUFF PLAYS CERTAIN NUMBERS ON THE DAY, AND YOU CAN SEE WE ARE HITTING! Maybe others are playing the trend, but all fluff does is play the number on the day! 320 looks good FOR ALL STATES FOR TUES AND WED!

     Good luck from fluffy9999!

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Entry #191
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July 15, 2017, 10:33 pmfluffy9999's ALL STATES AND NY POST FOR WEEKEND cont...

     Hey! NY pick 3 Picks for RIGHT NOW INCLUDE 224,225 for next three days or so, and we will try ny pick 4 2225! KEEP IN PLAY NY 7788,3366 LIKE THAT, and for ALL STATES FOR SUN will be 316,777 and two two pairs look good there! fluff will claim 244 ny pick 3 sat even for his DAYS SYSTEM AS THIS IS PART OF IT, AND PLAY THE OTHER SIDE OF 224! make sure you play a simple 3-pick wheel for your bigger bets meaning you put in 8 numbers for take 5 and get 3 good picks out of it! there are wheel systems here on Lottery Post for YOU! sun for ny is 2280 and 2888 a  play, and maybe 22 pairs for win4! keep 1678 in play for ny pick 4 and of course 9999! all states check fluff's 5678 and 6789, esp. 6789 for TRI-STATE AREA LOOKING GOOD!

    Good luck from fluffy9999, THE MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY! Cool

Last Edited: July 15, 2017, 10:37 pm

Entry #190
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July 14, 2017, 3:25 pmFluffy9999's All States And Ny Post For Weekend Whoa!!

     YEAH!!! Hey,, fluff here, how is it going? OK, fluff hopes, and as always have a safe and fun weekend!!! ok, everyone please check fluff's post for all states, and ny, and keep ny and all states win 4 in play for weekend 4765,2280,5588,3366! fluff posted 808,357,316 as these are good play for all states, and fluff likes 777 for sunday, esp sunday morning! fluff always hits 808, esp sat midday somewhere, and Puerto Rico has hit twice in last month or two, ON THIS DAY! 7788, 167,9999 still in play for NY, and keep your hand in the big lotteries in your state with a wheeling system, that is five to eight numbers you like jumbled up! ONE to three dollars per play is a lot! 7788 esp good for ny, and 808 midday ny sat has not hit in long time, so bump up this DAYS SYSTEM BET FOR THIS SPOT! fluff will keep you posted on everything! Cannot believe how many times 19 was drawn in ny Take 5 in last month! Always play your favorite numbers for big lotteries with half even, half odd, and when you do not know what to do , use these numbers! TheY ARE AS GOOD AS ANY!       

    have a good weekend from fluffy9999, THE MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY!

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Entry #189
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July 13, 2017, 5:07 pmfluffy9999's NY and All States Lowdown Info...

     Hey, fluff-dog here! OK, well, fluff calculated his one special system last night, and did come up with 4477,477 and the last number maybe 8, but other indicators showed 7788 is THE BET FOR NY, and for thurs 9999(keep in play full-time), and also 3366! liking 367,257 around thurs, and 007 for thurs to sun!NOW,timing was in range for the 4477 thing, but strength of the numbers was in question for win 4 NY 77 very strong and backup up by 4's, and whatever combo you may like! THIS IS THE DILEMMA, AS A FLOOD OF double-double numbers HAVE BEEN SHOWING UP AS GOOD BETS, WITH 1010 LOOKING GOOD ALSO, BUT WITH 1010 THE DAYS SYSTEM POWER PLAY IS TUES MIDDAY! DO NOT try and play all of these numbers! some of you folks are good with numbers patterns, or your favorite pool numbers, and if ONE OR TWO of these look good, the PLAY'EM! Do not play them all! And if you like, PLAY ONLY SOME DAYS! IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS AROUND THE 15THE OF THE MONTH, THEN IT IS LIKELY YOU WILL HIT THEN! ALSO, PLAY THE BIG LOTTERIES THEN, LIKE POWERBALL, LOTTO OR WHAT APPLIES IN YOUR STATE! IF YOU ARE LIMITED, PLAY ONLY THIS TIME OF MONTH AS THE STARS ARE IN YOUR FAVOR THEN! PLAYING EVERYDAY IS A LOT OF STRESS, AND FLUFF GAVE YOU THE DAYS SYSTEM TO HELP WITH ALL STRESS AND THE MONEY PART OF THIS! AS ALWAYS, CHECK FLUFFY9999'S PREDICTIONS, AND KEEP 4765,5588 AND 2280,3366 IN PLAY ALL WEEKEND!

    Good luck from fluffy9999!

