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November 21, 2020, 1:00 am7 Green Lights = 7G= 77= #27 Lucky4Life Winner a Big Win$6,

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020

Lucky4Life     5    16    27    35    36    (4)
On Thursday Nov 19,my friend Paul,and I  heard the Royal Buffet is open in Willimantic,CT.
I drove,on main street,all the intersection lights were Green,I was counting as I passed through them.Seven Green lights.I told Paul I'm playing number 4,on the Lucky4Life Drawing.He replied,"G for Green is number 7".I said,"Yeah,I know,but  the number 4 dog(Greyhounds)wears a green cape."
Green =#4
Green=letter G=#7
Green Lights=GL= G=7   L=12 or one-number two   GL=72 =  Number too high=Reverse #=27
7 Green Lights=7G=77 or two sevens=#27
Willimantic =W=23    or 33
Main  Street= M=13 or  #3    S=19  or #9    MS=#39
Royal Buffet=RB=  18 or #8   Buffet= #2    RB=82  Reverse= #28
Numbers I played:
4   12   23   27  28   39   LuckyBall (4)
Loser......Hit ONE  NUMBER! #27   7G=Green  Lights!
$4.00   Winner......     Hit the Lucky Ball  (4)
$6.00     Winner.........Hit ONE  NUMBER! #27 with  the Lucky Ball  (4)
Spent $10.00
Collected $10.00
#5...E  ?     #16...P...effing! P =Paul!...   #35...CE..?    #36...CF...?

Entry #100
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November 21, 2020, 12:23 amEmployees Only Sign wins Powerball +(4)#'s NOT! WIN $107

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020

4    5    17    43   52    (5)
On Saturday Nov 18,I visited Empire Buffet.The woman owner (Chen) had sheets of clear plexiglass surrounding the buffet food.The customers would tell Chen or an employee what food they want,and the plate would be passed through a small window.
    There are two white doors to enter the enclosed buffet food area.A customer followed Chen into the door for a take-out order.Chen told him,"No,you go outside,I give you food".
    Then later two women walked through the other door thinking they will serve themselves.Chen said,"No, I get you Buffet food".   
To clear things up,I drove to a local hardware store and to my surprise,I found the perfect sign.An aluminum 2X6 inch,with red letters;Employees Only.Perfect!
   I peeled off the back,and {stuck} the sign on both doors.
Later I thought......
Employees= letter E=#5
Only=letter O=#15 or  one-number five   #5
Employees Only=combined    #55   or two fives   = #25  twenty-five is also one quarter....    .25    or 1/4   or    14    or one number four  #4
Q for Quarter =17th letter
Sign=#19  letter S
Here are my numbers I played:
4   5   14   15 17   19   55   Powerball Numbers=#19   #5   #15
Had #4,#5,#17 with #(19)=$7.00 Winner
Had #4,#5,#17 with #(5)=$100.00 Winner
Spent $10   Collected  $107
$97 Profit  !
Crazy thing is Empire Buffet= EB=#52,the 4th Number!
FOUR NUMBERS PLUS POWERBALL=$50,000.00 !      How did I NOT play Empire Buffet?
As for the last #43,.......DC......?

Entry #99
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October 22, 2020, 1:22 pmPowerball WIN $100 Woodstock Fair CT Free Food 10.21.2020

Powerball Wednesday, October 21

01  03  13  44  56    (26)
On Wednesday Oct 21st,the local food pantries gave out Free Food at the Woodstock Fair in Woodstock,Connecticut.
A long line of cars,maybe 200.Drove thru the main gate.We were told  to wear our Mask in our vehicles,or no Free Food.
People were complaining.Had  to  open a rear door,workers put one box,plus a gallon of milk.
   Earlier I drove my girl to an Appointment with a Doctor.An hour later,to  another Appointment with a Doctor.
To recap:
Free Food  FF=66=26 Two sixes
Woodstock Fair=W=23,33   Fair=F=6    WF=236,336  =236---2 with 666 or 26   336---23 with 6 or 336--36
Appointments =A= #1   Two Appointments
Two Appointments with Doctors= AD=14, =#4    AD=14=#4     =#44

Powerball Wednesday, October 21
01  03  13  44  56    (26)
#1   Hit   Appointments
#3 Miss
#13 Hit    Mask
#44 Hit    Appointment Doctors
#56  Miss
(26) Hit    Free Food + Woodstock Fair  2666= 26

3#'s with Powerball=$100.00
Spent $10   Won $100! 
$90.00 Profit!
About Time!

