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August 18, 2017, 7:49 amAs long as we are getting rid of Monuments.

We got a long list of Monuments that need to go, all civil war Monuments for sure.

We need to change any Town, City, School, Library , such a long list, anyhow, any of these places named after any President , General, person, who may or may not have owned Slaves, History hurts feelings.

As long as History hurts feelings, only fair we destroy any Monument dedicated to People who fought in the Indian wars, Starting with General Custer, all Monuments celebrating the Buffalo Soldiers have to go also, they happily killed unarmed Indians, chased them down on horseback and ran them through with sabers, they are Equally guilty, just like their White counterparts,  of stealing souvenirs, mutilating dead bodies and rape. Indian scalps were worn by many.

Al Sharpton said it best just yesterday, "My tax dollars are paying for this" even though he owes thousands in back taxes, but that's another story.

In reality we should just get rid of anything named after anyone, what if we find out John Glenn and Neil Armstrong did or said something mean, feelings might be hurt, just clear it all out.

Mount Rushmore, scrape it away, it's got to go.

We should not honor anyone for anything ever again, because they just might have character flaws.

Better to be safe then have hurt feelings.

Can you imagine how much stuff has to be fixed?

American History has to go, throw the books away.

Or, do we stop this crazy non-sense of destroying everything, crying about things that happened 150 years ago. Or,  Do we moved forward and say for as sad as some of our history is we've come a long way and we still have room for improvement ?

I am not Offended by Robert E. Lee, General George Custer, or the Buffalo Soldiers, it's part of our history.

I suspect all this crap about monuments has nothing to do with the monuments themselves, but more for the continued destruction of civil discourse between Americans. Every time the fighting dies down, someone comes up with new ways to start it all over, and to many times George Soros has his sticky little fingers in it.

Time to heal, time to get along and time to remember, we might not like all of our History, but we can never forget it. Leave the Monuments alone.

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July 24, 2017, 7:44 pmIt's a good day.

Woke up and Hillary Clinton is NOT our President!    Party

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February 28, 2017, 1:02 pmWitches casting spells on Donald Trump

Just when you thought Trump derangement syndrome could get no worse, now we have people turning to Witch Craft.

Many of you are idiots and have no idea what you are doing, you jumped on the Magik bandwagon with no thought whatsoever.

First of all, Wicca is a religion and a spiritual way of living, it is not political.

The Wiccan Rede: First do no harm.

Many of you practice Black Magik, you Worship the Devil , this is not Wicca.

Girls, I'll let you in on a secret, many of these so called Warlocks, they are sexual predators, they use the world of magik to prey on lonely insecure women, they most times incorporate the help from a Alpha female, it's all about the sex and fantasy world they've created, if you are all consenting adults, then have at it.

What bothers me is the net has gone crazy with spells, designed to Bind the President by summoning Demons.


Priests, Shamans, Psychic Mediums and Demonologists will be the first to tell you how stupid and dangerous that is.

Just to let you in on another secret, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo are NOT Ark Angels, those are Mutant Ninja Turtles, they will not help you summon Demons.

Isis, Yoda , Madonna and Cher are not Ark Angels, even though Yoda and Madonna could pass as twins. ditto on the demons.

The Ark Angels, are Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael. They are Messengers of God. think about that for a minute, they are not going to help you summon demons to bind the President.

I noticed many self proclaimed Witches giving out spells, one Witch said to use a carrot in place of an orange candle.

okay......I guess I missed that on the last episode of "Hack my Magik.

If you are going to do candle Magik, use candles.

Why am I spelling Magik with a K, because the word magic would suggest, illusion, slight of hand, parlor tricks.

Ouija Boards are not used in Wicca, don't even bring one into your house, but hey, you dummies are summoning Demons so I guess it doesn't matter.

I also noticed many of these Witches did not include ways to protect yourself or your home.

