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Chicago Pastor Rips Rahm Emmanuel Calls On Trump To Send The National Guard


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eddessaknightComment by eddessaknight - August 10, 2018, 9:56 pm
Isn't it about time ? ?
Comment by KAL035 - August 10, 2018, 10:11 pm
It would indeed be about time! The street vermin infestation needs to be stopped one way or another. Obviously, with the Dims in control, the task cannot be accomplished. But of course, as soon as the National Guard gets sent in to restore order, the Dims would pitch their obligatory conniption fit, babbling away on CNN and MSLSD about the dangerous precedent of Trump's "illegal siege" and "NAZI occupation" of Chicago. Same ole song and dance.
Comment by Lucky Loser - August 11, 2018, 2:58 pm
Well, all of us possessing and understanding of this history behind Chicago violence know that the NG isn't the answer. Even more so, the REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR BRUCE RAUNER realizes that this is a decades old, and, still progressive issue involving the infiltration of the cartels battling for control. This latest incident was not a planned attack of any type or even a protest like that of Charlottesville where, in fact, the authorities there have called for a state of emergency...which DOES warrant use of the NG. So, anyone wanting to take shots at the Democrats for lack of action in this regard will first need to call up Gov. Rauner, a Republican, and pitch their fit to him. How easy it is to point that index finger at the Dems when, in fact, the other three fingers are pointing at SELF. So, what are the Dems controlling there???


Further more, I find it sickening that somehow it's all of a sudden NOT Obama's fault that all this violence is taking place. I mean, he is STILL from Chicago and was reminded of this violence during his entire presidency from right wing politicizing. The Chicago Weekend Crime Update update, courtesy of Michael Berry, did nothing but MOCK the crime and shooting victims of Chicago EVERY SINGLE WEEK. He cared nothing about the seriousness of this issue nor victims. His primary goal was simply to tie it in with Obama and his lack of being able to 'control' and fix something which had been a problem for DECADES already...he just wanted to attack Obama at their expense. Pretty sickening and the consensus of people made clear that he went waaaay to far in his search of entertaining his desperate listeners. Right here for those who think I'm still a liar and please read the article carefully:


Excerpt from article:

-But on Friday afternoon Berry said during his show that he was "bothered" by the "valid criticism" he had received and that he had gone too far in his search for laughs.-

Folks, it's no different than anything else these types of people do, okay. Trumpers laugh at any and everything that's actually not funny but, is a serious issue. Look at how Trump mocked that disabled reporter and what did those around here at LP do? They laughed right along because there's a sick consistency within. However, at least Michael Berry got it right and apologized...and meant it when he did it. I respect that in him.
Comment by KAL035 - August 11, 2018, 7:09 pm
Call in the NG already before its too late!
Comment by KAL035 - August 11, 2018, 7:57 pm
For the sake of clarity and to clear the room of smoke that our illustrious shortbus detective is trying to blow up your derriere, an appeal was made to POTUS for help about the Chicago violence, "even if it involved sending in the NG". The appeal was made by an influential pastor that resides in the city and knows first hand about the Chicago violence. Trump never said he was contemplating doing any such thing, but one thing is crystal clear; as long as dimwit Democrats are controlling the city, the problem will only get worse. I actually think that sending in the NG would be a last resort to stop the street vermin from rioting and burning the city. First, something needs to be done about the incompetent Democrat leadership in Chicago. Obammy's pal and partner in crime, Ramen-Noodles-For-Brains Emanuel needs to be removed from the equation.

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