Last Edited: October 22, 2020, 1:42 pm

Entry #98
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October 18, 2020, 2:31 amBorrow $,pay here,pay there.Paid off.. $32=Powerball Win !

Today,Sunday Oct 18,2020
Borrow $,pay here,pay there.Paid off.. $32=Powerball Win !
   A few weeks ago I borrowed $100 from my friend (P***)
I paid back some bucks,here and there.
Yesterday,Saturday Oct 17,2020  I paid off the remaining balance.
   Remaining balance =$32.00
I gave him three tens,and two ones.

Powerball Saturday, October 17
    06   10   31   37   44    (PB)23

The highest powerball number is number #26
I wanted to play #32
#32 is too high,so I reversed it.32=23
What did I do yesterday ?   I Paid my friend (P***)PP= #16,#16  =#6,#6
I gave my friend (P***) 3 tens= 3,10's= 310=#'s 3 and 31 and 10
   I bought 7 Powerball tickets with #23 as the Powerball
Hit all 7 tickets.
Had 3 winning tickets with 6,10   and  Powerball    $7
Had 3 winning tickets with 10,31 and  Powerball     $7
Had 1 winning ticket   with only the     Powerball     $4    Spent $14   Win $18    YAAEFFNNG a $4 WIN !
   How did I miss playing 6,10, AND 31 on ONE TICKET?   A $100.00 LOSS!

Last Edited: October 18, 2020, 2:32 am

Entry #97
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September 21, 2020, 10:58 pmAug 20 2020 Free Shoes=Lucky4Life Win $1000 a Day XNOTX!

Aug 20 2020 Free Shoes=Lucky4Life Win $1000 a Day XNOTX!
  My neighbor asked me what my Shoe Size is.
Size 11.Why?
"I bought these for my husband,they are too wide.You can have them-Free"
Right away I knew number 9,was going to be the Lucky Ball for tonight's Lucky4Life drawing.
S for Shoes.19th letter of the alphabet.But the highest LuckyBall # is 18.Easy fix.19=One number nine.
   Drove to Harbor Freight in Dayville,CT,to buy a digital amp tester.Sold out.Store in Worcester MA,has them in stock. 
Hit the highway,got off exit 1,Webster MA,to get gas.Couldn't turn left at stop sign.Ambulance,EMT,police...
    A yellow motorcycle was parked on the side of the road,an EMT was trying to relive the motorcycle operator,no  response.He's Dead!
Got back on highway.Drove to  Harbor Freight.Bought amp tester.
   Next to Harbor Freight is a Buffet--Super Chinese Buffet.I was laughing,why is the Buffet Super? Superman eats there?
I thought...19 or 9  for the letter S,and 3 for the letter C Chinese  =93   too high-reverse=39
   Then I look and see Harbor Freight,H=8 or 18
ok,I will play them later.....
    Got back to Conn nact ti cut,filled out the Lucky4Life sheet/card....
1      =Ambulance 
13    =MA
16     =Poliice
5       =EMT
11     =My Shoe Size
9       Shoes-Free
Did I play #39?  Super Chinese?
Did I play #40?  Dead Motorcycle Operator ?   I thought,  dead=4 or 14 ....
Did I play #9?
Did I play #19?
     Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020
    9  11  18  39  40   (9)
Hit the #9 and #11 with Lucky Ball =$25
Hit the #9 and #11 with Lucky Ball =$25
Hit #11 with Lucky Ball =$6
Hit #9   with Lucky Ball =$6
Hit Lucky Ball=$4
   Spent $10  Collected $66  $55 profit
Had them ALL!
What the ?
My mind went blank....?
9(Shoe)   11(Shoe Size)   18(Harbor)   39(Super Chicken 93-reversed)   40(Dead Motorcycle Operator)    Lucky Ball (9) (Shoes-free}
$1,000.00 a Day----once again---missed out---

