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May 17, 2016, 8:48 amNew Kingdom

We've decided we are no longer humans.

We are going to become part of the Plant Kingdom, you know what that means, yep! special bathroom considerations.

My husband has decided to become an Oak Tree, his new name " Hardwood". He will require a skylight in every bathroom, He also wants all lumberjacks to check their chainsaws at the door. Basically a chainsaw free zone.

Our son "Acorn" Wishes to see a severe ban on Deer and Squirrels in American potties. Please, I don't want to see my son eaten by wildlife.

I've decided to become a Fern, Just call me "Fern", I will require misting, and re-potting from time to time, I would also like to see a generous supply of Lady Bugs in every American Bathroom. If you ever had Aphids crawling on you, well let's just say Aphids suck.

Our neighbors don't feel like humans anymore either, in fact , they have decided to become aquatic Animals.

Bob, he's a Dolphin now, Linda's a Sea Lion, Little Johnny is a Walrus and their daughter Mandy is a Penguin.

Every American bathroom will require, Ice, Sea Water and Shark patrols.

My brother Steve has decided to become a Vase, wth, that's just crazy, go back to bed Steve.

My Sister Tina and her husband have decided to become insects, she's a Spider and He a fly, Her poor husband doesn't see it coming, but what a great defense!


Welcome to America, You can be anything here, and we will get those bathrooms PC for everybody.

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May 9, 2016, 1:48 pmTransgender Bathrooms

Transgender Bathrooms, I see a red line under Transgender, not even a word.

Not to be confused with uni-sex Bathrooms, usually a one toilet public bathroom anyone can use, comes with a lock.

Don't care if you are male and want to dress up like a girl, or if you are female and want the butch look.


For most of us using the restroom is the most private part of the day, not to be shared with strangers.

But, when nature calls, you must answer, and yes sometimes it means using public toilets.

Now all across the country we have using the bathroom as an issue.



Men dressed as women want to use the little girls room, wtf........you are still a male.

States are coming up with laws, and now the divide and conquer plan is in full motion.

Your a hater if you don't want some guy in the potty with your Mom, daughter, grand daughter etc.

Can't be a hater, must cave into PC ASAP.


Your an idiot if you think this is okay, you are beyond help, why hasn't nature selected your gene pool out of existence yet ?

Keep up with this and here are probable scenarios, Pedophiles using transgender as an excuse...think about it.

Those guys who walk around the department stores taking pictures under women's skirts and dresses, I guess the pictures will be more exciting from a bathroom stall. You really want to take the chance on some pervert using transgender as an excuse to violate your most private moment?

Remember, many of these weirdo's share these pics, you really want your little girls picture on the net with her panties down around her ankles. think about it.

This BS is opening doors for all the wrong things.

Last Edited: May 9, 2016, 1:53 pm

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April 14, 2016, 2:20 pmBlashill, Are you really that clueless?

Round 1, Wings lose to the Bolts. Okay it's just one game.

What did I notice? Every time Larkin took the ice he was a major target, every single Time.

The bumps and bruises and quite possibly a serious injury, NOT TO MENTION HOW THIS CAN MENTALLY WEAR ON HIM!

Yes he's a Professional Hockey Player, but he is still a rookie, so what do you do? You go on T.V. and point out his mistakes, boy are you dumb, loose lips sink ships!

Just maybe during the playoffs you keep mistakes private, you act like he's making mistakes to embarrass you, wth?

Your job is to help keep his mental game going, keep your players in their zone.

I not only want to see Z drop the gloves on you, but now I think every time you open your mouth and say something stupid you can get Kronwalled.

Our team can win, you think you're going up against your golf buddy, think again.

You need to think bigger, you want to win, you get in Yzermans head, He's got more experience than both you golf buddies put together, He not only knows the game. He most certainly knows how players think, during the ups and downs. He most certainly remembers being a rookie with a target on his back.

Now get to work and keep your mouth shut.

