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Comment by Lucky Loser - February 16, 2016, 8:01 pm
Not necessarily but, Trump is definitely brandishing liberal positions for gain...and the people like it while ignoring that they're actually just like us. It's actually kinda funny, and, Rush completely echoed both Bernie's and Hillary's messages today and didn't even realize it. Or, did he? Was it test or a wake up call? Is it just being ignored by the Trumpers due to fear? Let's have a look at what Rush shared today versus what our candidates having been saying the whole time...especially Bernie.


Major excerpts:

1) -The people in Washington have been doing whatever damage is done to this country in order for them to get and save theirs, to get and protect theirs, their positions, their jobs, their power, their money, everything they do is oriented toward self-preservation and self-growth.

And whatever happens to the country in the process is of no concern to them, because they don't think they're ever gonna live among the country. They're the elites. They're always gonna have enclaves, walled and gated communities and so forth. "Yeah, there's a mess being created, but somebody will mix it down the road. In the meantime, I'm getting mine, and I'm taking care of my family, and I'm taking care of my kids and grandkids, and I'm acquiring some power." And so there's a disdain. Washington isn't about what's best for the country anymore; it's about what's best for Washington.-

2) -Consider a huge story that vanished almost immediately in early November. Two Princeton economists discovered that deaths are soaring among middle-aged low education whites. We pointed out that story on this program, and we gave you the details as to why.

It was a genuine academic study that tried to figure out why suicides and premature deaths are "middle-aged, low-education whites. The rise in mortality..." That would be "death," for those of you in Rio Linda. "The rise in mortality from 1999 to 2014 was 22%: Up 134 deaths per 100,000 for whites aged 45 to 54 whose education ended in high school. To blame: jumps in suicides and in deaths from drug abuse -- that is, from alcoholic liver disease plus overdoses of heroin and [other drugs]. One of the economists, Nobel winner Angus Deaton, notes that the only modern trend that compares is the AIDS epidemic.-
End of excerpts from that link.

Now, anyone worth their weight in politics knows full well that the first excerpt is EXACTLY what Sanders has been preaching on...hands down. It's all about the rich, inequality, selfishness, and disregard for the country in general. Rush simply chose slightly different wording to arrive at the same destination, people. I've said before that Rush actually tells people the truth at times but, it's disguised in such a way that it's received as a conservative viewpoint when it's actually the same thing Democrats are saying. You can try and twist that all you want but, IT'S THERE. You don't hear Trump talking about this EVER. He's all about a fantasy of a wall, how great it's going to be, how he'll work with the Democrats and supposedly win all the time, and so on. All the Trumpers are Trumpwinked, and, actually like liberal positions not even knowing it...'cause they're so angry. It's been proven time and time again that making decisions while so angry always results in BAD DECISIONS.

The second excerpt is so profound that it's really not funny. Not a single Republican candidate has even mentioned what's going on within the white middle age class and them dying off....'cause they DON'T CARE. If they had mentioned it anywhere, Rush would've definitely credited them in this same line of conversation. However, take note of how he fails to mention that Hillary addressed it, though. Hint hint. Not one moderator, in ANY of the Republican debates, thought to probe the minds of them on this issue. However, in the last Democratic debate, yours truly ( Hillary) was asked by an INFORMED MODERATOR of this growing issue and she slammed dunked it with all the contributing factors and offered her solutions to try and reverse things. This is a serious substantive issue.

So, while you're all holding out for Trump to build a wall, your white male class will still continue to die off and diminish, and, Wall Street and the billionaires will still be standing by watching...and LAUGHING...and so will Trump. Oh, and my black azz will be, too, 'cause I plan to around for a while. I'm not in those stats.

For some people who are reading this, it's like putting a drop of Visine in their eyes...they see more clearly now. For others, it's like a drop of rubbing alcohol in their eyes and Visine in their drink. It "BERNS" like hell one way and it's actually killing them the other way. Yep, a hard head makes a tender azz.

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