Tina Turner The Legendary Queen of Rocking n Roll Dead At Age 83 and Super Bowl Pregame Performance



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Avatar hearsetrax -
was just reading about that a few hrs ago ......
Avatar noise-gate -
* She sang " l want to make a million dollars, l want to live out by the sea"- she accomplished that. She had millions & recently bought a large mansion...by the sea.
Respects to Tina.
Avatar Unluckyone -
RIP Tina Turner, having read about her I never realized shw was a Switzeland citizen and had purchased a $76 million home there less than 2 years ago. Apparently only citizens of that country are allowed to purchase real estate which is something I wished they would implement here in the U.S. Not a big fan of the CCP buying up real estate, farm land and businesses here as I simply do not trust the communist.

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