Entry #73
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March 7, 2016, 1:26 pmFire Blashill, yep I said it.

I was really rooting for you Blash, you're from my old stomping grounds the Soo.

I was one of your biggest supporters, but......

I realize I'm just a girl, What would I know about Hockey?

For starters, we got a Rookie Phenom, Judging by the amount of his starting salary, they knew they had something special in this kid, Yes I am talking about Larkin.

For some strange reason, he's never hardly on the PP or PK, iSN'T THAT WHY YOU GUYS HAVE PRACTICE?

You had the entire first half of the season to hone his skills, instead, you spent the first half cutting him down, downplaying his abilities, and pointing out all his mistakes. Well, Jeff, your veterans are making bigger mistakes. Is this your ego talking, your the boss wah wah wah.

We will not make the playoffs, and I put most of the blame on you.

Quite frankly I like to see Z drop the gloves on you and kick your a$$ UP AND DOWN THE BENCH, THE ICE ,THE DETROIT RIVER.

I really hope you prove me wrong and we make it to the playoffs.

Entry #72

January 18, 2016, 9:19 pmRIP Glen Frey

Glen Frey, dead at 67. You will be missed.

He was a hometown boy and founding member of the Rock Band The Eagles.

The best concert I ever went to was The Eagles, Hell freezes over tour.

Can't even remember the warm up band, The Eagles took the stage and Timothy B. Schmit started with "Love will keep us alive" The crowd sat transfixed listening to every word every chord. Timothy has a beautiful voice.

Glen broke into one of his love songs, still we sat hanging onto every word.

After the love songs, they broke into Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain way, the crowd erupted and from the moment on, we were all up and singing to every single song.

My heart is sad, Thanks for all the great music Glen, you will be missed.


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December 12, 2015, 7:03 amPC comes to Hockey?

I'm an avid Hockey fan, I love the Detroit Red Wings with all my heart. I'll watch other Teams around the league as well.

Growing up watching the games, always and I mean always, we heard the National Anthem before the game, if we played a team from Canada we got their Anthem as well.

Only once, during our home opener did I hear the National Anthem.

Now before the puck drops, they go to commercial, no televised Anthems for either Country.

I am curious if other Hockey fans around the country are seeing the Anthems before the games?

Have we become so paranoid about offending someone that a tradition that goes back as far as Hockey is now taboo?



On a personal note. 19 Lovies 40 Lovies 71Lovies

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October 12, 2015, 6:12 pmDear Caitlyn, now you're a woman.

oooooo ooooooo, Caity-pie's one of the girls now.

All the joys of womanhood, the earrings, mascara, lipstick, sexy high heels.

Let's not forget all the pretty undergarments, Cleavage, most certainly the way to a mans heart.

Together we can share the joys of pedicures, manicures,and oh how nice it is to have someone wash your hair at a high end salon.

Yes I know, the waxing, plucking and never ending supply of lotions and creams, can be a burden, but the things we do to feel oh so pretty. Soft silky thighs will make him forget there was no dinner.



You still got the parts God gave you.


You have no idea what it means.

You let me know when you have 45 years worth of menstrual periods, the pain, the bloating, the mess, the horrific cost of supplies.

Hey Sunshine, give Birth.....Carry a baby around for nine months and spend 14 hours in labor before squeezing it out in front half the hospital.

You let me know how much fun you had during your episiotomy with no pain killers.

Not to mention, most times when a woman gives Birth to  a baby, she also gives birth to a hemorrhoid so big everyone thinks there's a new face on Mt. Rushmore and your hiding it in your Azz.

How about those swollen painful breasts, your husband body slams you cause he thinks they are fun new bouncy toys. dumbass!

Walk around with a kid on your hip for 2 years, you don't know what back pain is.

Change diapers, get meals ready go to work and deal with a punk boss half your age, please by all means share your story.

Let me know when your husband uses your Ph balanced, expensive feminine wash to give the dog a bath.

All the things you think being a woman only exists in some screwed up fairy tale world you live in.

