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Yesterday, 7:13 pmBenefits for illegals

Benefits for illegals

From a business owner:

They make more money having kids than we earn working full-time. Today I had a 25-year old with 8 kids - that's right 8, all illegal anchor babies and she had the nicest nails, cell phone, hand bag,
clothing, etc. She makes about $1,500 monthly for each; you do the math. (That's $12,000 - plus what she personally gets for own "benefits" !!) I used to say, "We are the dumbest nation on earth," Now I must say and sadly admit: WE are the dumbest people on earth (that includes ME) for we elected the idiot ideologues who have passed the bills that allow

Sorry, but we need a revolution. NOW, GET THIS: If the immigrant is over 65, they can apply for SSI and Medicaid and get more than a woman on Social Security, who worked from 1944 until 2004.She is only getting $791 per month because she was born in 1924 and there's a 'catch 22'
(notch) for her. It is interesting that the federal government provides a single refugee with a monthly allowance of $1,890 . Each can also obtain an additional $580 in social assistance, for a total of $2,470 a month .

(Seeing RED yet ????)This compares to a "legal American
Citizen single pensioner ",who after contributing to the growth and development of America for 40 to 50 years, can only receive a monthly maximum of $1,012 in old age pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement. ( Seeing more RED ?

Maybe our pensioners should apply as refugees! Consider sending this to all your American friends, so we can all be ticked off and maybe get the refugees cut back to $1,012 and the pensioners up to $2,470. Then we can enjoy some of the money we were forced to submit to the Government over the last 40 or 50 or 60 years. PLEASE SEND THIS TO EVERY AMERICAN TAXPAYER YOU KNOW! |

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Yesterday, 7:09 pmThought Police

Professors threaten bad grades for saying 'illegal alien,' 'male,' 'female'. http://tiny.iavian.net/6lzn

The thought police have become quite brazen, haven't they?

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August 27, 2015, 11:46 amAir Force One - a la obama

Watch this - only 3 minutes.
Our Taxes at work.  Please
send it on!

Air Force One

Last Edited: August 27, 2015, 11:46 am

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August 15, 2015, 10:40 amMarried vs Unmarried in the US

Married vs. Unmarried in the U.S.

For a guy and his girlfriend with two kids all you have to do is follow these proven steps:

1. Don't marry her!
2. Always use your mom's address to get your mail.
3. The guy buys a house.
4. The guy rents out house to his girlfriend with his 2 kids.
5. Section 8 will pay $900 a month for a 3 bedroom home.

6. Girlfriend signs up for Obamacare so guy doesn't have to pay for family insurance.
7. Girlfriend gets to go to college for free being a single mother 
8. Girlfriend gets $600 a month for food stamps.
9. Girlfriend gets a free cell phone.
10. Girlfriend get free utilities.
11. Guy moves into home, but continues to use mom's address for his mail.
12. Girlfriend claims one kid and guy claims the other kid on their tax forms. Now both get to claim head of household at $1800 credit.
13. Girlfriend gets $1,800 a month disability for being "crazy" or having a "bad back" and never has to work again.

This plan is perfectly legal and is being executed now by millions of people.
A married couple with a stay at home mom yields $0 dollars.
An unmarried couple with stay at home mom nets $21,600 disability + $10,800 free housing + $6,000 free obamacare + $6,000 free food + $4,800 free utilities + $6,000 pell grant money to spend + $12,000 a year in college tuition free from pell grant + $8,800 tax benefit for being a single mother = $75,000 a year in benefits!

Any idea why the country is $18 trillion plus in debt and half the population is letting the other half pay their way???

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August 9, 2015, 6:55 pmSatanic Signs


Ordinary thinking cannot recognize the devil when he
appears. A man's usual mind is so loaded with weird self-interest he
always takes demons for angels, as with smiling hypocrites. But you
can learn to see signs of Satan - _which were in front of you all the
time_. Aim to see evil as evil. See hateful glares as devilish, see
insolence as insanity, see greed as depraved desire, see brutality
as animalistic, see self-pity as self-sickness. Your right sight is
your safety."