Did you pour salt all around your property? Did you Sage your Home or put tar water on the windows and door frames?

Did you Consecrate your tools to remove psychic residue? And that Albus Dumbledore wand you got at Harry Potter world is not a Magik tool until you consecrate it.

FYI: real Witches use a knife known as an Athame.

Did you ground and center? Did you meditate? Ritual cleansing? Draw down the Moon?

Don't know what any of this is, if not you should not be practicing any sort of Magik.

By the way, many of these Spells insisted there was a waxing Moon, wrong, is was a Waning Moon going into a New Moon Phase.

You cannot draw down the Moon during  new Moon phase, no Moon in the sky.

So , here you are summoning Demons to Bind the President, First of all he is the ultimate protection for all of us, think about it. His Number one job is to keep us safe. arrrrgh, you idiots!

Second, you had the power all along, it's called voting, did you imbecile's even vote?

Bottom line, don't summon Demons, just plain stupid.


     May the light and Love of Jesus surround and protect me.

     May the light and Love of Jesus surround and protect Donald Trump.

     May the light and Love of Jesus surround and protect our Country.

Oh, thanks for reading my Spell, grows stronger every time it's read.

PS. I have protected myself from Psychic attack so save the carrot for the stew.

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February 27, 2017, 10:18 amNegan

Is a character on The walking dead, he carries a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, her name is Lucille .

Google it!

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February 18, 2017, 6:34 amSouthwest Detroit

The other day Southwest Detroit hosted a day without immigrants.

They closed their shops and marched around, they were going to show us. Yeah, how dumb you are!

The dishonest news, yep I am on board with reporters who don't do their job, only showed one side of the story, left out information on facts and basically ignored law breakers.

I heard many interviews , the shop owners aggressively reminded us they are tax payers.

Many of these people told us how their employees are afraid to leave their homes, because they might get snatched up by immigration. So, you hire illegal aliens which is illegal.The dishonest media failed to mention the glaring lawlessness.

I worked at Gordon Food Service for 9 years, I no longer work there so I can freely speak of the corruption many of you immigrants partake.

Part of the GFS customer loyalty is points, you sign up your business and you rack up points for money off your bill.

Many of you come in with EBT, when you find out you can't use EBT with your business account, you split your order, food on ebt and non food on your account. Welfare fraud , interesting.

Let's summarize you faithful tax payers, if your hiring illegal aliens, that means you are paying them under the table, which means you are cooking the books, you are under reporting your business gross. THIS IS TAX EVASION!

HIRING ILLEGALS, TAX EVASION AND WELFARE FRAUD! You're not looking like the upstanding citizen you want us to believe you are. You are a criminal.

Let's get this straight, coming to this country is a privilege, not a right, there are many people waiting in line to come here for the American dream, they would never close their little bakery in protest.

Illegals are line jumpers, nobody has a problem with immigration like you would have everyone believe, we have a problem with illegal immigration that is costing all of us.

So, you close your little shops, dummies! I have no problem calling for a boycott on your businesses.

By the way, if I noticed the glaring lies so did many lawmakers, prosecutors, IRS, ETC...MARCH ON CRIMINAL!

Last Edited: February 18, 2017, 6:38 am

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February 2, 2017, 8:27 amNo show-No pay

If you or I don't show up for work, we don't get paid.

US Congress members make between 174,000 and 233,000 with all kinds of additional benefits.

They live like Kings.

Many are refusing ( Democrats) to show up for work, many are refusing to do their job.

They work for and are paid for by us.

They are refusing to uphold their Oath.

Call and let them know they don't get a free ride, as far as I am concerned, those refusing to work are just abusing tax payer dollars.

Congress, should not be an entitlement program.

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February 1, 2017, 1:13 pmGoofy Celebrities.

Well Well, you just keep screaming for boycotts.

Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil A, L.L.Bean.