Entry #96
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September 17, 2020, 11:03 pmVisit to Junk Yard wins $1,000.00 a Day Lucky4Life But

Visit to Junk Yard wins $1,000.00 a Day for Life....But.......
    I did it again!
Picked all the 5 numbers and the Lucky Ball, but all on different tickets!
   On Sunday,September 13th,I called up my girl,asked her if she wanted to go to the Junk Yard with me,(tomorrow,Monday) to buy a rim and tire for my truck. She said ,"Yes she will go".I also told her I would play the Letter J,for Junk Yard in Monday's Night Lucky4Life Drawing.J= 10th letter in the alphabet. #10.
    Monday morning,I pick up my girl.I tell her we should drive to the Eastford Transfer Station to see if there are any good used tires.
We go to the Eastford Transfer Station,I see the manager,Mr. "B",I ask him if I can take a look into the tire trailer for a good used tire.He said,"Go ahead".
   I find two good tires.
Great!  Now at the Junk Yard,all I need is a rim.A little bit cheaper than a tire and rim.
      We stop at the New Family Dollar Store in Eastford.We buy a cold soda and a cold water.
We drive to the Junk Yard,I go out searching for a rim,and/or a tire and rim.
I find 2 rims on a truck,but there is no room for my hydraulic jack to lift up the tire.
   I do find a new donut tire in the bed of the truck.Six lug nut holes-Good...
I show the owner the donut tire and ask him if it should fit my truck.
He replies ,"Yeah it will fit,if your truck has 5 lugs".
What the?
I thought I counted 6 lug nut holes..
   The owner told me to come back in 30 minutes,his crew will get me a tire.
I come back,the 2-man crew delivers the tire to my truck.Perfect!
   I drive to a friend's house.He looks at the 2 free tires and says they are in good condition.
Then he starts laughing.
   They sold you a 5 lug nut rim/tire!
What the?
Two times I get a 5 lug nut tire/rim on the same day!
   I call the Junk Yard,owner said to stop by Tuesday...
Anyway .....
Junk Yard= J=#10
Drive to Eastford=D + E =45
Mr. B in Eastford= BE=25
2 Tires T=#20 or #2
Family Dollar =FD=64  64 is too high of a number----reverse 64  =46
Donut 6 lugs (I thought) D6=46
Donut 5 lugs =D5=45
Rim=R=18 or #8
   What did I do? You guessed it,I'm too cheap,I buy 2 tickets,without the Lucky Ball...#10  !
Drawn Numbers: 2  5  25  45  46    (10) Lucky Ball

I need help!

Last Edited: September 17, 2020, 11:06 pm

Entry #95
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January 9, 2020, 5:33 pmTonight LuckyForLife, no clues? but maybe these #'s will win...

January 9,2020
Lucky For Life
          Tonight LuckyForLife, no clues? but maybe these #'s will win...  13   24  37  45  56   (8)???

Entry #94
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January 9, 2020, 1:49 amHit Powerball#22 + 4#'s NOT!Predicted; Left Turn error.LT=22

Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020
    2  4  7  43  56   (22)

