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This is the place where Lottery Post members can engage in real-time discussion about any lottery topic, using a dynamic chat window that shows you other members' responses immediately as they are posted.

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Aug 19 2019 00:20:58Oscargrouch05$ enters the room
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Aug 19 2019 00:21:26Oscargrouch05$: Welcome to Sunday Chat
Aug 19 2019 00:25:03Oscargrouch05$: Missouri listen i'm going back for another win and then driving 16 miles south to Arkansas for win and hop skip jump in Oklahoma
Aug 19 2019 00:47:33rstrachan enters the room
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Aug 19 2019 00:47:49rstrachan leaves the room
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Aug 19 2019 00:53:50golottoman enters the room
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Aug 19 2019 00:54:07Oscargrouch05$: hi golottoman
Aug 19 2019 00:54:19golottoman: hi there Oscar
Aug 19 2019 00:54:59golottoman: have you seen miguel on here tonight?
Aug 19 2019 00:55:28Oscargrouch05$: nope just rstrachan i was a little late tonight
Aug 19 2019 00:56:06golottoman: if you see him on just tell him to give me a call, he knows my number
Aug 19 2019 00:56:14Oscargrouch05$: k
Aug 19 2019 00:56:50golottoman: i don't get on here all the time and i have been trying to update a program on his computer
Aug 19 2019 00:57:45Oscargrouch05$: ok
Aug 19 2019 00:58:00Oscargrouch05$: i'm a computer tech
Aug 19 2019 00:58:10golottoman: thanks, i always see you on here you might have a better chance of seeing him
Aug 19 2019 00:58:39Oscargrouch05$: i'll give them the message if i see them
Aug 19 2019 00:58:49golottoman: he is using my numbers program and he needs to know i have an update for him
Aug 19 2019 00:58:55golottoman: thanks
Aug 19 2019 00:59:06Oscargrouch05$: your welcome
Aug 19 2019 01:19:26Diva1976 enters the room
Members online:
Aug 19 2019 01:19:38Oscargrouch05$: hi Diva1976
Aug 19 2019 01:19:46Diva1976: Hello
Aug 19 2019 01:19:49golottoman: hi Diva1976
Aug 19 2019 01:20:17Diva1976: hello 3's are dominating the board tonight
Aug 19 2019 01:20:55golottoman: very perseptive
Aug 19 2019 01:22:52Diva1976: Do you all play all states
Aug 19 2019 01:23:16golottoman: i play ga and keep track of ny
Aug 19 2019 01:23:18Oscargrouch05$: no all just Ks,Mo,Ar,Ok
Aug 19 2019 01:23:28Oscargrouch05$: not
Aug 19 2019 01:24:13Oscargrouch05$: keeping track on Ks,Mo,Ok
Aug 19 2019 01:24:22Diva1976: When i am online i try to see where i can get a hit. I was following GA but alot of repeats
Aug 19 2019 01:25:37Diva1976: I like KS because it usually has a 2 digit return
Aug 19 2019 01:26:17Oscargrouch05$: sometimes
Aug 19 2019 01:27:19Diva1976: right
Aug 19 2019 01:27:52Diva1976: Good luck tonight you all
Aug 19 2019 01:27:57Diva1976 leaves the room
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Aug 19 2019 01:28:03Fiz$2977 enters the room
Members online:
Aug 19 2019 01:28:20Fiz$2977: hi
Aug 19 2019 01:28:28Oscargrouch05$: hi Fiz$2977
Aug 19 2019 01:38:30Cmoore50 enters the room
Members online:
Aug 19 2019 01:38:39Oscargrouch05$: hi cmoore50
Aug 19 2019 01:38:45Cmoore50: hey
Aug 19 2019 01:39:03Cmoore50: so whats the topic so far
Aug 19 2019 01:39:29Cmoore50: Ive been working on my powerball spreadsheets
Aug 19 2019 01:39:44Elizabeth03 enters the room
Members online:
Aug 19 2019 01:39:56Oscargrouch05$: hi Elizabeth
Aug 19 2019 01:40:08Elizabeth03: hi Oscar
Aug 19 2019 01:40:14Fiz$2977: I didn' see any, but if anyone wants to give a stab at GA night, there's an icebreaker......I'm currently at 643
Aug 19 2019 01:40:20golottoman says to Elizabeth03: hi elizabeth
Aug 19 2019 01:40:37Cmoore50: posted some pics and explanation of them in the jackpot thread
Aug 19 2019 01:40:39Elizabeth03: golottoman
Aug 19 2019 01:41:00Elizabeth03 says:
Aug 19 2019 01:41:14golottoman: weather must be nice in nova scotia
Aug 19 2019 01:41:27golottoman: it is hot as hell in georgia
Aug 19 2019 01:41:35Elizabeth03: yes but getting rain this week
Aug 19 2019 01:41:38Cmoore50: anyone hit anything good lately
Aug 19 2019 01:41:46Oscargrouch05$: Fiz$2977 463 brings a triple 555,222
Aug 19 2019 01:41:56Elizabeth03: we have had hot weather here as well
Aug 19 2019 01:42:17golottoman: rain here also going to new york this week for the state fair
Aug 19 2019 01:42:22Cmoore50: are u all mostly a pick 3 ...pick 4 players
Aug 19 2019 01:42:30golottoman: in syracuse
Aug 19 2019 01:42:36Oscargrouch05$: i got one hit looking for my next win
Aug 19 2019 01:42:46Elizabeth03: i was in New York many years ago
Aug 19 2019 01:42:52Cmoore50: is that close to saratoga racetrack
Aug 19 2019 01:43:11Cmoore50: been betting on the horses at that track lately
Aug 19 2019 01:43:16Elizabeth03: I find the lottery challenging!
