FLOTUS: No Matter Who's on the Ballot, Our Community Should Always Vote for Dem Ticket


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Avatar emilyg -
Try voring for principal not a party.
Avatar emilyg -
Try voting for principal not a party.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
The same can be said for repubs...go figure.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Here's a big part of the problem for BOTH sides right here...loyalty despite what's actually right. I've actually voted for certain Republicans in the past because they were actaully better than the Democrat and this is what intelligent voters do. Democrats willing to vote for a decent Republican far outweigh, by 100%, Republicans even considering a Democrat if they're better.

Principles? Both sides actually have specific principles in common. Both sides are trying to go to the SAME PLACE but have different routes in mind...that's it. As I've said before, when you can't seem to find anything right with your opposition ever, you're with the HL&S party...hook, line, and sinker.

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