Hit Powerball#22
Predicted by Left Turn, by error.LT=#22
    Played #12  for Left=L=12    {one number two}?
    Oh CRAP!  We went to Walmart.I played #23(W) and #33(two number threes). While there I bought TWO BURRITOS !  T=20,B=2 Together=#22!
I had #22 on one ticket! I forgot about the 2 Burritos!
    Had to drive to Walgreens,right turn after exit.Somehow I turned Left.L=12=(one number two)#2  did not play #2!
Played #23,for W,Walgreens + Walmart.
    Played #20 for T,(Turn) 20=(one number two)delete the zero.   #2 AGAIN!
Played #33,  Played #23 for W,and 23=(two number 3's)
        Played #22 because I Bought a BEER!(BB=#22)
Name of Beer:Old English 800   Letter O=#15,or #5(OE)=55,   Played Number 8,55...   Both losing Numbers!
           Wait a minute,Buy Beer=BB=22 !!   #22 AGAIN!
    Played #65 A Fed Ex truck blocked my exit from the gas station,after I pulled a U-Turn.What the! UT=#212={one number 2,one number 2=22!!
Pulled U-Turn means to turn around.Seen Fed Ex truck,#65{FE)turn 65 around=56!  one of the Powerball Numbers!
    I realize now the numbers after typing this blog.I wrote one word at a time on a paper....W=23   LT=22    L=12   23=33  etc.
Next blog entry I will type a daily journal ,then read it,thereby realizing the HOT Numbers.....like #22   Everywhere! I thought Left Turn,#22,yeah ok,I will play #22....DUGH!   UT=21,2=1#2+1#2 again,=#22.  Like the other day,buy 1 book,B1B=212=22   buy 1 book,B1B=212=22 or BuyBook=22!
    Yesterday's MegaBall was #21   Buy 1=B1=21   I did Buy 1  book at two different stores.B1 Twice! B1=#21 B1B=21B,21,12=2112,I played #12? yesterday,wrong,should have played the first two numbers instead of the second two numbers!
    I have #43 on a ticket,but I cannot remember why I played it?...Oh Yeah! Last night, Had a dream I was Driving a Motorcycle(DM)=43 (M=13,or 1#3)
So what numbers SHOULD I have played?
      Powerball           2  4  7  43  56   (22)
#2  YES!       Turn  Buy 2  Burritos  2 2 2 2 2
#4?   NOT!
#7?   7(G),or (17) Q?  NOT!
#43  YES!   DM
#56?  5(e),or 15(O)? YES!, for OLD,#15,or #5,but E for English=OE=55,NOT!  Except ;U-Turn,Turn Around,Turn Around the FedEx,=65 =56!?
#22 YES!   BuyBeer  22   BuyBurritos  22   BuyTwoBurritos  22   Left Turn 12,or 2   T=20,or 2  total=LT=#22!!
    I HIT the  PowerBall plus #43   But if I would have typed this journal(Blog)first,I would have played #22 on every ticket.The U-Turn did it!
The 2 Burritos,Buy Beer,LeftTurn   Left Turn with Back up!
    PowerBall+How many YES"s=3 Yes's  #2, #43,#56(U-Turn of FedEx)
Powerball + 3#'s=$100   I could use an extra $100....Sad Cheers

HOLY SH......  I Just opened my refrigerator and what did I forget as an entry in this blog?  Another #!!  I 4Got I bought a 40 pack of water!!
     40=#4,or #14    That makes it Powerball + #2,#4,#43,#56     !!!!
Powerball + 4#'s=$50,000.00 !!   AGAIN I HAD POWERBALL + 4#'S !!!!   I could use an extra $50 G's !!!!....Sad Cheers  Sad Cheers

Last Edited: January 9, 2020, 2:48 am

Entry #93
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January 8, 2020, 2:15 amHit 1# on MegaMillions,Way off.Will play same#'s 4 Powerball

MEGA Millions Tuesday, January 7

25  40  41  52  56   (21)

Hit 1# on MegaMillions,Way off.

Will play same#'s 4 Powerball

2  6  8  10  11 12  20  22  ..........28  32

MegaBall was #21.....The closest # I had was #11,=two-number one's=21...still way off...

Buy 1 book;(Book Barn)=b1b=212            #21No Pity!

Buy Keno T-shirt=bkt=2112                       #21No Pity!

Buy 1 book;(Goodwill)   =b1b=212              #21No Pity!

Powerball tonight.....maybe #46,  #7,#23   I don't know....

Last Edited: January 8, 2020, 2:25 am

Entry #92
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January 7, 2020, 8:41 pm2night MegaMillion,Here R my #'s.I dare U2 play them! =10#'s

