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Rush: Indiana Law Is The New 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot!'


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Comment by Lucky Loser - March 31, 2015, 2:18 pm
Leave it up to Rush to 'resurface' something already 'dropped' by everyone thanks to Eric Holder for doing his diligence and proving that it was bogus. This, after lots of us did feel it was true based on the trajectory of Brown's wounds. To this day, Rush hasn't even attempted to extend Holder any credit for dispelling the whole ordeal in its' entirety. Nope, that's too much like right for Rush just as it was for the nincompoops around here. CARBOB and MADDOG actually tried to SWITCH and side with Holder after having been against him and very hateful towards him from day one. These idiots had the nerve to assume that we'd counter Holder and say that he's lying about the 'hands up, don't' being bogus...that it's actually legit.

As you know, I politely blasted both these embeciles off that message board and with precision. These types of people have no resolve for standing up for what's right, only what they see as a possible solidity for their agenda based on their 'base idiots' positions. When it doesn't work with the masses, as it usually doesn't, they....flip flop like a cat fish out of water. They can't get off my hook, though....I'll rip their jaws off before I just let 'em get away with some BS lies, America. You have my word.

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