Last Edited: July 13, 2017, 5:09 pm

Entry #188
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July 13, 2017, 1:04 amfluffy9999's Looking For L...

     ucky numbers, and here they are!!! Ok, 9999 in play heavy for thurs and fri, and fluff likes 3366,4765,2728,7788 and the must plays are 9999,3366 and 7788! 628 must play for NY and ALL STATES, AS WELL AS 257,047,007! fluff always plays our DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS OF 00 pairs NY fri and sat, and 000 fits too!

1678 must play for trolling play! check fluff's

Last Edited: July 13, 2017, 1:05 am

Entry #187
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July 10, 2017, 8:34 pmfluffy9999 "I forgot to...

    OK, fluff here! Long story short, here is what happened! sat evening, fluff was putting together some numbers to play, and using a different technique, he came up with 4499. well,  fluff already played his regular numbers for sun and totally forgot about this quad number. fluff really liked the idea, as said in his earlier blog, to go with 1010 mon, and heavier on tues! Still likin that, and in fact 5588 looks good in here, and 3366 may work also.NOW, this 4499 number had no regards to str or whatever, as many times fluf does not put too much on the str deal! Ok, this actually happens several times each month, but most of the time fluff has the right stuff out there. Story on 229 was that it was the angle play, if you look, but there was another angle and that was 220! fluff put 229 out there, and should have had them both! strategy failure, so be careful of this! 4499 was not an angle play, BUT IF YOU REMEMBER, FLUFF HIT 5588 SUN EVENING, AND GUESS WHAT IS AN ANGLE OF THIS? Well, actually 4499,4488,5599,6688,6677, like that. You have to have an open mind and be aware of what is going on with the numbers! this is the same deal with ANY LOTTERY ANYWHERE! ANGLES ARE ANGLES! So, right now, same earlier blog holds true, and if you see NY numbers single NINES in consecutive drawings start coming out, play that 99 front pair evening NY numbers heavier bet! Point is, DON'T LET A MISS GET YOU DOWN, AS Everyone has them! A lot of wierd things can happen, but if you are on to something, and it is late and you are too tired to go down and get your ticket, or a bunch of things happen and you get distracted, try to get that bet in! Seems like when that happens is when a big miss happens!

    Good luck from fluffy9999!

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Entry #186
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July 10, 2017, 2:11 amfluffy9999's Predictions for ALL STATES INFO!!

     ok, fluff dog here! NOW, BEING HONEST, fluff is posting to ALL STATES TO HELP ALL STATES WIN WITH HIS DAYS SYSTEM! Yes, fluffy9999's Days System WORKS ALL OVER, ANYPLACE, and he wants you to have plays that will go to work for you and help you collect! When, fluff posts, this is in most cases a DAYS SYTEM PLAY, but sometines, like his CURRENT ONTARIO PICKS, THEY ARE TAILORED FOR THE CURRENT TREND IN THAT LOTTERY! Also, fluff must apologize as he did not see some of the comments on his blogs until recently, and will be reading and appreciating all the input! Hey, if you collect, let the fluff-dog know! if you want specific PLAYS FOR YOUR STATE, THEN LET FLUFF KNOW! He will go to work with his bunny paws for you and help you out!

    GOOD LUCK FROM fluffy9999!

Last Edited: July 10, 2017, 2:14 am

Entry #185
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July 10, 2017, 1:56 amfluffy9999's Picks for ALL STATES AND NY!!

     Yup, fluff here! Keep in play NY 9999 both and 1678 even only if you are on a budget! once again,for 9999 near thurs are the days if you want to limit plays, and keep in play 2888 esp sunday! DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS INCLUDE 22's NY and 77 NY mon to thurs, with 229 and 767 must play! For many reasons, make sure you buy tickets for 1010 boxed mon and heavier bet tues midday! YOU KNOW, fluff does not you to play a lot of numbers, so pick one or two out to keep you plays on the inexpensive side! Someone asked me today, do you win a lot of money? Well, that depends on how much you put down on my plays! Never bet over your limit, as this is what gets people in trouble!300 was in the patterns for fri, and it checked out several ways, but it has to come in! Once you save up a bank of wins,then you can bump up the bets here and there! HEAVIER BETS ONLY BELONG IN CERTAIN PLACES, NOT ON EVERY NUMBER! Hope that helps put things into perspective for you. If you put two dollars on 1010 on tues midday and hit, that is a KING GRAND or ten thousand dollars! lot of leverage there!

    Good luck from fluffy9999 and check his PREDICTIONS !

Last Edited: July 10, 2017, 2:03 am

Entry #184
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July 8, 2017, 7:01 pmfluffy9999 Hits NY pick 3 300 Straight, and more!!

