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The Negative Blog Posts Stop Now


Last Edited: March 23, 2008, 3:12 am

I've had enough of the constant crappy blogs and blog comments from three or four people here.

If you want to post 10,000 blog entries about how you hate Bush, hate America, hate the system, hate _____, then go blog at the Huffington Post, not the Lottery Post.

I did not create blogs at Lottery Post in order to give haters an opportunity to spread bile to lottery players.  My site is being tainted by your hatred.

And I don't care if you don't like it, or if you think I'm wrong.  I don't care if you're going to accuse me of trying to support right-wing stuff or trash left-wing stuff, or whatever conspiracy you can think up.  I simply don't care.

This is my site, and I don't like what you're posting on it.  If you hate what I'm saying, then start your own site and say how much you hate me there.

JustExploiring has asked me in the past to start an "anything goes" forum, and this is exactly why I have never done that.  Because you, Tenaj, and a couple others would use that to post your continuous stream of far-left hate posts, and I did not invest years of my life creating this site to allow someone to do that.  It's a crying shame that I can't have such a forum, but I would rather forgo it than to have you ruin my site with it.

And you're not going to use the blogs in that way either.

The economy is bad, the president is stupid, religion is bad, rich people are bad, etc., etc., crap, crap.

It stops NOW.

Note that the above does not apply to all of the people who have posted blog entires that talk about things they support in a positive way, even political things.  Many people have even posted strident blog posts about things they believe in, and that has always been fine, and will continue to be fine.  The blog posts I'm referring to above are specifically the hateful, nasty, negative posts that are intended to smear and cause negative feelings.

I have always done my best to keep things positive here, and I have struggled with this blog feature, because it is one area that I have tried to allow people to say whatever they want.  It is almost great, and almost a positive energy. 

I even toyed with the idea of taking it off the front page so that at least the negativity would be diminished.

But you know what?  I think the vast majority of blogs are fantastic, and I am simply not going to allow a small handful of people ruin a great feature for everyone else.  Not going to happen.

Worse still, the people who are doing this have taken advantage of Lottery Post and all it offers for years.  Personally, I cannot possibly imagine doing this to a site I use every day.

I do have sites I visit every day.  My attitude toward those sites is always very respectful, because I am very appreciative that the site owners continue to keep things running.  I sometimes send nice notes just to say thanks.  I provide positive input to the owners, because I want them to keep improving. 

As someone who does these things myself, I am mystified and aghast by the resentful attitude these long-term members have taken toward me.  I have tried to understand it for a long time, but I am through trying to understand.  I will never satisfy these people, and I have wasted far too much time trying.

So the bottom line is that while many people will read this and get a negative feeling from it, please don't.  I am just venting and letting you know what's going on.  Continue posting as you have always done.

But for the small handful of people who know exactly what I am talking about, I will say simply, "stop posting the negative blog posts."

I will silently delete the first negative post you make.  The next time I'll ask you to leave.

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