Should places of worship remain gun free zones?


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Avatar LiLSpeedy -
The Church is not a place I'm afraid to die. The people that should be afraid are the people that enter it with hate in their heart. In my opinion, to have to go to church with a gun shows a lack of faith in Jesus. Plain and simple.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Wow, Speedy!! Man, you nailed it with the Faith and Trust factor. Hey, when it's our time, it's just our time and nothing can prevent what God allows or matter how bad it is. Jesus is, in FACT, impressed and moved by us having faith in's in the Bible. I know that guns aren't bad for the good and righteous people to have for protecting themselves and their families/loved ones. It's the people that are sick in the brain possessing hatred and ill will towards other who they don't even know. Problem is, we have no real way of detecting and knowing who these people are, or, what their intentions are at some point.

Hatred is the driving factor in the Dylann Roof case as it's all over the web now. The whole confederate thing is what he based his motive on along with the start of becoming radicalized back in the wakening of the Trayvon Martin debacle. Dylann wanted to become a hero and take it upon himself to deal with black people in his own way and become a hero. They say that he's well versed with the whole confederacy deal and presented himself to be tough...a warrior. Then, he proceeded to choose the absolute softest target he could find to kill some black people...the Church. What does this tell us about him and those like him?

Why didn't he take all his firepower and go to the really bad neighborhoods where the gangs, thugs, and really bad black boys WHO ARE ALSO PACKIN' REAL HEAVY and take them on? I'm still trying to figure that one out. I believe as this investigation goes on, they'll discover that he was helped in his thinking by friends/family at some point just like I said recently. I hate it for him because he really thought he was doing the right thing...the devil had him by the throat. All of this stuff is just evil taking place. So glad I know Him and remain close to Him.

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