The George W. Bush email scandal the media has conveniently forgotten


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Avatar Lucky Loser -
Yep, I have this in my archives along with others that they've seemed to have forgotten about as well. These Republicans are so quick to point the finger knowing full well that with some reasonably mild investigation, their own people are in the SAME BOAT and this is where the problem is. See, the Republicans are still hung up on Benghazi even after their own people have confirmed that there's nothing there. People are still butt hurt with lies on the President...' he let our soldiers die', 'he murdered our servicemen', etc. etc. Oh, but let's look at Bush's Benghazi's real quick:




There are more for review with a simple search. Now, did anyone hound COLIN POWELL about the attacks? Did anyone ask for his emails regarding what had happened? I cannot fine one slam of Colin Powell here and he was in the same boat as Hillary is now. This stuff with people wanting to believe something based on who's involved without doing proper diligence and finding out it's DISTASTEFUL TO THEM POLITICALLY...IT'S CHILDISH. Truth is Truth and it's make one a better decision maker.
Avatar reddog -
Loser, you are so full of sh&tt !! How can a porch croan keep up with what is going on ?? Isn't your nap time ??

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