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Last Edited: March 7, 2011, 10:50 pm

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Rick GComment by Rick G - March 8, 2011, 7:03 am
That was a good article from the CS Monitor. The individual's rights are more protected in a republic than a democracy (mob rule). The US was established as a republic for that reason. Unfortunately, republics turn into democracies which turn into tyrannies.

We don't need a govt. The real definition of anarchy is 'no govt'. They have programmed us with the belief that anarchy means lawlessness and chaos. That's BS. When a group of people interact in an uncontrolled environment there is very little lawlessness or chaos. Humans actually get along pretty well with each other - it's not the 'Survivor Island' mentality they would have us think. We are not predisposed to being savages.

There are many anarcho-capitalists out there who have some great ideas on how a society would run without a govt. It's time for something different. The current system is not working.

Thanks for the links.

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