A Black to Giuliani: 'Right on brother. Way to go Rudy!'


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Avatar LiLSpeedy -
So that's suppose to validate what Giuliani said? How pathetic.
Avatar emilyg -
"As a young adult, I won the Mr. Baltimore contest. While I cannot remember the question, here is the answer that won me favor with the judges. “You must first get the ghetto mindset out of the people before you can truly take them out of the ghetto.” This observation was birthed out of my firsthand experiences living in the projects."

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Avatar CARBOB -
What he is saying, is the truth. When he tells you he experienced first hand about living in the project and how the residents treated the new apartments is true. If you were to do a research about this, you would learn first hand. Many years ago 60 Minutes did a segment on this. If my mind serves me right, it was about a project in St. Louis. The person who was in charge of the complex was a Black woman. She told about having to kick residents out because of their attitudes, not taking care of the places, they lived I. Do a search.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
I too, lived in a project. There is a lot more I can say, but I only share personal things with friends, not with people that ridicule every thing that one says. You can believe what you like, either way I don't give a Pluck.
Avatar Drenick1 -
Some folks such as LilSpeedy are so overwhelmed with their racist agenda that they wouldn't know how to react if common sense stared them in the face.
Like his profile pic, people like him just enjoy running around in circles thinking they are actually getting somewhere when in fact they are not.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Unlike you, I'm retired, successful and very intelligent. You on the other hand, is mentally deficient and a loser. I have no agenda, I just speak it as I see it missy.
Avatar Drenick1 -
Oh my, no incentive to work while receiving entitlements isn't exactly what I would envision as being retired and successful. Promoting hatred with your black panther friends doesn't constitute being intelligent and being a non paid groupie of Al Sharpton simply is not a way of being productive in life.
Please seek professional help as you are in dire straits.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
You see, that is how stupid you are. When one works on the same job for thirty-one years, you receive a pension with benefits that you WORKED FOR. That is the whole point of working, so that one day you can retire and do nothing.SMH

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