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This is the place where Lottery Post members can engage in real-time discussion about any lottery topic, using a dynamic chat window that shows you other members' responses immediately as they are posted.

The chat service is designed as a supplement to the forums, and is turned on for a limited amount of time each week.  The latest chat schedule is:

  • Sunday evening, 8:00pm - 10:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)

All public chat conversations are captured and posted right here, so you can reference any part of the discussion in the future.  Private conversations are not captured or displayed at Lottery Post.

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Last Chat Transcript

Date: Sunday, November 22, 2015

Start of transcript
Nov 23 2015 01:18:23L273 enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 01:18:54L273 leaves the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 01:24:05Zeq2mapper enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 01:26:52Zeq2mapper leaves the room
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Nov 23 2015 01:38:51phibeta1914 enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 01:39:24phibeta1914: hello
Nov 23 2015 01:39:46phibeta1914 leaves the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 01:58:56LAVERNE MALONEY enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 02:16:05Tadd enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 02:19:37Sherita enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 02:19:44Sherita: Hello
Nov 23 2015 02:20:01LAVERNE MALONEY says to Sherita: Hello.
Nov 23 2015 02:20:23Sherita: Quiet here I se
Nov 23 2015 02:20:36Sherita: see
Nov 23 2015 02:20:45LAVERNE MALONEY says to Sherita: Yes.
Nov 23 2015 02:21:49mysteque enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 02:22:13mysteque: good sunday to you one and all
Nov 23 2015 02:22:15Sherita: Hello
Nov 23 2015 02:22:58LAVERNE MALONEY says to mysteque: Hello.
Nov 23 2015 02:23:17mysteque: what is the topic of discussion tonight? p3, p4? big games?
Nov 23 2015 02:24:04Sherita: IDK....came in ahead of you
Nov 23 2015 02:24:13mysteque: work ups? i love a lot of your stuff laverne and thank you for your videos
Nov 23 2015 02:24:21Sherita: pick3 is my fav
Nov 23 2015 02:24:49LAVERNE MALONEY says to mysteque: Thanks, butI do not have any videos.
Nov 23 2015 02:25:02mysteque: i am in ky and we have had a lot of repeats this month
Nov 23 2015 02:25:17Sherita: Ga here
Nov 23 2015 02:25:18mysteque: you don't, not on youtube?
Nov 23 2015 02:25:33mysteque: i'm sorry
Nov 23 2015 02:25:44LAVERNE MALONEY says to mysteque: NP
Nov 23 2015 02:25:54mysteque: my apologies, wrong laverne then
Nov 23 2015 02:26:15mysteque: i thought you were hawley lottery? in ga i think
Nov 23 2015 02:27:42mysteque: do you play when you have a lot of repeats or do you leave it alone until it looks like it might fly right again
Nov 23 2015 02:28:19mysteque: once in awhile i can pick out the repeat, but not as often as i would like
Nov 23 2015 02:29:15LAVERNE MALONEY says to mysteque: Go with the grain of the game not against it.
Nov 23 2015 02:29:15Sherita: Sounds like Ga lottery. I just keep playing
Nov 23 2015 02:29:51mysteque: sometimes it is just hard to see the forrest through the trees
Nov 23 2015 02:30:22mysteque: it looks like it is heading in one direction, and then it repeats'
Nov 23 2015 02:31:26mysteque: you look at due digits, due sums, due pairs, look at the history of the numbers that came before
Nov 23 2015 02:32:31mysteque: i guess i have had a harder time than usual as to seeing the repeat coming
Nov 23 2015 02:33:53mysteque: maybe i need to find a new work up
Nov 23 2015 02:34:02Sherita leaves the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 02:34:16mysteque: what do you find works for y'all?
Nov 23 2015 02:34:46Barbie1 enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 02:34:56Barbie1: Hi all
Nov 23 2015 02:34:59LAVERNE MALONEY says to mysteque: Due digits, past history.
Nov 23 2015 02:35:01mysteque: hi
Nov 23 2015 02:35:12mysteque: yes i use those
Nov 23 2015 02:35:19LAVERNE MALONEY says to Barbie1: Hello.
Nov 23 2015 02:35:22mysteque: due pairs
Nov 23 2015 02:36:44mysteque: when you do your past history, do you only go back and forward a week, or like a skip pattern say 2 days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days, etc
Nov 23 2015 02:37:43LAVERNE MALONEY says to mysteque: It varies.
Nov 23 2015 02:38:00mysteque leaves the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 02:39:09Barbie1: Laverne do u c trips for GA?
Nov 23 2015 02:39:36LAVERNE MALONEY says to Barbie1: ?
Nov 23 2015 02:39:56Barbie1: She has floating around the 1 3 and 9's
Nov 23 2015 02:51:35Daddyg enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 02:55:22phoneman76 enters the room
Members online:
Nov 23 2015 02:55:34Barbie1: Hey hey
Nov 23 2015 02:55:56phoneman76: 219 314 713 899 222 777 890
Nov 23 2015 02:55:57phoneman76: hey
Nov 23 2015 02:56:01Barbie1: I thought u would be in the Big Apple for the holidays
Nov 23 2015 02:56:09Daddyg: hello,to all 3digit buff.i would like to know if someone else know how to take 220 numbers down to 26.I CAN.
Nov 23 2015 02:56:17phoneman76: nope safer in ATL
Nov 23 2015 02:56:25phoneman76: isis
Nov 23 2015 02:56:33Barbie1: ok
Nov 23 2015 02:57:15phoneman76: 1100 1011 1103 0819 2000 1000
Nov 23 2015 02:57:50Barbie1: I have ss sheet and she is around the 1 3 and 9's
Nov 23 2015 02:58:00phoneman76: yeppp
Nov 23 2015 02:59:01Barbie1: the 96 every time u turn around
Nov 23 2015 02:59:11phoneman76: 9611
Nov 23 2015 02:59:40Barbie1: How are the little ones
Nov 23 2015 02:59:49phoneman76: sleep
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