I will happily support them, but guess what, I am going to start a push to have people Boycott the sponsors of your talk shows, sit coms, movies, I have no problem buying store brand items.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA See how that works, you need us more then we need you. hahahahahahahahahahaha.

The Veiw, Big Bang Theory, Chelsea Handler, this list is endless, and every time one of you demands a boycott, we call your sponsors and explain that celebrities are asking to boycott you, hahahahahahahahaha see how that works.


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January 30, 2017, 10:28 pmHas anyone heard this?

Has anyone heard if there is an Air Traffic Controller shortage?

All these strange computer delays from airlines, makes me wonder.

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January 29, 2017, 9:01 pmI was humilated

I think is was about 10 years ago, we were taking a family trip to Florida for the Tigers spring training.

My husband, son and myself dressed in our favorite Tigers gear, I was Ordonez, my husband was Rodriguez and my son was Verlander.

It was going to be the trip of a life time, Busch Gardens, the Tigers, warm air after a long cold winter.

So here we are at the airport, removing coats, shoes and piling our belongings into a bin.

The didn't like what they saw in my purse, so they dumped it out for the whole world to see, I was a smoker at the time and had a lighter and smokes.

They took my lighter, they were nice enough to let me put the tampons back in my purse.

Everyone who goes to the airport is put through this humiliation, Part of keeping America safe in the skies.

After our stroll through the X-ray machine, we got dressed.

Now we have a President who has vowed to keep us safe, we voted for him because he said he would vet people coming from Terrorist Countries.

120 day temporary ban from 7 places, I think there should have been more.

Nothing at all said about a total immigration ban, well, until the left twisted it around.

There is no ban on immigration to this country, just  like I stated, a 120 day temporary ban.

They have promised to keep us as safe as they can.

You want to be safe in that airplane, good, cause I want to be safe at the grocery store, I want to be safe at outdoor events, I want college campuses and night clubs, and Christmas parties to be terror free.

Now as Americans coming and going to and fro, we have no problem with the heavy handed Government scrutinizing us at airports.

So, we should not have any problem scrutinizing people from bad places, cause these people are evil and they hate us all.

And for all of you who say this is just going to make them angrier, your idiots, get your head out of your ass.

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January 23, 2017, 8:53 pmStay out of my Bedrom.

Stay out of my bedroom, just one of the rants from the women marching through DC this weekend.

Keep your hands off my Breasts ( I cleaned up the language)

Keep your hands out of my panties ( yep, cleaned that up as well )

It's my body, my choice, I can have an abortion if I want.

Planned parenthood is about to lose Federal Funding, they do some good things, but they are also shrouded in controversy.

Tax payers have sent a message,




 You want birth control, go buy it, you want to abort your baby, then you pay for it.

They threw around women's ' HEALTH ISSUES" yet the only issue was a woman right to an abortion.

Many celebrities had their say, they are very good actresses, had me fooled I thought they were normal people.

They would not let Pro Life women march with them, so much for solidarity, so much for tolerance, and so much for all that love they were spreading around.

Ashley Judd, a victim of sexual abuse by a family member. Do you think she discussed sexual abuse, a real issue, no she screamed how the Nazis were here and how slavery is alive and well in America, we are locking up blacks for no good reason.

You know what else I didn't hear, domestic abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, job fairs, day care, breast cancer, making ends meet in an uncertain economy.

Real issues that face everyday women. No solutions to real problems.

Instead is was bunch of hate filled rhetoric that went nowhere.

It didn't end there, they a left a giant pig sty, garbage galore, signs, water bottles, food wrappers, cans.

Filthy mouths , filthy habits ruled the day.

You may be women, but you are not ladies and are not deserving of repect.

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January 22, 2017, 12:45 pmomg, Can't take anymore.

I just got back from playing my pick 3, some girl, pregnant ,comes in and told us all how a car hit a Kangaroo on five mile road.

