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Oil: Wow, how brainwashed


Last Edited: June 19, 2008, 10:58 pm

The latest fib from the environmental groups is that the oil companies have "millions of acres of undeveloped land just waiting to be drilled, and they're not doing it."

Of course, as soon as this is put forth by the environmental wackos, the brainwashed among us immediately start parroting it back to everyone, as if suddenly they've become oil scientists and geologists.

The last people these salivating people would want to ask about this "fact" of undeveloped land, of course, is the oil companies themselves, because the oil companies are evil.  (How they became evil is a mystery, but since the environmental wackos say they're evil, that's what they instantly believe.)

Do these nuts understand that practically everything they own has used oil in some capacity in order to manufacture it, most of those things directly as one of the ingredients?

Why don't they just give up their computers?  After all, they are largely manufactured from oil products, and just running a computer is accomplished with the burning of fossil fuels.

Actually I wish they would give up their computers, because they are only spreading these tall tales by keeping them on.

Why is it that the oil companies have undeveloped land?  Well, there are many reasons, the chief among them is that there is little or no oil there.

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jarasanComment by jarasan - June 20, 2008, 5:32 pm
Do as I say not as I do. I propose they just stop breathing, just think of the savings, by the enviornmentalists ceasing to exist, no more C02 emissions, they could be composted, they would use no more energy, we would need less energy overall.

But really, I cringe when I hear these morons eg. Pelosi, Reid, Barry Obama, etc. speak as if they are authorities on the petroleum industries or anything for that matter. The only thing they ever cracked were walnuts.

And it is the same thing over and over again, they all have the same talking points. How about some original honest communications, unlikely, I just saw Nancy Skinner (Dem. mouthpiece) just repeating the Dem. talking points again to Heather Nauert on Election HQ. what a joke.

ToddComment by Todd - June 20, 2008, 11:40 pm
@jarasan: I agree -- especially with your last point. If there is one thing in particular that I can't stand, it's people who open their mouth just to speak someone else's words. There is nothing more intellectually dishonest than spouting someone else's facts simply because they are trained like a good puppy to support a certain political agenda.

If someone believes something, they should be able to explain in their own words why that is. If they are challenged, they should be able to bring additional reasoning and facts to bear. Resorting to name-calling and changing the topic as soon as the first criticism rolls in are sure signs that the person is merely mimicing someone else.

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