Today January 7  2020
A friend picked me up to go to the Book Barn in Niantic,CT.On the way,I cashed in last nights Lucky For Life Tickets.A $6 winner,another $6 winner,and a $20 winner.Total won= $32.I bought 2  1-liter bottles of water for the price of 2 for $2.
    While in the book store, I bought 1 book.
    We then drove to the Book Barn(#2). I bought 3 books.
Goodwill was our next stop.I bought 1 book,and a Keno (Ct Lottery)T-shirt.
     Then we traveled to the Royal Buffet in Willimantic,CT.We were on Route 32.While driving we came upon a slow dump truck.On the rear of the truck was the 'Truck's number;#32'. We passed the truck.
    We arrived at the Royal Buffet.My friend and I walked next door and I bought  5 one dollar scratch tickets,to give to the waitress later.I scanned all 5 tickets and had a $2 winner and a $8 winner,total=$10's Won.Actually $10-$5=+$5...I cashed in the $8 winner and played one Keno game playing 5 numbers.I hit zip,zero numbers except for the last number drawn,#22.
    We ate the buffet,our waitress won $2 on a ticket.Another waitress gave me $3,to buy her a $3 ticket.So I bought 2 $3 tickets.I don't know if they won on the tickets.
Book Barn=BB=#22
Cashed in a $6, another $6,  and a $20 winning ticket.=   #6,#6,#20
Bought water 2 for $2=#22
Route 32=#32
Number on dump truck; 32=#32
Buy 1 book;(Book Barn)=b1b=212=#12,or #2,or #20
Buy 1 book;(Goodwill)   =b1b=212=#12,or #2,or #20
Buy Keno T-shirt=bkt=2112=two number ones,(#11)and one number two.(#2)
Go to Royal Buffet=RB=18,8  B=2   total=82  82 too high;Reverse:#28
#2 winner   $8 winner  total=$10 winner=#2,#8=total=#28   also #10
Hit last number on keno;22=#22
    Found a thrown-in the trash,a $2 winner!=#2
That's about it for today.Too many numbers to choose from for tonight's MegaMillion Drawing!
    Here are the numbers;I'll let the readers of this post choose the numbers to play....Good Luck,you have approximately 1 hour and a 1/2
2  6  8  10  11 12  20  22  ..........28  32
   Buy 8 tickets,play all 8 numbers as the MegaBall.....Just a suggestion.(P.S.)if some hits with these #'s,send me 10%.....

Last Edited: January 7, 2020, 8:43 pm

Entry #91
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January 7, 2020, 4:08 amTurkey Arguement gets Lucky Ball, +1#, +3#'s on other Ticket

Lucky For Life Monday, January 6

05  08  15  33  48   (02)   Hit the Lucky Ball with 1#=$6

Hit 3#'s=$20   Total=$26

05  08  15  33  48   (02)   Hit the Lucky Ball with 1#=$6

Total Won=$32    Spent $20,...$32-$20=+$12.00 !

On the tickets I played the winning #'s.... #5,#8,#15...I picked those #'s but I did not play those 3#'s on one ticket!

I did like the #2 as the Lucky Ball,only played it one time.

3#'s +  the Lucky Ball =$150.00 !!

Once again I had 3#'s + Lucky Ball,But NOT on same Ticket!!
Call 911 !  I need to see a shrink!    How long will this go on.......

On Monday my ex-wife Carrie called me asking,No, telling me to get over her apartment to bring home some Turkey in a bag.At first I said ,"Tomorrow ". She would not put the Turkey back in the refrigerator.She was yelling for me to take it today,not tomorrow.So I grabbed the bag of Turkey.
    Earlier I pumped $20 worth of gas into my truck.
I went into the gas station and bought Carrie a Coke.The coke cost $1.80 !.
I also bought 2 scratch off Lottery Tickets.
I won $15 on one Ticket,and won $5 on the other Ticket. 
   Total won=$20
Oh yeah,I did have another $5 scratch ticket winner from 2 days ago.
Turkey=T=#20   #20 too high for the Lucky Ball,,,I will play #2.
$20 Gas= #20 or #2   
Bought Carrie a Coke.(Oh crap,CC=#33)the 4th # !!   Price of the Coke=$1.80.I will play #18,and #8 for the $1.80...
Bought 2 scratch off Lottery Tickets, will play #2
Won $15   Won $5   Will play #5 and #15
Cashed in another scratch off Lottery Ticket  a $5 winner   will definitely play #5
Total won on the 2 scratch tickets was $20.Will play #2 definitely ...
     On one ticket I have the Lucky Ball (#2)with 1#(#15).     $6 Winner.
On another ticket I have the Lucky Ball (#2)with 1#(#5).      $6 Winner.
     and,on Another ticket I have #8,#15,#33.                        $20 Winner.
I have losing tickets with the #5,#15,#12 as Lucky Balls.....
    I played #8 on 2 different tickets,nothing to go with the #8.
Oh yeah I had #33 on one ticket for Carrie Coke,CC=#33.
    So I COULD have had 4 #'s plus the Lucky Ball.....   $5,000.00 Dollars ONCE again through my hands!
I am getting closer.MegaMillions Lottery is next....