As far as shaving, plucking and waxing, I am sick of it, after 27 years I could care less if my picky legs scraps his tender bottom like sandpaper.

Because at least he had dinner on the table.

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August 7, 2015, 7:01 pmDear Illegals

Thanks for sneaking into our country, breaking our laws and picking our crops.

Oh, I almost forgot, thanks for crapping on our crops and spreading E-coli all over the county.

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July 13, 2015, 10:12 pmDear LGBT

Well the Supreme court says you can get married.

That celebration seemed short lived, now you want to file law suits against Churches that refuse to marry you.


Most say they don't believe in God, have issues with the Bible and despise the Catholic Church.

But you can't wait to marry in  a church.

Seems to me you can't wait to rub kaka in the faces of religious folk, mocking my God in my house of worship.

 Would you like the service in Latin?


Just one word of advice, Be very careful mocking God in his house.

Entry #67
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June 9, 2015, 11:46 amWhat an mom says to her son.

Raising children isn't easy, and you make many mistakes along the way.

I raised my son to have morals and values, to be eager to learn and laugh, and don't ever take yourself to seriously.

Education is a priority, we told him to get ahead in this world not only would he have to study and get good grades, he would have to set goals for himself. We told him he would make mistakes, but that's how you learn. We also made it clear that are some mistakes he should never make.

We told him the world isn't always kind or fair, and he would have to learn to stand on his own 2 feet.

We told him that with some people respect is earned, but you should always carry yourself with self respect, dignity and a sense of what is right and wrong.

To be kind, polite, helpful, when to walk away and when to make a stand.

I pity the fool who mistakes my son's kindness with weakness.

When you're a parent the biggest fear you can have is someone else hurting your child.

Building self esteem and self confidence is  paramount when raising a child.


Many of the mistakes we told him to never make.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Don't take or touch anything that doesn't belong to you.

Be respectful to teachers, police, peers and strangers.

Don't use her, lie to her, don't hurt her and for the love of God, don't tick her off.

Stay away from drugs and alcohol.


Things we never said.

Not once did we compare him to someone else.

He has never been hit or spanked, we do not call him stupid mf'er or lazy.

We do not spend time telling him how much someone else is going to hate him because of the color of his eye's or skin.

We do not tell him the police will be after him because they think you are a drunk, stupid, lazy, thief .

When you pound it into a kids head that he's going to be hated, when you constantly call your kid bad names.

You screw that kid up.

When you raise kids in a negative environment, they grow up that way.

Raise your kids with love, respect and always be willing to listen.

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May 6, 2015, 1:03 pmHelp for the confused people.

Confused people are in desperate need of help, they run with scissors, walk off cliffs and sit to close to the TV.

But sadly this is not the worse of their unseemly afflictions.

Their hypocrisy is paramount to the plague, like cow manure it spreads fast and has a foul odor.

They are always the first to scream about civil, human and equal rights, as it applies to them,

If you disagree with them, then you shouldn't have the same rights.


Let's start with the Pro Gun stance...It is our Second Amendment Right, to keep and bear arms.

We have the right to protect ourselves and our homes, as well as hunt for our food.

These confused souls would love to see the Government take away gun rights from anyone who disagrees with them.

Here's where the hypocrisy comes in, they themselves are armed to the teeth. Many of these confused people know just how fast a thug can destroy their life. But out of severe confusion they would condemn others for feeling the same way.

Do you know what else we have with these gun rights ?, the right to defend against oppression and tyrannical a Government. Many of these confused imps would love to see a communist regime, socialism and redistribution of wealth isn't enough for them. Somehow they don't understand forfeiting all your rights is not a good thing.


Pro Death Penalty...Your Dammmmm straight, You kidnap, rape, and behead a 10 year old kid, you most certainly deserve to die.

You walk in a gas station and shoot and kill the guy who just forked over his hard earned money. DIRT NAP.



Pro war, The confused love to throw that around, make it sound like we just love blood, guts and gore.

