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Comment by Lucky Loser - July 17, 2016, 4:13 pm
Hmmm. Well, seeing as to how this is the WaPo, we must 'consider the source' of this development since it reports only liberal supposedly. Good grief. The way I see all this, the shooters are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights against what they see as a tyrannical government called the police. The right and wrong of it is a whole 'nother discussion, and, will be infinitely open-ended due to the stalemate of non-acknowledgement of historical wrong-doing by the said entity. No protesting going on, not a single BLM member around but, the same atmosphere of revenge is lingering in the air. Who's to blame now? The President has addressed this in detail today but, it still won't stop the next one just like it didn't the last one or before that.

We have very serious issues at hand here. John Kasich is calling for suspension of open carry for the RNC but why? If it were the police officers doing all the shooting and killing, he wouldn't be calling for such measures...and this a reasonable conclusion based on history. Now that the 'rabbits' have their guns and are using them, it's not such a great idea anymore it seems. This is no different than what happened with the Black Panthers vs. Ronald Reagan, folks. When they began buying and packing their rifles, gun control came into play AND EVERYONE LIKED IT. Oh, no, we can't have all these blacks walking 'round with this kinda firepower.

To hell with gun control as far as I'm concerned at this point, and John Kasich is out of line...because he's afraid. Let people pack and do whatever they need to do within their rights and whatever happens...it happens. No more talking, only action... because talking is for weak people apparently.

Comment by Lucky Loser - July 17, 2016, 10:55 pm
The more I learn about these guys, the more similarities I'm seeing between them. They are sacrificing for the ongoing struggle, much like ISIS members do, which completely changes everything. The language is the same, the motives are the same, and the final resolve is the same...which is sacrifice. Is this not what their suicide bombers and mass shooters do? Sure it is. The very thing that we're trying to control over there is now happening here on our own soil...and they're ex-military who are good with rifles. This man was down for the cause and 100% in line with his beliefs. This article contains his statements...and it's deep.


The uprising.
lakerbenComment by lakerben - July 17, 2016, 11:21 pm
A world gone mad.

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