Deflate 3 - Pick 3 Number Reduction System

Introduction: Read this first!

Deflate 3 is a utility that can reduce a large list of Pick 3 lottery combinations into a smaller list of combinations (a process called "Filtering"), and organize and rank the combinations according to how many times they appear in the filtered list.

Additionally, Deflate 3 can produce a list of combinations by starting with either the complete list of unique box combinations (a total of 220 combinations) or the complete list of straight combinations (a total of 1,000 combinations), subtract any combinations you wish from that list, and then further apply any filters you wish to that list.

In combination, these abilities give you almost limitless power to shape and refine your Pick 3 combinations in any way you can imagine.

What does Deflate 3 not do?

If you have no idea how to come up with a list of combinations to play, and you're looking for someone or something to tell you what to do, Deflate 3 is not the tool for you.

To use Deflate 3, you have to start with an idea, such as "I want to see a list of all Pennsylvania Pick 3 combinations that contain the pair 13, and that have not been drawn in Pennsylvania in the last 6 months."

Once you have the idea of what you're looking for, chances are that Deflate 3, together with all the other features available at Lottery Post, will help you quickly and accurately obtain the solution.

There are detailed instructions below to help you learn the terminology, as well as the powerful features and filters.

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