This could not be further from the truth, we live in a dangerous world, Because History repeats itself, The dictators have different names, but their agenda is the same. That puts all of us in danger and sometimes we have to put evil to rest.

God Bless the men and women who so bravely give to protect us.


Anti Health care, Nobody is against health care you confused morons. We don't want to work our butts off, be taxed above and beyond to pay for someone else. You want insurance, stay in school and get a good job.

You want to drop out of school and have 5 kids you can't feed or take care of, look in the mirror, you are the reason you are poor. YOU WON'T BE POOR IF YOU APPLY YOURSELF AND USE SOME COMMON SENSE!

No education, no job, 5 kids = poor. You're so confused .


Pro Life, When the sperm meets the eggs you have a soul, a human. If you don't want to be a vessel for human life, abstain or use protection, OMG  doesn't get any easier.


The sickest most depraved thing I hear these confused Liberals say... " I would rather pay for an abortion then feed the kid for 18 years. There's your racist !

Because as mush as the welfare system is abused, I would still rather feed the kid, death is not an option.


Now confused and confusedE, kma, You've just been served!

Last Edited: May 6, 2015, 1:04 pm

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May 2, 2015, 7:08 amLet me tell you a story.

December. 7, 1941.

Japan bombed pearl Harbor, The Emperor wanted to send in ground troops to invade our country.

The Emperor's main General said sir, " You don't want to do that, there's a gun behind every blade of grass."

The main General knew, that average Americans would join in and defend our country.


We have something called the Second Amendment, The right to keep and bear arms.


Yesterday was May Day, A day of protesting across the country, Many people with their special cause marched around

and held up their special little signs.

One sign in particular was disturbing, It was" Disarm the Police."  Are you really that stupid?

Do you really want cops showing up to an armed robbery with Tasers and beanbags?  Harsh words ?


Think real hard, if our Police are disarmed, it will only be a matter of time before they do it to the rest of us.

Do you really want the rest of the world to see us as weakened citizenry?


I have small comforts knowing that I have a .22 with a 15 round banana clip sitting right next to my bed, if you get past my dogs, that gives me time to hit the safety.

Criminals do stupid things, criminals on drugs do even stupider things.


We can all agree there are bad people and very good people, and yes that means cops.

They put their life on the line everyday, just like the Fireman who runs into burning buildings.

I like seeing that Police cruiser come down my street, I grew up in Detroit, if you called the cops, they might or might not have shown up.

After the humiliation the Baltimore cops went through, The New York cops and so on...

They might not be as eager to put their life on the line for people who have made it clear they are not wanted.


Next time your husband comes home  drunk and uses you as a punching bag.

The next time a child goes missing.

The next time gangs square off and a toddler is shot.

The next armed robbery.

The next traffic pile up on an interstate.

The next natural disaster.

God forbid the next time someone flies planes into our buildings.

Get my point, be very careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

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April 28, 2015, 9:06 am"Give them space to destroy" or let them eat cake.

Or let them, loot, burn, assault and run wild.

Maybe she felt they deserved the 5 finger discount stealing spree, after all it's not her money or property.

The police standing there doing nothing, ( The ever popular stand down order, seems to be a trend with Democrats)

Another proud day in America, where the residents of Baltimore destroy their own city. Morons!

The Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake,( what a disgrace and the epitome of a serious lack of leadership.)

She said they would give the protesters space to destroy. ( Permission to destroy her city.)

Destroy they did.

   Tensions running high after the death of Freddie Gray, he some how managed to break his neck while in police custody. If these cops are responsible, give them the death penalty. But we don't know what happened, do we?


Guess what good people of Baltimore, Clueless Blake is in charge of the Police Department, they are the ones not telling the people what happened. I am sure it's under investigation and all will come out in the wash.

What she allowed to happen hurt more people then helped.

Let's start with the 16 million dollar senior center, it was set on fire and destroyed, who does that to their own people?

