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$$$$$$$$$$$$$ today
August 23, 2019
2 - 8 - 3
Box Winners: 1,535
Straight Winners: 237
Front Pair: 5
Back Pair: 1
Entry #4,473


mikeintexasComment by mikeintexas - August 24, 2019, 1:41 am
Is the right hand column what you won?   I very seldom play any Pick 3 or 4 games, but I know they're popular with a large part of the LP membership.

It would be my luck to play 283 and have it come up 289. I KNEW I shoulda gone w/ the Ford motor! <wink>
JAP69Comment by JAP69 - August 24, 2019, 4:49 am
"Straight Winners:      237"
The 237 was the number of winning tickets having the 283 exact which I had one winning ticket.
If I had played more than $1.00 on the 283 I would have had multiple tickets as a lottery retailer can only pay up to $500.00 on a winning ticket. If a winning ticket is valued at more than $500.00 the player needs to file a claim form with the lottery to receive the money.
mikeintexasComment by mikeintexas - August 24, 2019, 8:27 am
OIC. I should have known it was the # of winners, not the prize amt.

I am not a serious lottery player. I'm not serious about most things in life, except my hatred for leftists.

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