-Vernon Howard

SOLVED The Mystery of Life, p. 187

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July 29, 2015, 10:46 pmHillary on her accomplishments as Sec. of State


Only a liberal politician could use that many words and say absolutely NOTHING

You don't want to pass this one up!  Forward it on to all in your directory! Even to our liberal "friends".

Quote of the day, no, of the week, make that a month, yet it probably is quote of the year!
No, DECADE.  Wait a minute.  It's the greatest quote EVER!

"My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I'm glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know... the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have over looked the bigger picture and we didn't do that and I'm proud of that. Very proud.  I would say that's a major accomplishment.";

- Hillary Clinton 11 March 2015

Could someone please tell me what the hell she just said?

And she is running for President?

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July 29, 2015, 11:27 amAbsolute classic

The resident 'can't say anything nice about white people, conservatives, Republicans, yada yada yada" recently complained about being blocked from posting on other's blogs.

But yet, on his blog is this:

This member has blocked you from
posting a comment in their Blog

That's one great example of the liberal mindset! "I'm blocking most everybody but don't you dare block me".

Bang Head

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July 28, 2015, 5:25 pmSome people just can't take a joke

This is directed towards a prolific 'the world owes me everything' blogger, regarding his interpretation of my blog entry about "Things I trust More Than Hllary.

Mr. Wah Wah, you are so quick on the trigger to jump in anything you don't agree with you constantly prove yourself to be an idiot.

You say:

Comments Coin Toss's sarcasm of a Black

Coin Toss's Blogshows the racist side of certain LP members as they make fun of Blacks in general. Out of 19 comments 7 of them are anti-Black. Well Coin Toss, you racist , everyone knows how you and your friends feel about Blacks. Your writing about Hillary was just a guise to show your TRUE FEELINGGS. Bigots/Bigets that play together, stay together. SAD,SAD,SAD ... I was right about you bigots from the beginning.

OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection
An elevator ride with Ray Rice
Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby
Michael Jackson's Doctor
An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran
Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton
Emails from Nigerian princes

If you weren't so anxious to pick fights (from behind a keyboard, oh we're shaking) you would have realized that wasn't my writing but it was an e-mail that was circulating.

May you answer and get scammed by all your e-mails from a Nigerian princess.


That's the last I'll comment about you since it is pointless to discuss anything with anybody who says, "If you call me colored I'll report you to the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED people."

Alpha Mike Foxtrot.

Last Edited: July 28, 2015, 7:11 pm

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July 27, 2015, 12:25 amThe first thing Eve ever said to Adam?

What is the first thing Eve ever said to Adam?

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July 25, 2015, 10:25 pmThings I trust more than Hillary

Mexican tap water
A rattlesnake with a 'pet me' sign

OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection

A "toot" when I have diarrhea

An elevator ride with Ray Rice

Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby

Michael Jackson's Doctor

An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran

Gas station Sushi

A Jimmy Carter economic plan

Brian Williams news reports

Loch Ness monster sightings

Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton

Playing Russian Roulette with a semi-auto pistol

Emails from Nigerian princes

The Heimlich Maneuver from Barney Frank

A condom made in China
A prostate exam from Captain Hook

And finally....

Bill Clinton at a Girl Scout convention


Last Edited: July 25, 2015, 10:27 pm

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July 25, 2015, 10:15 pmIt won't effect you...

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July 22, 2015, 6:04 pmThe Clock

This is something that you have wanted for a long, long time. You might not have known you wanted it, but when you see it, you will save this in a file and refer back to it often. It will become one of your most prized possessions and it will give you much pleasure. Because it gives you so much pleasure, you will want to share it with your friends, so that they also will receive and enjoy it as much as you do.

The Clock


Last Edited: July 22, 2015, 11:58 pm

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July 21, 2015, 12:51 amA Letter from A Lady In Chattanooga

WOW .. a letter from a Chattanoogan soldiers daughter! SHARE until the President reads it ...

Dear Mr. President,
Where are you? As I sit here at 4:30 in the morning with my seven year old daughter who hasn't slept since our City was attacked by a terrorist who grew up here and called it "Home" for 24 years of his Muslim life..