We don't have Kangaroos in Michigan, it was a deer, the clerk and myself told her it was a deer, she said " Oh I thought they were hibernating"

I can't stop laughing.

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January 22, 2017, 9:18 amYoung women Marchers

I honesty don't know where to begin, I heard more crap coming out of the mouths of many who were interviewed .

Let's see, you are marching for reproductive rights, voting rights, immigration rights, equality, you are scared and afraid, you want more political say, gay rights,  good grief the list is long and ridiculous.

Let's start with the fact you are being used, yep, used.

George Soros, Planned Parenthood, SEIU, The left Wing media. Just to name a few of those who are filling your heads with crap.

This is about Political power and of course MONEY, They want to do everything they can to destroy the Presidency Of Donald Trump, in turn, they are hurting all of us. You don't have to like him, but have you even bothered to listen to him? No, I suspect you haven't.  I am not happy about his remarks made 10 years ago with Billy Bush, but I understand it is locker room talk, and after some of the things coming out of the mouths of marchers, your just as bad if not worse.

Madonna leads the way with sick and disgusting, the difference between her and Donald Trump, she freely got in front of a mic and spewed vile ugly things. Donald Trump had no idea he was being taped, doesn't make what he said right, but he had expectation of privacy. Some dirt bag, and I mean dirt bag, sat on that sound bite like a trophy, and when opportunity arose, gave it to the highest bidder.

You are upset Hillary lost, to a person you believe is a pervert, well guess what, I am sure many of you are to young to know, her husband was having sex with an intern in the Oval office, used her then lied about. You didn't get to know your candidate, shame on you.


Grow some common sense!

Let's talk about you voting rights, you have them, plain and simple, no one is taking that away.

That is your political say so, if you want more, run for office.

If you really understood what was going on in this country you wouldn't be marching around in stupid pink hats.

Those of us who were fed up saved your dumb little selves. You're welcome!

Equality, we are all protected under the law, if you want equal pay for equal work, first you have to have a job.

If you are treated unfairly in the work place, we have a court system that will help and protect you.

Did you even know that? Laws are in place to protect you from all kinds of discrimination. Try learning them.


My next blog, Planned Parenthood and Abortion.

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January 21, 2017, 7:23 pmThose Marching women.

Decided to watch some of the coverage of all the women marching around the country.

They have pink hats, mittens, coats, ...the pink stuff we all need after some of their non sense, Pepto Bismo!

Some of the interviews left me bewildered, They want reproductive rights, voting rights, more political say, they want immigration rights, What????

They are scared and afraid, Love Trumps Hate!

They are carrying some of the most vile signs I have ever seen, Madonna went on a rant loaded with foul language and boy does she hate Trump.

First, get rid of those signs, spewing hatred is not love.

So then came the leader , the organizer..bruhahahahahaha.


Cicile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, her husband is a labor organizer with the SEIU. AAAAAH Now I know why they want immigration rights, only I don't think most of them know why, cheap labor ...

Starting to make sense, she rakes in half a million just in her salary, Under Obama, they have received hundreds of millions in Federal Funds.

Paul Ryan wants to de fund Planned Parenthood, A non profit charity that doubles as a Government entitlement.

Paying for Birth Control, Abortions, Cancer screenings.

The tax payers should not have to pay for any of this, many people oppose Abortions on Religious reasons.

Raise money for your charity the old fashion way, fund raisers.

I am guessing many people involved with Planned Parenthood make very nice salaries.

So the fear mongering is running full tilt, these poor young girls, more on this later.

The second big reason these women are Marching around , The Supreme Court Vacancy.

They most certainly know Trump's pick will be conservative, that doe not mean Roe V. Wade will be overturned.

They do not want a conservative, well guess what? your side lost . That's the way the ball bounces, quite frankly I can't wait to see Ruth Badder grinsbur, or whatever her name is, retire.

If I have to look at that sour wrinkled hag with collar of dissent one more time, I think I will need a second helping of Pepto Bismo.