Aug 19 2019 01:43:25Fiz$2977: sometimes
Aug 19 2019 01:43:31golottoman says to Elizabeth03: ii moved out of there 8 years ago
Aug 19 2019 01:43:49Oscargrouch05$: nope been watching them while at the gas station
Aug 19 2019 01:43:50Elizabeth03: New york?
Aug 19 2019 01:44:04golottoman says to Elizabeth03: my wife died 2 years ago and i am missing snow real bad
Aug 19 2019 01:44:08Cmoore50: I like creating spreadsheets and digging deep into the lottery and find some mathematical edge in some way
Aug 19 2019 01:44:31golottoman says to Elizabeth03: yep lived up near syracuse
Aug 19 2019 01:44:32Elizabeth03: New york has hot summer weather and extremely cold winters!
Aug 19 2019 01:44:45golottoman says to Elizabeth03: love the cold
Aug 19 2019 01:44:52Cmoore50: it gets cold here in northeastern ohio also
Aug 19 2019 01:45:01Cmoore50: -20 degrees a few years ago
Aug 19 2019 01:45:04golottoman says to Elizabeth03: living in georgia is like living in cambodia
Aug 19 2019 01:45:25Elizabeth03: Do you find the lottery tough to play
Aug 19 2019 01:45:32golottoman says to Elizabeth03: new york -30 to 35 every winter
Aug 19 2019 01:45:42Cmoore50: its been in the 90's about 20 times so far this year in ohio
Aug 19 2019 01:46:11Cmoore50: last years low was -8 maybe
Aug 19 2019 01:46:11golottoman says to Elizabeth03: use to work for the new york state lottery, was not allowed to play
Aug 19 2019 01:46:39golottoman says to Elizabeth03: but i am a lottery junkie
Aug 19 2019 01:46:44Elizabeth03: that would of been hard to not play the lottery working for them
Aug 19 2019 01:46:52Cmoore50: I'll take my golden retriever on hikes in the snow up to about zero degrees
Aug 19 2019 01:46:57golottoman says to Elizabeth03: the rules
Aug 19 2019 01:47:01Elizabeth03: I play with a budget
Aug 19 2019 01:47:08Cmoore50: i try to
Aug 19 2019 01:47:22Cmoore50: only spend on the powerball currently
Aug 19 2019 01:47:35Elizabeth03: Budgets are not fun but i have to unfortunately!
Aug 19 2019 01:47:42golottoman says to Elizabeth03: if you work for them youknow you "cant win" so it is a problem to play not to get an attitude tward them
Aug 19 2019 01:48:09Cmoore50: but will attack the pick three and rolling cash five..I'll just use all my powerball spreadsheets for the rolling cash five
Aug 19 2019 01:48:36golottoman says to Elizabeth03: i still played the lottery just i could not cash a ticket
Aug 19 2019 01:48:46Elizabeth03: yes better to be independant and have another job or source of incoe, where you may platy the lottery freely.
Aug 19 2019 01:49:03golottoman says to Elizabeth03: had a dad in brooklyn who would help me out
Aug 19 2019 01:49:30golottoman says to Elizabeth03: i am retired now i can do what ever i please now
Aug 19 2019 01:49:34golottoman says to Elizabeth03: :)
Aug 19 2019 01:49:35Elizabeth03: I am tired, and trying to spell words correctly, a little difficult.
Aug 19 2019 01:49:59Elizabeth03: I miss my dad.
Aug 19 2019 01:50:07golottoman says to Elizabeth03: i am a bad speller myself spell as bad as you like
Aug 19 2019 01:50:39golottoman says to Elizabeth03: my dad has passed away also about 3 years ago
Aug 19 2019 01:51:16Cmoore50: my Dad passed away in 2005.he was only 61
Aug 19 2019 01:51:31Elizabeth03: I met a couple of ladies last month from Georgia, they were down visiting Nova Scotia, it was lovely talking with them.
