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This is the place where Lottery Post members can engage in real-time discussion about any lottery topic, using a dynamic chat window that shows you other members' responses immediately as they are posted.

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Date: Sunday, September 25, 2016

Start of transcript
Sep 26 2016 00:17:46Todd enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 00:17:51Todd leaves the room
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Sep 26 2016 00:19:36chituru enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 00:25:11chituru leaves the room
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Sep 26 2016 00:45:48bestresult32 enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 00:46:24bestresult32: Hello Lp fam how is everyone?
Sep 26 2016 00:47:40LAVERNE MALONEY enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 00:48:39LAVERNE MALONEY says to bestresult32: Hello.
Sep 26 2016 00:49:12Barbie1 enters the room
Members online:
Sep 26 2016 00:49:21Barbie1: Hi
Sep 26 2016 00:49:44LAVERNE MALONEY says to Barbie1: Hello.
Sep 26 2016 00:49:45bestresult32: Thank you LAVERNE, just stopping by to share some numbers 270, 707 high alert. gl
Sep 26 2016 00:50:10bestresult32: GN all
Sep 26 2016 00:50:16LAVERNE MALONEY says to bestresult32: Thanks.
Sep 26 2016 00:51:06bestresult32 leaves the room
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Sep 26 2016 00:58:14Anniemae enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 00:58:31Anniemae: Hello
Sep 26 2016 01:02:57Anniemae leaves the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:03:59Anniemae enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:04:31LAVERNE MALONEY says to Anniemae: Hello.
Sep 26 2016 01:04:59Anniemae: Thanks, I am new here ,don't know what do do next
Sep 26 2016 01:05:55lesonook enters the room
Members online:
Sep 26 2016 01:06:19LAVERNE MALONEY says to Anniemae: Talk about #s.
Sep 26 2016 01:06:20lesonook: who follows delaware?
Sep 26 2016 01:07:59Anniemae says to LAVERNE MALONEY: I don't
Sep 26 2016 01:08:59Anniemae leaves the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:10:04lesonook leaves the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:19:29Sherita enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:19:37Sherita: Hello
Sep 26 2016 01:21:03Sherita leaves the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:25:14LottoAce enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:25:42LottoAce: Hello all
Sep 26 2016 01:25:49LAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoAce: Hello.
Sep 26 2016 01:25:58LottoAce: Laverne what you have on the pic4 tonight?
Sep 26 2016 01:26:03Barbie1: Hi
Sep 26 2016 01:26:10LottoAce: hello Barbie
Sep 26 2016 01:27:19Barbie1: Hi
Sep 26 2016 01:27:47Kidzmom enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:27:58Kidzmom: Good Evening everyone
Sep 26 2016 01:28:11LAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoAce: 1021
Sep 26 2016 01:28:25LottoAce: How is everyone this evening?
Sep 26 2016 01:28:31LAVERNE MALONEY says to Kidzmom: Hello
Sep 26 2016 01:29:20gladys48 enters the room
Members online:
Sep 26 2016 01:29:31LottoAce: Been playing 8267 forever
Sep 26 2016 01:31:41PrisonerSix enters the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:31:52PrisonerSix: anybody here?
Sep 26 2016 01:32:40gladys48: I"m try to get this lottery down and i won two days again i have tried so many different pattern
Sep 26 2016 01:32:55PrisonerSix: I haven't won yet
Sep 26 2016 01:33:24PrisonerSix: I'm dealing with a house that took 3 feet of water in the flooding.
Sep 26 2016 01:33:25LottoAce: I'm making progress on the Lucky 4 Life. not so much the Pic 3
Sep 26 2016 01:33:26gladys48: How long you been playing
Sep 26 2016 01:33:33LAVERNE MALONEY says to gladys48: Congrats!
Sep 26 2016 01:33:36LottoAce: OMG
Sep 26 2016 01:33:53Kidzmom: Been away for a while and now I'm back, trying to figure out ways to win the Lucky for Life in nc
Sep 26 2016 01:34:09Barbie1 leaves the room
Members online:
Sep 26 2016 01:34:14LottoAce: me too Kidzmom
Sep 26 2016 01:34:24Kidzmom: have you had any success
Sep 26 2016 01:34:43LottoAce: I can hit the ball and a few.