   Ok, on thurs fluff looked at the nuimbers pattern and fluff really did see something! One way of looking at it looked real good and IT DID DESERVE A BET! Actually, heavier than I played but did collect more than a FRANKLIN! Oh, that Mr. Franklin, brings happiness to everyone! Hope many collected on fluff's post! NOW, LIKE RIGHT NOW FOR NY PICK 3 AND ALL STATES,FLUFF LIKES 357 FOR SAT EVENING! of course, check my predictions for ny and all states, and make sure you have 2280 and 5588 and 2888 and 1678 in play for at least the weekend! check fluffs predictions for DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS TO PLAY FOR NY, AND ALL STATES!


Last Edited: July 8, 2017, 7:03 pm

Entry #183
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July 7, 2017, 8:51 pmfluffy9999's NY picks, OK, and ALL STATES!!

    Hey, fluff here! ok, hope everyone is doing well! Now, keep in play 1678 and add 9820 for our TROLLING PLAYS for NY PICK 4, and we are playing these numbers every day! fluff says keep in play 9999 and last two times this number came out was thursday! This may help you if you want to play A DAYS SYSTEM PLAY FOR THIS NUMBER! Also, 2888 is a keep-in-play also, and last time this one came out was on a sunday! play every day, and fluff has some confirmation on this that this is a timely play  RIGHT NOW! Also, 99 front pair evening NY pick-3 may prove to be a win as it is out 850 draws and is worth playing on whatevery strategy you would like to use! play every night as this is an evening only play for NY! AS far as other states, fluff did post for OK and check out his other states plays and his predictions! 4567 and 5588 is good for ALL STATES AS WELL AS 2888 FOR WEEKEND ALSO!

    Good luck and happy trails from fluffy9999, THE MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY!

Last Edited: July 7, 2017, 8:52 pm

Entry #182
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July 1, 2017, 7:44 pmfluffy9999's Picks for Vermont and Tri-State and More!!

     Hey, fluff here! just rained here in Schenectady and surrounding areas, but no damage where I am. fluff likes for VT 2288,3366,4444,and 5555 and he had to post these for TRi-state, and did accidentally put them in twice on midday! But 5599 does look good for MD,PA and 5588 and 1555 for Ohio! fluffo likes 1709, one of his pool favorites for NY Pick 4! 5588 and 5599 look good for these lotteries, AND 5588 AND 5599 ARE GOOD DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR ALL STATES AND ABROAD! WHOA, FLUFF - DOG! Yup, uh, 3366 if a pool fav and it looks good for VT, and 2288 good also and for DAYS SYTEM PLAY ALL STATE W/2280! Pick out your fav and keep a POOL OF NUMBERS YOU LIKE AND WHEN THEY APPEAR ON HERE OR AS FAVORED NUMBERS, LET IT RIP!NY must play for sun is 2280,4675 and you know,keep in play 9999, and 2888 NY is out boxed both plays from 1992! Make sure you play 9999 at least fri and weekend!

     Focus on one or two Picks and GOOD LUCK from fluffy9999, the MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY!

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Entry #181
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June 29, 2017, 11:51 pmfluffy9999 Asks "HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? and more...

       Hey El Fluffo here! fluff wants to go way down on number of picks and for the month of July will suggest 7171,5577 and  play 7777 around sat midday for NY pick 4! ALL OTHER STATES CAN FOLLOW PICKS ALSO, AND REREAD flufffy9999 old blogs on DAYS SYSTEM!  fluff likes 9999 and weekend plays of the usual 5588 and 5888, 6475 and 2280! 475 looks good for pick 3 for NY and ALL OTHER STATES! 4567 and 2280,5588,and 5577 are all DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS AND CAN WORK FOR YOUR STATE ALSO! MUST PLAY FOR JULY IS 5577,7788 AND ESPECIALLY 7171! fluff will go with  767,713, (777 midday) and 227!


Last Edited: June 29, 2017, 11:55 pm

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June 28, 2017, 1:16 amfluffy9999's NY UPDATE FOR BIG $$ and more!

     Hey, fluff here! To the point, today is Wed, and fluff would suggest getting your 8888 tickets for NY WIN 4 for thurs, heavy on fri and sat! FOLKS, YOU GOTTA SEE THIS BEFORE IT HITS! THIS IS A VIRGIN QUAD NUMBER, AND ON OR ABOUT FRI IS WHERE THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN! We are not talking bout a 40 dollar number! Min for this is One dollar mid and eve for fri! fluff can't say how many times he saw a hit and could have walked away with  50k, 100k or more! FLUFF HAS GIVEN YOU THE NUMBER, THE DAY, AND THE REST IS UP TO YOU! Hey , if we miss  there is always next week!

     Good luck from fluffy9999, THE MAGIC AND SUPERNATURAL LOTTERY BUNNY!

Entry #179
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