Where were you? When the family of our five brave men who lost their lives that day were informed of the dreadful news, did they receive a call from you, our concerned, caring, president? I beg to differ. Instead you gave a nine minute very insincere apology about what occurred in Chattanooga Tennessee. From my heart Mr. President, as a Native Chattanoogan you have no right to even utter the words of my hometown. When the 9 Church members were killed in Charleston, why you made no hesitation to scurry there, even rush behind a pulpit even preach a funeral! Then you took it upon yourself to sing the old hymn "Amazing Grace" trying so hard to bring God's spirit into that place and thru the TV screen. Let me be the first poor single mother to tell you Mr. President you didn't fool me. There was no God in your "Presentation", no God in that "Speech" that your overpaid blind to your B.S. Muslim Personal Assistant prepared for you. No no no Mr. President, you see We The People are fed up with you. Instead of being an Honorable President, and ordering ALL flags at half mass, you didn't order any. Instead of trying to find out what this idiot had been doing to plan this attack all these months, you go on VACATION. WE SEE where you priorities lie, we see that you don't care these men protected your family as well. Your 'white' house you live in is surrounded by Secret Service men, all armed. Let's take their guns away, like our service men and women and see how many days you call in sick.

Mr. President..... Where will you be, during the funerals of our five fallen men??? From my heart I say this to you, STAY AWAY, we don't need you now. HERE IN THE GREAT CITY AND STATE OF CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE WE DON'T LIKE COWARDS. WE ARE A COMMUNITY OF STRENGTH, SPIRIT, AND LOVE. HEROES ARE BORN AND RAISED HERE AND WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN!
The Daughter of A Soldier

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July 17, 2015, 12:29 amObamas statement on Eid-ul-Firt (the end of Ramadan)

Obamas statement on the occasion of Eid-ul-Firt ( marks the end of Ramadan )

"Michelle and I would like to extend our warmest wishes to Muslims in the United States and around the world celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr. As Muslims mark the end of the month, they are reminded that Ramadan is a time to reflect spiritually, build communally, and aid those in need..".

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July 13, 2015, 8:35 pmEducated?

You may recall that a few weeks ago, President Obama spoke of three former Presidents making prisoner swaps at the end of wars that took place on their watch, "much like this swap" he said convincingly.

CNN carried this quote, "This is what happens at the end of wars."

President Barack Obama boasted Tuesday when he was asked about swapping American Army Sgt. Deserter for five vicious Taliban terrorists. "That was true for George Washington...That was true for Abraham Lincoln and that was true for FDR. That's been true of every combat situation, that at some point, you make sure that you try to get your folks back...And that's the right thing to do".


That statement blatantly demonstrates that the most powerful man in the World and two term President of the United States lacks even a grade school level of knowledge of American History; specifically, history as it relates to three of our most famous presidents and it demonstrates again that we have essentially elected a foreigner who has no understanding of the very country that he reigns supreme over.

Then again, he was educated at an Ivy League school so you can't expect too much.

What's wrong with his statements?

Let's keep it simple--EVERYTHING is wrong!

1. George Washington did not become president until six years after the Revolutionary War ended in 1783. By 1789 there were no longer any prisoners for him to exchange.

2. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in mid-April of 1865. The Civil War ended the following month. He was still dead at that time. No deals were made to exchange prisoners after the war. All prisoners were simply freed.

3. FDR died of a stroke before the end of WWII. Like Lincoln, he stayed dead after the war so he couldn't do what this jerk says he did. You'll recall that Harry S. Truman made the decision to drop two nuclear bombs on Japan, ending World War II. He made no deals for prisoners. We went in and released them when necessary.

4. None of the presidents that Obama noted were in office at the ends of those wars, making it impossible for them to make any sort of prisoner swaps, let alone the 5 for 1, plus unspecified cash, for a deserter and traitor by our "57 States" president.

5. It should be pointed out that countless deserters and traitors were shot or hung during all three of the aforementioned wars.

What amazes one even more than the ignorance of the President is that he has managed to surround himself with a staff that is just as clueless?
......... or willing, as the media are, to cover for his dumb, lying rhetoric and behavior!

P.S. Obama mentioned while being interviewed on Super Bowl Sunday while in the White House kitchen, that George Washington drank beer in the White House when he was president .

George Washington never lived in the White House; it wasn't built yet.

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