Entry #90
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January 5, 2020, 10:19 pm50 G's Went bye bye Powerball #'s Easily Predicted But **

Powerball    1/4/2020     1 - 11 - 21 - 25 - 54       (7)

Today is Sunday,the day after NO ONE won the Powerball !
I hit the Powerball on 1 ticket out of 5 tickets.A big $4 Win
    I had too many numbers to choose from.....let me explain...
Not much happened on Saturday.Washed,and dried clothes,bought some food at Walmart.
   At Walmart with a friend;Carrie,we met Carrie's's ex-boss;"John"...."Long time no see you,how you doing?"
John told us his wife died back in July and it hurt him bad.The holidays being alone really got to him.
   We said our Good Byes and cashed out,I drove Carrie home.That was about it.Nothing stuck-out,got my attention.
Later my other friend,Paul called,he wanted to go to the Mohegan Casino,eat the Buffet then play 3 card poker.I went with Paul to the Casino.
    After eating we went to a 3 card poker table.Paul pulled out some cash.The dealer gave Paul some chips.
I noticed the dealer had an Ace,another Ace,and a 7.Wow! a pair of Aces!
    Paul made his bets,I knew Paul's 1st hand would be 2 sevens.How did I know?   Easy,I looked at the dealer's last hand;7,Ace,Ace.I thought Ace=#1,so Paul's next hand will be One #7,and looking at the other Ace,=(#1) one number 7 again.
    Paul's next hand was 7,7,9.Paul beat the dealer's King,jack ,6..! Paul was yelling,"Yes,I Won!"
Was I startled that I predicted Paul's next hand?   Nope...  someone else would think,"Aw, just a coincidence"
   Paul told me to "Go away",he didn't want me to watch him lose.Before I left,I seen the dealer had a high card the Queen.Paul had an Ace,Paul won again.By me seeing the Queen,I knew Paul would be dealt two Queens.I told him he would be dealt two Queens shortly.I went to play a slot machine.Later,after winning like 36 free spins on a Money Rain slot I won $5.33!   I went to where Paul was playing.He was not there.We met a few minutes later.He told me he did get dealt two Queens.He won $150.00...was I shocked by my prediction?   Nope...
   This was around 9pm.Powerball tickets were still on sale until 10pm.

Here we go AGAIN !
   Seeing Carrie's ex-boss John..the letter J is the 10th letter of the alphabet=#10.Delete the zero=#1.What do you see?  One number One=#11 Now what do you see? 11=Two number Ones=#21 Twenty One...What numbers were drawn? #1,#11,#21 !! Did I play any of these numbers? no,I played number ten(10) for the letter J..What the? Again!  I did not break down the letter J to the numbers 1,11,21 !
    Two more numbers were drawn,#25 and #54
The last time Carrie and I did the laundry number #25 came in as one of the numbers drawn.I played #25 as a Powerball pick.Was the Powerball #25? No it was number 7!!!   Why the exclamations?   Earlier at the poker table I guessed Paul's next 3-card hand.Two 7's !!...and to make it worse I told Paul he would be dealt two Queens..the letter Q is the ? what number in the alphabet?  the 17th letter!!  17=One number 7!!  Twice!!
    Did I go run to buy the Powerball number 7? Noooooooo.Just another day seeing numbers...What am I? Brain Dead?anyone else would have played the number 7!!
     And I did play the number 7 on one ticket because while at the Laundromat we seen our friends;Dennis and Mandy.We see Dennis we always see Mandy also.With that thinking I wrote on a paper....D=#4   for Dennis and #3 for Mandy (letter M=#13,or/and #3)one number Three.Since we see them together always I thought D+M=43,But I added the Four and Three.The reason,"Hey,there is Dennis+Mandy" 4+3=7 !!!
    I played the #7 on One ticket...Did I go buy another ticket with the number 7 after predicting Paul would be dealt two 7's?  DUGH!!
Even the two Queens!! Q=#17=#7 AGAIN!!!
   To recap,I had the numbers #1,#11,#21,#25 {Quarter change at Laundromat} <snip> Q Again!! 
Number #54 ,nothing not a clue....
Powerball + 4 Numbers=$50,000 !!!   Had the Numbers Again in plain sight!! Cost me 50 G's......

