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Lottery Post Chat Page

This is the place where Lottery Post members can engage in real-time discussion about any lottery topic, using a dynamic chat window that shows you other members' responses immediately as they are posted.

The chat service is designed as a supplement to the forums, and is turned on for a limited amount of time each week.  The latest chat schedule is:

  • Sunday evening, 8:00pm - 10:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)

All public chat conversations are captured and posted right here, so you can reference any part of the discussion in the future.  Private conversations are not captured or displayed at Lottery Post.

Only active Lottery Post members may participate in Chat.  You must be logged in to Lottery Post before launching the Chat window.

The Lottery Post Rules are strictly applied to Chat sessions.  Any member who uses Chat to advertise links to other web sites will be immediately banned.

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Sunday, July 12, 2020, 8:00 pm
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Last Chat Transcript

Date: Sunday, July 5, 2020

Start of transcript
Jul 6 2020 00:01:02Oscargrouch05$ enters the room
Members online:
Jul 6 2020 00:01:27Oscargrouch05$: Welcome to Sunday Chat!
Jul 6 2020 00:18:29getmoney007 enters the room
Members online:
Jul 6 2020 00:18:43Oscargrouch05$: hi getmoney007
Jul 6 2020 00:18:48getmoney007: hi
Jul 6 2020 00:19:12getmoney007: anyone else looking for a Triple tonight and a Quad?
Jul 6 2020 00:19:26getmoney007: 2222 missing all states
Jul 6 2020 00:19:42Oscargrouch05$: ok Missouri looking for them
Jul 6 2020 00:19:50getmoney007: and it's July.... Quades ususlly pop this month in the 2's and 3's
Jul 6 2020 00:19:57getmoney007: ok
Jul 6 2020 00:20:00getmoney007: great
Jul 6 2020 00:20:24Oscargrouch05$: I been after Trips in Kansas blah
Jul 6 2020 00:20:28getmoney007: Also looking for 222 333 444 888 tonight
Jul 6 2020 00:20:43getmoney007: I can play all states because I'm in The Bahamas
Jul 6 2020 00:20:53getmoney007: oh Kansas lol
Jul 6 2020 00:21:01getmoney007: will keep an eye out there
Jul 6 2020 00:21:15getmoney007: well good luck
Jul 6 2020 00:21:21Oscargrouch05$: ya
Jul 6 2020 00:21:22getmoney007: hope your numbers pop tonight
Jul 6 2020 00:22:09Oscargrouch05$: watch for 4x9 pairs in Missouri 7/6
Jul 6 2020 00:46:19jimbo58 enters the room
Members online:
Jul 6 2020 00:46:47jimbo58: hello how,s everyone
Jul 6 2020 00:48:47Oscargrouch05$: hi jimbo
Jul 6 2020 00:48:53jimbo58 leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 6 2020 00:49:21Oscargrouch05$: watch for 4x9 pairs in Missouri 7/6
Jul 6 2020 00:49:57Oscargrouch05$: getmoney said, 2222 if your looking for quads
Jul 6 2020 00:50:01Oscargrouch05$: Missouri
Jul 6 2020 01:38:52paris622 enters the room
Members online:
Jul 6 2020 01:40:44Oscargrouch05$: hi paris622
Jul 6 2020 01:41:25Oscargrouch05$: geting ready to put in our numbers for Eve
Jul 6 2020 01:43:28paris622: hello Oscar what you got good
Jul 6 2020 01:45:47Oscargrouch05$: playing triples an a few numbers
Jul 6 2020 01:55:47Oscargrouch05$: 701
Jul 6 2020 01:55:50wendy67 enters the room
Members online:
Jul 6 2020 01:55:52Oscargrouch05$: get it in
Jul 6 2020 01:55:59Oscargrouch05$: hi wendy67
Jul 6 2020 01:56:14paris622: where Oscar?
Jul 6 2020 01:57:00wendy67: hello oscar 600 ga. dropped in checking new computer
Jul 6 2020 01:57:55wendy67: everyone have a good night
Jul 6 2020 01:57:59wendy67 leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 6 2020 01:58:16Oscargrouch05$: be safe
Jul 6 2020 01:58:27Oscargrouch05$: wow
Jul 6 2020 01:59:30Oscargrouch05$: wendy Kansas
Jul 6 2020 01:59:43paris622 leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 6 2020 01:59:44Oscargrouch05$: also play in Missouri
End of transcript
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