Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey



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Avatar JAP69 -
I knew I smelled something this afternoon. And I thought it was a triple.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Trump just poured gasoline on the fire.
Avatar JAP69 -
Comment by LiLSpeedy - Today, 7:59 pm
Yep I think so.
This should motivate a swift conclusion to the Russia/Trump investigation.
Avatar sully16 -
Draining the swamp.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Now, here's the REAL dead ringer. This firing of Comey came by way of a Jeff Sessions 'recommendation' which is a complete and gross conflict of interest. Why? *Jeff Sessions had already recused himself from both the Clinton investigation and the Russia-Trump Administration investigation. Yep, Trump just pissed off the wrong guy regarding Comey but, the heat was becoming too much after the latest hearing.

*Trump has direct business ties in Russia and FINCEN wants ALL of Trymp's financial records. Uh ohhhh.
Avatar CARBOB -
Trump should have did this, one day after being sworn in. Every individual hired by Obama should be fired, completely drain the swamp.
Avatar lakerben -
He's trying to cover up the Russian mess. Hmmm...
Fire him before the real truth is found out! What a guy!
Avatar lakerben -
Hopefully he will be found out and impeached!
Avatar Lucky Loser -

Your first sentencenis dead on, my man, and here's why. Just seven short months ago, Trump actually praised Comey for how he dealt with the Clinton email deal. Trump said it took guts to do that with the opposition Comey had, and, that Comey had 'restored his reputation.' Fast forward and we see how Trump has now fired Comey for the same thing? This is 100% suspect and cover up action. As for Comey being hired by Obama, when Comey was full force diving into Hillary's email scandal, you and all the rest were in full support of Comey waiting for him to charge and prosecute her....he was doing a good job.

When he re-opened the case just before the election, you people were going crazy over his performane woth handling Hillary. But, since he closed that case with no findings, and, focused on the real case of a Trump-Russia collusion, NOW Trump should've fired Comey the day after his inauguration. Did you all forget that Trump even reneged on his promise for a special prosecutor for Hillary? Did you all forget that Trump declined on having Hillary's email unsealed and released when those same emails were the very basis for all your anger? Y'all still haven't figured it out but, Comey's now about to help since you all got your wish. We're about to see who's really the 'crooked' one.

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