Face It, Bernie Sanders Is Obama's Real Successor


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Avatar JAP69 -
Didn't Barack have Bernie for lunch last week or so? Bernie is going whole hog Socialist is what Barack likes.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Ahem....Democratic Socialist, that is. Democialist even. Bernie could possibly accomplish things that Obama couldn't, or, that were so opposed that he gave up on. All the talking heads attempt to make fun of Bernie but, in reality, they're afraid as hell 'cause THEY KNOW Bernie has the potential already and that he's bringing discussions to the table that the Republicans run from. Hell, Cruz can't get too involved with Goldman Sachs 'cause that's where his wife works and he get's his money from. Then, I want to do a special edition on Trump regarding his OUTSTANDING DEFAULTED LOANS AND TAXES. Let's do it since we seem to have some 'unwarranted partiality' going on within the blogs pertaining to TAXES.

Regarding Al Sharpton's tax debt of $4.5 million WHICH HE'S PAYING PRESENTLY PAYING DOWN:


Major excerpt:

-The much more likely reason that Al Sharpton is not in prison is that he has been cooperating with the IRS to pay off the back taxes. The IRS' primary interest is in collecting monies owed (which can be difficult to accomplish when a debtor is in prison); therefore, they generally target the most flagrantly and habitually criminal and uncooperative of tax evaders to the Justice Department for prosecution and instead seek to recover back taxes from other debtors through a combination of arranging of repayment plans and civil proceedings.-

Now, regarding Donald Trump's loans and taxes. Trump owes around $22 million in taxes, total, on only the Trump Plaza and Trump Taj Mahal. He's also in debt to the tune of $32 million in taxes on the Revel Casino. Hell, that's $52 million in just taxes alone and not counting the loans he has out for for +- $500 million. So, we have someone here interested only in Al Sharpton's mere $4.5 million TOTAL? WTF? Oh, wait, Sharpton is black and Trump is white. Ahhhh, that's what's up. See, no matter how hard they try, The Professor easily sheds light on the REAL SITUATION AT HAND. For your pleasure:


And then, here's Cruz Control on those outstanding loans of Trump's:


I'll let that marinate for a few hours....
Avatar CARBOB -
Send a copy of this to Wesley Snipes!!!! I am not so sure, he will agree with you.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
You can't expect someone that went to prison to agree. Maybe he should've tried to cut a deal since they gave Al and MANY OTHERS one.
Avatar CARBOB -
That is my point! Why send him to prison and let other people off?? Maybe, they refused to negotiate? Why?
Avatar Lucky Loser -
The IRS will would much rather strike a deal and even recover LESS than the amount owed than to send someone off to prison and get nothing. There are many others, just as Speedy said, who have either decided not to pay or continued to evade the IRS and this is when you're locked up. My point for bringing this up is because someone here in the blogs found the need to lie about Sharpton not paying his taxes when we all clearly see otherwise now. Hell, why wasn't Republican Senator Bob Corker among other Senators brought into this equation? I mean, he intentionally side stepped reporting earnings and tried to hide it until the WSJ probed him. Here's a link, and, I just love the look on Rand Paul's face. It's like he's saying, " Yeah, they caught your dumbazz!!!"


Excerpt from my 'alternative' site:

-This is not a one-time oversight. Corker, who took office in 2007, has consistently failed to report income from his investments. This sum total of money is not petty cash. In fact, in addition to the $2 million in income from hedge fund omissions, “the fully amended filings show at least $3.8 million in additional income between 2007 and 2014 from commercial real-estate holdings.”-

Finally, I'm certain that no one has picked up on this little tidbit, either. The reason why Trump had to bow down to Christie in all the debates is because Trump owes a sh*t ton of taxes to NEW JERSEY. From the link in my original post:

-Trump Entertainment Resorts' pair of properties on the famous New Jersey Boardwalk, Trump Taj Mahal and the closed Trump Plaza, are currently in bankruptcy proceedings.-

You're welcome.

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