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James Comey Calls Trump Corrupt and Paranoid Mafioso


Last Edited: April 14, 2018, 5:07 am

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Comment by Lucky Loser - April 14, 2018, 7:38 pm
For the record, I'm certain that Comey knew this all along but, "I" beat him to the punch with calling out Trump as being corrupt. Of course, he already had the goods on him and knew what the deal really was but refrained from using the term...until now. Folks, the President of the United States STILL has YET to address the country on just what measures are being taken to counter Russian interference in order to reassure the American People. There hasn't been a single press conference from day one of when Trump was briefed on this issue, okay. According to corroborated reporting, the only question he had was whether it affected the 'outcome' of the election which no one could actually and confidentially answer at the time.

Further more, he's failed to address how Putin had people poisoned in Britain, on British soil, with even more toxic chemical weapons in terms of purity...not a word. Not a word on Russian interference in Afghanistan. What in hell is going on here???? Seriously. No time for BS or any of that. Our own AMERICAN TROOPS are involved here. Say and think what you will about Comey but, Mueller was also a part of the Hillary probe right before the 2016 election and the result was that they found the Trump Administration doing some very questionable things, okay. This is why it was a two part investigation to expedite the findings and concentrate on the bigger issue(s). Nothing was found on Hillary in terms of corruption, okay, and this is why Comey refuted the claims of others. Trump, though, was neck deep in all things Russia and corruption which is why they had no choice but to launch a serious probe. Hell, other countries had the information on Russian interference FIRST, BEFORE WE DID, and laughed at how long it took us to respond!!!! Now, that's sad.

Say and think what you want but, this probe it 100% legit. Replace Trump's name with Hillary's or Obama's and you'll IMMEDIATELY realize the hypocrisy of those bashing Mueller.

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