My next blog will be on personal responsibility , we'll cover birth control, cause it can be free.

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January 10, 2017, 9:02 amDear Celebrities.

How is it that you have your heads up your own azzes and haven't smothered on your own crap yet?

Let start with you Meryl Streep, You are a dishonest lying bitchh, nobody is deporting foreigners who are here legally, nobody is being denied a work visa. You stood on your soapbox, pretending to be holier than thou, lied through your teeth and twisted facts.

Illegals, are just that idiot, illegal, America voted for a man who has promised to remove the criminal element and stop more drugs, guns, gang members and killers from coming into our country.

He promised to severely vet people from terrorist countries from coming here, you are to stupid to see or even understand that, YES!, MANY OF THESE PEOPLE WANT US DEAD. How many times do you have to hear death to America before you listen, are you willfully dumb?

And exactly where has your dumb azz been for the last 8 years? Calling on the Press to do their job, maybe it escaped your keen mind, but they have been complicit in covering up the wrong doings of our current Government.

The list is so long it would boggle your mind, and you are way to stupid to see how the policies of this Government has crushed the middle class, Obamacare being at the top of the list. People lost their insurance and many were forced to sign up, most of them did not qualify for the subsidies, many lost hours at work, had to have wages reduced just to keep their job, but hey you don't care, I know a couple million people got free insurance, off the backs of those who get up and go to work. And by the way, most Americans don't get paid 70k per episode, that's how much they make in a year. A year, do you even understand that? I realize we are just the little people, put on this Earth to honor and adore the likes of you.....you are a <snip>ttty over rated actress.

On to Matt Damon and Leonard DiCaprio, another couple of useless azzwipes. Take your global warming and climate change agenda and shove it, I always see pictures of you 2 jet setters in tropical locations, court side at ball games.

I bet you 2 morons have done more flying in the last 6 months then I will ever do in my lifetime.

Carbon tax, stop industry, create more choking regulations, put the little people out of work and cause the cost of utilities to go skyrocketing, helping to create more poverty, and you are to stupid to see it.

It's a toasty 12 degrees here in Michigan, my thermostat is set at 68, I have throw wrapped around my shoulders to help keep me warm, cause you see in Michigan, the cost of natural gas is through the roof, and a 4 hundred dollar gas bill means less food on the table, you 2 are so out of touch with reality it makes me wonder how you survive at all.

I don't see you morons planting trees, cleaning up the garbage, or doing anything to help improve this country at all.

Why don't you go after the 4 big sports franchises, NFL 32 Teams, NHL, 30 Teams, MLB 30 Teams, NBA 30 Teams.

Do you have any idea how much traveling by plane and bus these teams do in a year? C'mon tough guys, go after them, I dare you. If you are so worried about carbon, start at the top.

You're hypocrites, you live a lavish lifestyle and have no clue what the other 99 percent of this country does to survive.

And for the rest of you Hollywood idiots, I'll try to type slow so you can understand.

First of all, Hillary sold 20 % of Uranium rights to Russia, in exchange, her foundation got big Russian donations.

Russia has sold much of it to Iran, they now have enough for 10 Nuclear Bombs.

Iran has repeatedly said they will destroy Israel and then us.

Sinking in yet?

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December 20, 2016, 7:26 amMichael Moore

Liberal film maker Michael Moore offered to pay the fines of all electors who changed their vote.

In many cases up tp $1000 .


We have heard nothing but all the interference in our election system, well guess what, this is stone cold solid proof.

7 electors changed their vote.

Did they do it for a little holiday payday?

Doesn't matter, Michael Moore openly bribed and interfered with our election.

Another example of the wealthy throwing their weight around, laws are for little people.

Call your State Reps.and demand he be charged.

If you let this slide, if it's just another day in America, then you my friends, need to shut the hell up when someone you care about is arrested for a lesser violation.

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