Entry #89
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January 3, 2020, 6:32 pm#22 everywhere.I will play #22 on the Megamillion Game

#22 everywhere.I will play #22 on the Megamillion Game
if no #22,i play #22 tomorrow for Powerball

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January 2, 2020, 2:11 amJan 1st,Toilet Paper Wins Powerball#,Paper Towels wins one#

Wednesday January 1st,2020
Powerball     49 - 53 - 57 - 59 - 62     (26)

What a crazy day! Drove to Sally's Cosmetics,girl bought hair cream.
Drove to Walmart,girl bought an electric hair razor,or a hair cutting kit.Also bought a 3 pack of Paper Towels,and a 18 pack of Toilet Paper.
    While walking to the self checkout,I said,"Hey,you bought Paper Towels,number #62,and Toilet Paper number#26,I'll play both numbers for the Powerball tonight"...
     BUT,at the self checkout,she realized that she just paid $5.51 for the 3 pack of Paper Towels,she wanted a 6 pack for $2.33.I returned the
Paper Towels at the service desk,while she went looking for a 6 pack.She came back empty handed,was told the 6 packs of Paper Towels were all sold out.She or we,went back to the service desk and re-purchased the same Paper Towels!
   Here what I had to work with:
Sally's  Cosmetics=S,=19,9     C= 3,13,30
Hair Cream=H=7,17   C= 3,13,30
Electric Hair Razor=E=5,15   H=8,18  total=58
Paper Towels=P=6,16    T-20,2,12       total=PT=62
Toilet Paper Towels=TP=26
      Too many Numbers!     But I look for something that grab's my attention.
The Paper Towels along with buying the Toilet Paper did it!   62  and 26
    I bought 3 tickets with 2 Quick Picks
I hit the #62 and the Powerball#26
a Huge $4.00 Win!

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Entry #87
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January 2, 2020, 1:26 amSat12-28-19 Ebay Sale gets the Powerball and 1#,+3 more #'s

Powerball Saturday Dec 28 2019
   20 - 23 - 39 - 59 - 60     (18)
  Sold a Snap-On Stainless Steel Mug {Friday)on Ebay for $28.00
Mailed it out Saturday Morning,cost me $9.25 to ship it.
Paid with a $20,and one quarter,received a $10 and a $1 in change.
I made $18.75 profit.
   Later I gave a friend a Turkey,a Pork lion,and a bag of potatoes.
I used the letter S for Snap,and the letter O for On to=S=19   O=15   total=one number nine(9)and one number five(5)=95, too high/reverse it=#59
Used T for Turkey(#20)
Played #60 for Potatoes P=#16, and/or #6,#60
Played #10 for the change for mailing the Mug $10, and $1=#10
Played #25 for the quarter I paid to mail out the Mug
Played #28 for the profit from the sale.
Here are my ticket numbers:
10 20 25 28 59  (9)   Hit the 20 and the 59
10 20 25 28 59  (8)   Hit the 20 and the 59
10 20 25 28 59  (18)   Hit the 20 and the 59 and the Powerball  Big $7 Win!
19 34 35 48 61  (8)     Hit ZIP !
11 21 22 26 60  (23)   Hit the 60   BUT the #23 I picked for the Powerball #,is another of the 5 Powerball numbers!
   On the 5 tickets,I hit the #20,#59,#60,#23,  4 #'s,plus the Powerball!
a Big $7.00 Win! Played 5 tickets=$10-$7= neg -$3.00!
I once again had 4 numbers,plus the Powerball=$50,000.00 Loss!

Entry #86
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