Donald Trump on 'Sick' Beheading Photo: 'Kathy Griffin Should Be Ashamed of Herself'


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Avatar mikeintexas -
I just read that CNN gave her the ax.   Her last chance at being relevant, gone down the tubes.

I never liked her; always got her and Carrot Top mixed up.
Avatar konane -
He actions in the name of "art" were revolting.

She may soon be asking "would you like fries with your order?"
Avatar Jackyl -
that was almost predictable, after the hand thing, walking ahead of her, you knew something was brewing
Avatar jarasan -
Sedition, the leftist media specialty in America today. They are going to regret it.
Avatar lejardin -
She is one vile woman. I never liked her either, she is too "out there" for me. Although she ramped it up when Trump got elected.

I hope people, in general, boycott her and anything she tries to do and also hope the ax from CNN is accurate. She should not be on tv or anywhere.

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