After arrest, Fla. teen helps save officer's life



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Avatar Lucky Loser -
The caption said that Foulks would've died if the rescue had happened any later...ANY LATER. Translation: if the black detainee being booked for violation of probation of criminal mischief and burglary would've said, "Know what? I'm gonna just let it ride!!!!...he would taken a ride to the death side. Yep, the bad black guy saves a white cop...he did the roght and decent thing, America.

Meanwhile, yesterday we had a whole slewth of cesspool-derived people posting at another link regarding black kids handling up on white teachers. Their only motive was to bash the bad black kids...that's it. We don't even know what those teachers could've done which led up to any incidents. Now, we have a bad black guy that SAVES A LIFE...and those same bacterias can't even show their guilty, ugly faces.

This is what we two good guys have to deal with here everyday, America. It's so pitiful.
Avatar dallascowboyfan -
You did the right thing young man. I see a young troubled teen that needs a support system and hopefully the police officer he helped saved will be a mentor to him.

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