Aug 19 2019 01:51:38golottoman says to Elizabeth03: my dad passed at 94 in 2017
Aug 19 2019 01:51:46Cmoore50: WOW
Aug 19 2019 01:52:03Cmoore50: my grandmother made it to 98..she just passed last year
Aug 19 2019 01:52:21Cmoore50: I keep in shape...will make it to 100, no problem
Aug 19 2019 01:52:26golottoman says to Elizabeth03: playing bingo eating hot dogs and drinking mountain dew
Aug 19 2019 01:52:28Elizabeth03: Your grandmother was 98, wow!
Aug 19 2019 01:52:51Elizabeth03: I like to live a healthy life,
Aug 19 2019 01:53:10Elizabeth03: excuse me, letting my cat outside!
Aug 19 2019 01:53:13golottoman says to Elizabeth03: all my grandmothers passed early ALS
Aug 19 2019 01:53:24Cmoore50: i ran on my treadmill today...did 1.5 miles in 10:46
Aug 19 2019 01:53:32golottoman says to Elizabeth03: just lost their marbles
Aug 19 2019 01:53:56Cmoore50: my golden is sitting on the ottoman right in front of me
Aug 19 2019 01:54:06golottoman says to Elizabeth03: fun to talk to but just talking to a box of small pebbles
Aug 19 2019 01:54:35golottoman says to Elizabeth03: i wish i can be that lost in space
Aug 19 2019 01:54:51Cmoore50: ALS is no fun
Aug 19 2019 01:55:10golottoman says to Elizabeth03: yes it is a bad time for all
Aug 19 2019 01:55:29Elizabeth03: lost in space?
Aug 19 2019 01:55:36Cmoore50: My Mom just retired..sh's 75 on Sunday
Aug 19 2019 01:55:54Barbie1 enters the room
Members online:
Aug 19 2019 01:56:07Oscargrouch05$: hi barbie
Aug 19 2019 01:56:10golottoman says to Elizabeth03: yes it is a mind altering sickness
Aug 19 2019 01:56:22Barbie1: Hello time flew by me tonite
Aug 19 2019 01:56:40Oscargrouch05$: yep
Aug 19 2019 01:56:46Elizabeth03: life is definitely hard for everybody alot of challenges it seems
Aug 19 2019 01:56:46Cmoore50: i don't know if it's the dna make up or something that occurs for whatever reason
Aug 19 2019 01:57:09Cmoore50: gotta keep moving and stay healthy
Aug 19 2019 01:57:20phoneman76 enters the room
Members online:
Aug 19 2019 01:57:28golottoman says to Elizabeth03: i really do not care how i die but i am really scared to die of ALS\
Aug 19 2019 01:57:30Oscargrouch05$: hi phoneman
Aug 19 2019 01:57:39phoneman76: $$$$461$$$$
Aug 19 2019 01:57:42Elizabeth03: If we win a good amount in the lotteries it would help to de stress and enjoy life more, and travel
Aug 19 2019 01:57:44phoneman76: hey hey
Aug 19 2019 01:57:44Barbie1: Hey you are late like me
Aug 19 2019 01:57:57phoneman76: yep
Aug 19 2019 01:58:12phoneman76: late #s
Aug 19 2019 01:58:17phoneman76: 2200
Aug 19 2019 01:58:17Oscargrouch05$: yep we be traveling soon
Aug 19 2019 01:58:18golottoman says to Elizabeth03: i want to know i can relate to the current lifetyle
Aug 19 2019 01:58:20phoneman76: 1103
Aug 19 2019 01:58:29Oscargrouch05$: Good Luck! everyone
Aug 19 2019 01:58:44Barbie1: Same 2 u
Aug 19 2019 01:58:52Oscargrouch05$ leaves the room
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Aug 19 2019 01:58:59Cmoore50: so any of u play the powerball
Aug 19 2019 01:59:09Barbie1: not I
Aug 19 2019 01:59:13Elizabeth03: yes i want to move out of where i live with my cat and do some travelling,and help others along the way.!
Aug 19 2019 01:59:26golottoman: i play it all the time
Aug 19 2019 01:59:34phoneman76: me 2
Aug 19 2019 01:59:41Elizabeth03: If i get enough of a financial gain from the stubborn lottery.
Aug 19 2019 01:59:41Cmoore50: so whats your guys strategy
Aug 19 2019 01:59:51Cmoore50: do you spreadsheet it at all
Aug 19 2019 01:59:56golottoman: like taking candy from a bqaby
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