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AR: 50/50 Drawing

AR: Raffle Early Bird


KS: Raffle Draw


2 events for Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Arkansas 50/50 Drawing

Arkansas 50/50 is a raffle-style draw game exclusive to Arkansas.

Draw sales begin on the first of every month and end on the last day of every month.

Drawings are held the first Tuesday of each month.

50% of all ticket sales are allocated to prizes.

On the day of the drawing, 25 ticket numbers will be drawn by a random number generator.  One of those 25 numbers will be awarded the grand prize, and the other 24 numbers will split the second prize pool.

  • Grand prize (1 winner) wins 75% of the total prize pool, which amounts to 37.5% of all ticket sales.
  • Second prize (24 winners) splits 25% of the total prize pool, which means each second-prize winner will receive .5% of all ticket sales.

In order to win, your 6-digit ticket number must be identical to one of the twenty-five 6-digit ticket numbers drawn.

Arkansas 50/50 drawing results will be published on Lottery Post's Arkansas Lottery Results page soon after the drawing.


Million Dollar Raffle Early Bird Drawing

In the Arkansas Lottery's Million Dollar Raffle game, 3 Early Bird drawings will take place on Oct. 1, Nov. 5, and Dec. 3, 2013.  Each Early Bird Drawing will select one $10,000 winner and 10 $1,000 winners from all raffle tickets purchased from the start of sales on Sept. 1, 2013.

The sales cut-off point to be entered into each Early Bird drawing is as follows:

  • Oct. 1 drawing:  Must purchase by Sept. 30
  • Nov. 5 drawing:  Must purchase by Oct. 31
  • Dec. 3 drawing:  Must purchase by Nov. 30

The final Million Dollar Raffle drawing will take place on Jan. 2, 2014, and will award the following prizes:

  • 1 winner of $1 million
  • 5 winners of $100,000
  • 10 winners of $10,000
  • 100 winners of $500

The last day to purchase a Million Dollar Raffle ticket is Dec. 31, 2013.  The lottery is not limiting the number of tickets that can be sold, so the odds of winning a prize will not be known until the final ticket sales are tallied.

The winning numbers for each Early Bird drawing, as well as the Final drawing, will be published on Lottery Post's Arkansas Lottery Results page soon after each drawing.


1 event for Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas

Lottery Drawing Schedules

  • United States:  Lottery drawings are not held on Christmas Day in the following states:  Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, and New Jersey.  South Carolina only conducts evening drawings.
  • Canada:  Western Canada does not conduct lottery drawings on Christmas Day.
  • Puerto Rico:  Lottery drawings are not held in Puerto Rico on Christmas Day.
  • Ireland:  Lottery drawings are not held in Ireland on Christmas Day.

1 event for Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Kansas Lottery Holiday Millionaire Raffle Drawing

Win up to $1 million in the Kansas Lottery's raffle with just 175,000 tickets available.

Your Holiday Millionaire Raffle ticket will have a unique number between and including 000001 and 175000. No playslip is needed. Just ask for a Holiday Millionaire Raffle ticket. The Kansas Lottery will sell only 175,000 $20 raffle tickets beginning Monday, October 1, 2012.

Early Bird Drawings

  • Two $10,000 winners in each Early Bird drawing. The Early Bird drawings will be on October 13, 20 and 27 and November 3 and 10, 2013 and take place at approximately 9:15 p.m.
  • If you buy a ticket before an Early Bird drawing, your ticket will be eligible for that drawing, all subsequent Early Bird drawings, and the $1 million Grand Prize or other prizes on December 31, 2013.
  • It is possible for the same ticket to win in all five Early Bird drawings and the $1 million Grand Prize drawing.
  • Tickets sold after the final Early Bird drawing will only be eligible for the Raffle prizes drawn on December 31, 2013.
  • It is possible for a person to win more than one prize if that person has multiple tickets.

How to Play

  • A Unique 6-digit raffle number will be printed on each ticket. Tickets will be printed in numeric order throughout the state as they are sold. Individual requested raffle numbers are not available. When the last raffle number is issued, sales will end and no additional tickets will be available for purchase. Ticket sales will end on December 30 2013 if not all raffle tickets are purchased by that date.
  • In addition to the prizes awarded during the drawings, up to 5,000 instant prizes of $50 will be randomly awarded at the time of ticket purchase.
  • Tickets will be "Quick Pick" only – players cannot pick their own raffle numbers.
  • Tickets cannot be cancelled. Multi-draw wagers are not available. Each unique raffle number is printed on a separate ticket.
  • Players must match their numbers in exact order to those drawn by the Lottery to win.
  • Players must produce their original Holiday Millionaire Raffle ticket to claim their prize.
  • All prizes must be claimed within 365 days of each drawing.

The Drawing

  • Holiday Millionaire Raffle winners will be announced December 31, 2013.
  • All winning numbers will be available on Lottery Post's Kansas Lottery Results page after the drawing.
  • $1,000,000, $10,000, $5,000 and $1,000 prize winners must claim at Kansas Lottery Headquarters.
  • If the Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets sell out before the scheduled end date, the winning number announcement will still be held December 31, 2013.
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