Sep 26 2016 01:34:44PrisonerSix: waiting on an insurance check, but a lottery win would help too
Sep 26 2016 01:34:57LottoAce: haven't hit really solid yet. but give it some time
Sep 26 2016 01:35:23LottoAce: yes a lotterywin would help
Sep 26 2016 01:35:56PrisonerSix: need to get my tickets
Sep 26 2016 01:36:04LottoAce: do you wheel your numbers? Kidzmom
Sep 26 2016 01:36:49PrisonerSix: yawn
Sep 26 2016 01:37:01PrisonerSix: just overwhelmed
Sep 26 2016 01:37:44gladys48: Do anybody have any pattern that they would like to share
Sep 26 2016 01:38:15Kidzmom: I have Gail Howard wheel 5 to win but have not used it yet. I have been getting 2 numbers
Sep 26 2016 01:38:28Kidzmom: LottoAce
Sep 26 2016 01:38:32LottoAce: yeah
Sep 26 2016 01:38:48LottoAce: her abbreviated hit chart is awesome for picking the moneyball
Sep 26 2016 01:39:11LucidSnow enters the room
Members online:
Sep 26 2016 01:39:27LottoAce: I don't know why it works but it works consistantly
Sep 26 2016 01:39:42gladys48: I'm try to get a win my pattern do not work anymore
Sep 26 2016 01:39:49Kidzmom: Thank you LottoAce I will use that as well
Sep 26 2016 01:40:11LottoAce: your welcome, I'm sure you can return the favor someday.
Sep 26 2016 01:40:39LottoAce: go look at yesterdays winners in N.C. you will see I posted the numbers
Sep 26 2016 01:41:15gladys48: Oh thank you
Sep 26 2016 01:41:20LottoAce: weeks in advance. and have hit 4 or 5 lines everytime
Sep 26 2016 01:42:09gladys48: Would you like to share
Sep 26 2016 01:42:58LucidSnow: LottoAce, can you tell me a little more about VTrac system here? Sorry for the newb question, I just don't know that much about it
Sep 26 2016 01:43:00LottoAce: the chart deals with ajacent numbers that was its original design
Sep 26 2016 01:43:21LottoAce: I don't know much about VTrac system I don't use it
Sep 26 2016 01:43:39LucidSnow: oh ok, thanx for the responce
Sep 26 2016 01:43:47LottoAce: I did do some research on Pic 3 system though
Sep 26 2016 01:44:15gladys48: Would you like to share that pattern
Sep 26 2016 01:44:24LottoAce: I had no idea that a Pic 3 game was so different from the other lotteries
Sep 26 2016 01:44:46LucidSnow: I think there's waaay too many patterns for pick 3
Sep 26 2016 01:44:53LottoAce: There seems to be a cycle. I can't figure it out
Sep 26 2016 01:45:03LucidSnow: Pick 3 is harder than pick 5 or 6 imo
Sep 26 2016 01:45:35LottoAce: well, Pic 3 as I found out, forces you to think on your feet alot more
Sep 26 2016 01:47:21LucidSnow: If I were to do pick 3, I'd group it, 0to 3 4 to 6 and 7 to 9, I read a few days ago some one mentioning 3 6 9 on the forum, it was actually devoloped by Nicola Tesla, tho he used it for mechanical inventions
Sep 26 2016 01:47:28gladys48: I think if you get a good pattern you can win lottoAce
Sep 26 2016 01:47:40Barbie1 enters the room
Members online:
Sep 26 2016 01:48:51LottoAce: I hope your right Gladys
Sep 26 2016 01:49:31LottoAce: what about using 369 as a key?
Sep 26 2016 01:49:59gladys48: What about Tic Tac Toe
Sep 26 2016 01:50:25LottoAce: you mean like a journey system?
Sep 26 2016 01:50:30LottoAce: I've seen it work
Sep 26 2016 01:50:42PrisonerSix leaves the room
Members online:
Sep 26 2016 01:51:33gladys48: Yes it do sometime lottoAce
Sep 26 2016 01:52:21LottoAce: thanks for the chat everyone. I"m off to bed. work in AM
Sep 26 2016 01:52:39LottoAce: if I could hit it big I wouldn't have this problem...lol
Sep 26 2016 01:52:41LottoAce: nite
Sep 26 2016 01:52:52gladys48: Ok Good night
Sep 26 2016 01:52:57LottoAce leaves the room
Members online:
Sep 26 2016 01:53:46LucidSnow: glady how long have you been playing lotto, as a serious player?
Sep 26 2016 01:54:13gladys48: For 2yr
Sep 26 2016 01:54:33LucidSnow: any big wins? eg anything over 300+
Sep 26 2016 01:55:01gladys48: No 301
Sep 26 2016 01:55:36LucidSnow: I got into it because of mathematics, plus wining some cash would be helpful. After I win a cool mil, I'll start on decoding blue jay language
Sep 26 2016 01:58:19gladys48: I need some good point on this lottery because all my pattern that i got from some of my lotto family it do not work in my state some time
Sep 26 2016 01:58:20Kidzmom leaves the room
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Sep 26 2016 01:59:31Barbie1 leaves the room
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End of transcript
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