The CVS store, looting went on for hours before that was set on fire. Maybe she felt the good ( and I use the term lightly) people getting free nail polish would quell the anger? I don't know, hard to get inside the head of an imbecile.

I do know that the store was full of drugs, and are in the wrong hands as we drink our morning coffee.

I do know many people waiting for their medicine will now have to run around make calls and try to get help.

Hope nobody dies because they couldn't get their script filled. Yes clueless that will be on you.

  In all 50 businesses were looted and or burned, Many woke to having no job now, wtg Clueless.

I wonder how many of these businesses will just leave the area, causing more poverty and blight.

  The cops stood there while being pelted with bricks and bottles, the bad guys know they can get away it, well, until they hit the wrong guy....oh oh.

Don't ever vote for me if I run for Mayor, I will allow the use of deadly force if it means protecting the innocent.

I hope we find out what happened to Freddie Gray, and I send my deepest condolences to his family, they are in pain and many of these looters and thugs have disgraced his family as well as his memory.

Al Sharpton is on his way in, so it will get worse. Clueless Blake is now a pawn for the Federal Government I suspect.


Things to chew on, The last thing this country needs is for the Federal Government to control the Police, Nazi Germany mean anything to you?

That's what they want, and that's not good for any of us.

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April 15, 2015, 9:39 amGet ready boys and girls.


This is where the poor get poorer and the middle class takes a final blow.

My company had to offer part time workers full time positions complete with insurance.

Let me give you some back ground. In my company the only employees that are full time are managers.

Every other employee was part time, before Obamacare we could work up to 40 hours a week and still be considered part time because of our average.

I was averaging 38 hours a week.

When Obamacare started, part time employees were only allowed 28 hours a week, this is federal law now.

Now under the 2015 mandate, my company had to offer a percentage of part time employees full time work.

At first is was going to be 5 people, but the lawyers figured out it only had to be 4.

We have 28 non manager employees, so now 4 of them are full time.

We get 300 man hours a week, until Graduation season starts.

So 4 people have taken 160 hours, that leaves 140 hours for 24 people to share, that's 5.8 hours each.

Now take into consideration, what each employee actually does, we have cooler people, freezer people, dry stockers and cashiers. Not everyone is qualified to to all these jobs. You can't put a 59 year old woman to work in the freezer.

Next week, I have 10 hours, I work 4 hours on Monday and 6 on Saturday. Thanks Obama.

Sadly, some of the new people have no hours next week. Big wtg Obama.

Mind you, this is not 1 store, this is all our stores, 17 states with multiple stores in each state.

We are not the only company doing this, the big retail chains are no longer making schedules, they now have something called " On Call" Where employees call to see if they work that day.


For every action, there is a separate and equal reaction.

Part time jobs will become scare., Whole batch of High school and college kids will be hard pressed to find a job this summer.

Part time people do not qualify for unemployment benefits.

Many will now turn to food stamps.

Many will find a way to scam disability.

Many will sign up for Obamacare.


Now on to the economy, this idiotic mandate will eliminate jobs, not create jobs.

People only getting a few hours a week will turn to big daddy Government to live.

Cell phones, cable, internet will be cancelled, the retail stores will take a hit, small business will suffer the most.

Welcome to the Obamapocalypse.

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December 28, 2014, 8:30 amIn Loving Memory

It's been a year of funerals for us.

For those of you we've lost, we Love you and Miss you.

My Mother in law Joan, our hearts ache.

My husband's Aunt Elaine and Aunt Mary, 3 sisters within a few weeks.

My Aunt Laura and Aunt Anna.

Two of my brother in laws lost their Moms, Jean and Vivian.

My friend Joyce lost her Husband Don and My friend Karen lost her brother Eric.

My Husband also lost one of his best friends, Nick, he was the youngest at 50. Cancer.

Our Hearts were heavy this year at Christmas, Many of our loved ones missing.

We love you and Miss you and as we go into the New Year, You all will be in our thoughts as well as our Hearts.

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