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Date: Sunday, November 22, 2020

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Nov 23 2020 01:01:31plastictrees enters the room
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Nov 23 2020 01:01:37plastictrees leaves the room
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Nov 23 2020 01:02:07plastictrees enters the room
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Nov 23 2020 01:22:15MzDuffleBaglady enters the room
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Nov 23 2020 01:22:42MzDuffleBaglady: Hello:
Nov 23 2020 01:23:45MzDuffleBaglady: Wondering? After December 2020 "Flash Player" will no longer be supported. I guess I will not be chatting?
Nov 23 2020 01:23:55plastictrees: helloo
Nov 23 2020 01:24:03plastictrees: i think if you use firefox you should be fine
Nov 23 2020 01:24:17MzDuffleBaglady: O.K. thank you, I will add that browser.
Nov 23 2020 01:24:21plastictrees: np!
Nov 23 2020 01:24:26plastictrees: so my first time in this chat. how busy does it get?
Nov 23 2020 01:24:38MzDuffleBaglady: It doesn't.
Nov 23 2020 01:24:42plastictrees: lolll
Nov 23 2020 01:24:46plastictrees: wonderful
Nov 23 2020 01:24:50MzDuffleBaglady: I don't know what happened, but, it is normally just 2 to 3 people here.
Nov 23 2020 01:24:54plastictrees: i see
Nov 23 2020 01:25:00plastictrees: so what do you play normally?
Nov 23 2020 01:25:04MzDuffleBaglady: I guess they have a life, lol
Nov 23 2020 01:25:13MzDuffleBaglady: I play Missouri pick 3, and pick 4.
Nov 23 2020 01:25:18plastictrees: life during covid...i wonder what that is like
Nov 23 2020 01:25:20MzDuffleBaglady: Been missing everything I work out
Nov 23 2020 01:25:24plastictrees: oh how is MO pick 3/pick 4?
Nov 23 2020 01:25:41MzDuffleBaglady: OMG, I was Quarantined for 14 days. I just went back to work , last Friday.
Nov 23 2020 01:25:46MzDuffleBaglady: :-(
Nov 23 2020 01:25:58MzDuffleBaglady: I see why a lot of people are getting divorced, and tempers flying, lol
Nov 23 2020 01:26:11MzDuffleBaglady: I just stayed online, all day, and slept. lol
Nov 23 2020 01:26:19plastictrees: aww that sucks
Nov 23 2020 01:26:19MzDuffleBaglady: I didn't want to get on anyone's nerve, lol
Nov 23 2020 01:26:32plastictrees: glad youre ok
Nov 23 2020 01:27:08MzDuffleBaglady: I just had a normal cold, but, because, I had body aches, the Nurse said that was Covid symptoms, so I had to quarantine for 14 days.
Nov 23 2020 01:27:17plastictrees: oh they didnt test you?
Nov 23 2020 01:27:28MzDuffleBaglady: yes, I went and got tested, it was Negative!
Nov 23 2020 01:27:45MzDuffleBaglady: I waited until my cold cleared up, then I went and got tested.
Nov 23 2020 01:28:08MzDuffleBaglady: We have clinic['s here, called, 'Urgent Care", they do the testing for free.
Nov 23 2020 01:28:42MzDuffleBaglady: It took all day, I got in line at 7:30 am , just to get on the list, then my name didn't come up to be seen by the doctor until 1:30 that afternoon.
Nov 23 2020 01:29:21MzDuffleBaglady: I don't want any part of the Covid.
Nov 23 2020 01:30:40MzDuffleBaglady: Missouri will drop 00's soon, on evening or midday, and a triple.
Nov 23 2020 01:30:52plastictrees: oh ncie ill keep a look out
Nov 23 2020 01:30:55plastictrees: what workouts do you use?
Nov 23 2020 01:30:55MzDuffleBaglady: I missed 609 this morning, I played, 601, 602, 600, and 605.
Nov 23 2020 01:31:18MzDuffleBaglady: The "Deflate Tool" on Lottery Post
Nov 23 2020 01:31:33MzDuffleBaglady: It's a reduction tool,
Nov 23 2020 01:31:43plastictrees: oh i dunno how to use that
Nov 23 2020 01:31:50MzDuffleBaglady: based on what has been drawn during the year, and it shows what needs to be drawn.
Nov 23 2020 01:31:56MzDuffleBaglady: It's not hard.
Nov 23 2020 01:32:23MzDuffleBaglady: You just copy and past the past results, for your state,
Nov 23 2020 01:32:44plastictrees: ohh
Nov 23 2020 01:32:47plastictrees: how far back do yo go?
Nov 23 2020 01:32:47MzDuffleBaglady: copy and paste it into the "input", then, click on the filters, it's not hard at all.
