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This is the place where Lottery Post members can engage in real-time discussion about any lottery topic, using a dynamic chat window that shows you other members' responses immediately as they are posted.

The chat service is designed as a supplement to the forums, and is turned on for a limited amount of time each week.  The latest chat schedule is:

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All public chat conversations are captured and posted right here, so you can reference any part of the discussion in the future.  Private conversations are not captured or displayed at Lottery Post.

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Date: Sunday, July 17, 2016

Start of transcript
Jul 18 2016 00:03:15LUCKYME$ enters the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 00:03:44LUCKYME$: GoodEveing all from MD
Jul 18 2016 00:05:39rmoore87 enters the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 00:08:18LUCKYME$: Good luck this week to all players!
Jul 18 2016 00:08:36rmoore87: thanks! you too
Jul 18 2016 00:08:43LUCKYME$ leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 00:10:48KidZero enters the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 00:11:12KidZero: lottery chat has fallen off lol
Jul 18 2016 00:11:26rmoore87: lol totally
Jul 18 2016 00:11:44KidZero: i remember a time when there was like 30 or more in here
Jul 18 2016 00:11:47KidZero: lol
Jul 18 2016 00:11:59rmoore87: really?
Jul 18 2016 00:12:11KidZero: yeah thats the old days
Jul 18 2016 00:12:41rmoore87: #nostalgia
Jul 18 2016 00:12:46KidZero says to rmoore87: yeah
Jul 18 2016 00:13:25KidZero: well take care of yourself.... later
Jul 18 2016 00:13:32rmoore87: you too
Jul 18 2016 00:13:52KidZero leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 00:21:47sekisam71 enters the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 00:22:03sekisam71: hello'
Jul 18 2016 00:22:13rmoore87: hi
Jul 18 2016 00:22:51sekisam71 leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 00:45:04rmoore87 leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 01:15:47Barbie1 enters the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 01:16:18weshar75 enters the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 01:16:45weshar75 leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 01:22:33lottologix enters the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 01:22:54lottologix: Hello
Jul 18 2016 01:30:02jump999 enters the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 01:30:23lottologix: guess noones in righgt now
Jul 18 2016 01:31:51lottologix: Hello?
Jul 18 2016 01:32:47jump999: hello is this all that is here.
Jul 18 2016 01:33:54lottologix: I thought everyone was waiting on something?
Jul 18 2016 01:35:18jump999: there is more here most of the time. must be a game on tonight or a good movie.
Jul 18 2016 01:36:21Barbie1: Hi
Jul 18 2016 01:36:57lottologix: Well the Batman thing does not comeout until the 19th
Jul 18 2016 01:37:05jump999 says to Barbie1: hello where is LM
Jul 18 2016 01:37:21lottologix: LM?
Jul 18 2016 01:37:42Barbie1: Who is LM?
Jul 18 2016 01:39:08jump999 says to Barbie1: now you know laverda m i can spell her name right.
Jul 18 2016 01:39:48lottologix: Lotto Man...."Able to pick non winning lottery numbers faster than a quick pick" :)
Jul 18 2016 01:41:47midnightmlk enters the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 01:42:41lottologix: Hello
Jul 18 2016 01:42:48Barbie1 says:
Jul 18 2016 01:42:53midnightmlk says:
Jul 18 2016 01:43:13lottologix: Any one play tonite
Jul 18 2016 01:43:54midnightmlk leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 01:46:04lottologix: Has anyone played their state lottery tonite?
Jul 18 2016 01:47:00jump999: yes i did but missed by one as most time
Jul 18 2016 01:47:57jump999: tn game come out at 6:28pm
Jul 18 2016 01:48:20jump999: p3 and p4
Jul 18 2016 01:48:22lottologix: I usually hit eventually
Jul 18 2016 01:48:27lottologix: p3
Jul 18 2016 01:49:16jump999: hit on and off not bad but not good good
Jul 18 2016 01:50:11lottologix: I alwaya make money at it but its the cost of play that can get ya
Jul 18 2016 01:50:16jump999 says to lottologix: where you play
Jul 18 2016 01:51:36lottologix: nc
Jul 18 2016 01:51:43jump999 says to lottologix: ya sometimes it cost. that is why you don't play every day.
Jul 18 2016 01:52:47jump999 says to lottologix: a system and watch the game help to put more money in your pocket.
Jul 18 2016 01:52:57lottologix: The thing is not playing can cost as well
Jul 18 2016 01:53:15jump999 says to lottologix: true too.
Jul 18 2016 01:54:10lottologix: I usually play progressive plays, so eventually ya hit
Jul 18 2016 01:55:57jump999 says to lottologix: ok. i usemy own system it work for me just follow the number 2 will always come back.
Jul 18 2016 01:57:23jump999: well time is aout up. everyone have a good week.
Jul 18 2016 01:57:38lottologix: I play dynamic number frequency groups base on their yearly appearance.
Jul 18 2016 01:57:46jump999: about
Jul 18 2016 01:57:51Barbie1 leaves the room
Members online:
Jul 18 2016 01:58:13jump999: that work i do that too.
Jul 18 2016 01:59:08lottologix: Their does not seem to be another way to reliably reduce the numbers without gambling
Jul 18 2016 01:59:54jump999: you is always gambling no matter what.
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