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Why Are There No News Helicopters Over Ferguson?


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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - August 20, 2014, 3:54 pm
When there are news medias that further incite riots is probably why.
The police are trying to control a situation and news media is dumping on the police for using tactics for crowd control.
Comment by Lucky Loser - August 20, 2014, 6:23 pm
I kind of agree with you, JAP69, but there's the issue of free press also. Ferguson Police actually broke this law by forcing people to stop recording/turn off their phones and such. Now, this sort of thing is what get's people furious because it's telling them the cops want to hide things so they can't be solidly proven in wrong-doing. Hey, if you see something going down and want to record it and it's not on someone's private property, the cops can't tell you not to. They did here, though, and this deal took place in the streets.

Now, for something slightly off-topic and to follow up on my last reply to the person in question. Paul Ryan was on Fox & Friends and was reminded about his comments on 'inner-city (black)' males. They played his directs and he refuses to comment on Ferguson. So, my question to you my 'dear' is this: "Were the anchors on your favorite conservative channel AGITATORS for asking him about Ferguson?" I mean, he had no issue calling out that these same types of people are where the inner city issues at hand really are. Now, "He's gonna keep his comments to himself."

Come on, Paulie...'we' know better. You're afraid to entertain a hardcore conversation about the race issue and how it relates to the police. Too many young blacks being killed when alternatives are available. Granted, we know a percentage of people in EVERY ETHNICITY doesn't really want anything out of life except a free ride. Still, you pass up a perfect opportunity on the show that matters to EVERYONE HERE to speak up and let 'em 'hang.' Pun intended...for real. I'll patiently wait for the answer to my question. Gotta be so careful with me...I'm dangerous.
Comment by Lucky Loser - August 20, 2014, 8:07 pm
Well, I can't seem to get any bites on Michael Brown having a rap sheet and criminal background so I must be losing my touch...or people aren't as stupid as they act. So, let's try and something going on the cop that beat the snot out of a black female on the highway. Now, I know she must have done something to make that cop take that course of action on a her...a much, MUCH weaker FEMALE than him. Maybe she did that 'neck thing' that women do which pissed him off.

May be she said to him, "Oh, no you didn't." He's landing haymakers on this woman. Any takers? What about the choke hold on a guy that also clearly has his hands up and facing forward? Yeah, he was pissed 'cause the cops always harass him. Yeah, he was moving untaxed cigarettes. But, an ILLEGAL CHOKE HOLD while he had his hands up? Thought I was gonna let these two slide, huh? All cops are great and do everything right all the time, huh? The cop meant no harm by implementing a CHOKE HOLD which CHOKES and cuts off air/blood to the brain.

Then, the guy already had breathing issues...and told the cop he couldn't breath while on the ground. He said he was tired of them always messing with him. He had no weapon. If he presented himself unruly, the cops had tasers....tasers...tasers. He never took a swing at either cop....just had his hands up.

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