Nov 23 2020 01:33:05MzDuffleBaglady: You can go back, this year, year to date! is what I use
Nov 23 2020 01:33:25MzDuffleBaglady: I just did one for Missouri for tonight for the 00's
Nov 23 2020 01:33:29MzDuffleBaglady: it's on my blog,
Nov 23 2020 01:35:24plastictrees: oh nice
Nov 23 2020 01:35:27plastictrees: i will check it out
Nov 23 2020 01:35:31plastictrees: i havent found a good system
Nov 23 2020 01:35:37plastictrees: the 31 rundown is ok but its hard to narrow it down
Nov 23 2020 01:35:56MzDuffleBaglady: Keep it basic, the -1-1-1 works a lot
Nov 23 2020 01:36:16MzDuffleBaglady: I messed up all week, so, I'm not playing tonight.
Nov 23 2020 01:36:35MzDuffleBaglady: we had, 895 Saturday, evening, I played it str/box, Saturday midday.
Nov 23 2020 01:36:47MzDuffleBaglady: one up on each number is, 906, today we dropped, 609.
Nov 23 2020 01:37:21MzDuffleBaglady: What state do you play?
Nov 23 2020 01:37:38plastictrees: mainly tx/ga/fl
Nov 23 2020 01:38:00MzDuffleBaglady: o.k. , if I have time, I will do some workouts for those states.
Nov 23 2020 01:38:06MzDuffleBaglady: Good luck , talk to you later.
Nov 23 2020 01:38:11plastictrees: thank you!
Nov 23 2020 01:38:11MzDuffleBaglady leaves the room
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Nov 23 2020 01:45:06sonshyne1224 enters the room
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Nov 23 2020 01:45:52craycray enters the room
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Nov 23 2020 01:45:58plastictrees: yo
Nov 23 2020 01:46:30craycray leaves the room
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Nov 23 2020 01:46:43sonshyne1224: Hello, Does anyone have any good numbers for ANY staes?
Nov 23 2020 01:48:46sonshyne1224 leaves the room
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Nov 23 2020 02:10:50rmoore87 enters the room
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Nov 23 2020 02:10:59plastictrees: hellloo
Nov 23 2020 02:11:24rmoore87: Hi. How are you?
Nov 23 2020 02:11:30plastictrees: im good hows it going?
Nov 23 2020 02:11:55rmoore87: I'm doing fine thanks
Nov 23 2020 02:12:04plastictrees: what states do you play?
Nov 23 2020 02:13:32rmoore87: Pretty much all. For example, I played in SC tonight. You?
Nov 23 2020 02:14:34plastictrees: im trying to focus in on TX/GA/FL
Nov 23 2020 02:14:39plastictrees: so hard to keep up with anymore than that
Nov 23 2020 02:15:23plastictrees: any tips?
Nov 23 2020 02:16:50rmoore87: Not really lol. Just study the state(s) that you're playing in, track the results, and sometimes it's more profitable not to play.
Nov 23 2020 02:17:00rmoore87: Patience is key.
Nov 23 2020 02:17:12plastictrees: are you more of a buy an hold person?
Nov 23 2020 02:17:23plastictrees: like you find a number you really like and just hold it til it hits?
Nov 23 2020 02:17:27plastictrees: i think in SC i was playing 849
Nov 23 2020 02:17:52rmoore87: No, I'm more of a wait/track and play person
Nov 23 2020 02:18:12rmoore87: Many days I don't play at all
Nov 23 2020 02:18:17plastictrees: hmm when do you decide to pull the trigger?
Nov 23 2020 02:18:21plastictrees: i guess thats my thing
Nov 23 2020 02:18:30plastictrees: i can see a number i like, but i just dont know when to play it
Nov 23 2020 02:19:42rmoore87: It depends on what my lottery budget is like, as well as particular triggers that I keep my eye out for.
Nov 23 2020 02:20:02plastictrees: any examples?
Nov 23 2020 02:20:11plastictrees: sorry im relatively new to the lottery game
Nov 23 2020 02:22:05rmoore87: For example, if I see certain numbers drawn, then I might play my numbers in the following draw
Nov 23 2020 02:22:20plastictrees: like relatives or followers?
Nov 23 2020 02:22:28rmoore87: Yes
Nov 23 2020 02:22:32plastictrees: ah ok
Nov 23 2020 02:22:56plastictrees: yeah ive seen a few relatives and followers for some of the numbers i like....just i guess i gotta be patient and wait for them to fall
Nov 23 2020 02:23:31rmoore87: I truly believe that numbers "speak" to us in a way lol. We just have to become proficient in their language haha
Nov 23 2020 02:23:44plastictrees: haha
Nov 23 2020 02:23:50plastictrees: yeah i ahve alot left to learn
Nov 23 2020 02:23:53plastictrees: any good resources?
Nov 23 2020 02:24:15rmoore87: The best resource is Lottery Post
Nov 23 2020 02:24:26rmoore87: Especially the Lottery Systems forum
Nov 23 2020 02:24:55rmoore87: Many interesting theories and strategies
Nov 23 2020 02:42:11rmoore87 leaves the room
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