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Lottery Results Gadget for Windows

See real-time lottery results right on your Windows desktop!

It doesn't get any simpler than this:  You want lottery results?  Just look at your computer screen.

Lottery Post has created the best way to view lottery results on your computer.  Introducing the Lottery Results Gadget for Windows.

You will be amazed.  Enjoy the simplicity of viewing lottery results without all the hassle and clutter of advertisements plastered all over web pages.  Why should you have to endure a barrage of popup ads just to see the latest numbers?

Download the Lottery Results Gadget

The Lottery Results Gadget for Windows is the first of its kind on the Internet, offering real-time lottery results for every lottery game in the USA, Canada, and UK.

Searching web pages for lottery results can be a drag<-

Is this how you find your lottery results every day?

Why should you have to search through piles of screaming advertisements, poor Web design, and click after click, just to get the latest numbers?

In fact, why should you have to seek out the results at all?
They should be delivered to you!

If you get the nagging feeling that lottery results Web sites are only interested in how many ads you click, click, click, you're correct!  Your clicking turns into dollars in their pocket.

And there is a dark side to all of this:  Although Lottery Post pledges to only show minimal advertising from a few select advertisers, other Web site owners are not so particular.  They have enticing ads to lottery ticket services that are complete scams — they don't really buy the lottery tickets they promise.

Don't put yourself in a position to be taken by Web scams.  Stop playing hide and seek, trying to find the lottery results in a maze of advertisements.  Download the free Lottery Results Gadget today!

What can you expect from the Lottery Results Gadget?

What you can expect

In a nutshell, you get:

  • Exactly the lottery games you want,
  • Delivered to you automatically,
  • Minutes after the draw takes place,
  • With custom display options,
  • For free.

You'll find the same attention to detail in the Lottery Results Gadget that has been the hallmark of the Lottery Post web site for over 22 years.

Here are some of the many amazing features you'll discover:


Lottery Results Gadget Features
Worldwide lottery resultsThe Lottery Results Gadget offers lottery results from around the world.  It is currently capable of displaying the results of every regular lottery game played in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and Britain.
New countries and gamesLottery Post is continuing to add new countries and games.  When a new country and/or game is added the gadget will automatically make it available — without software updates.
Custom sound effectsYou can decide what sound is played when new results and jackpot arrive, or you can instruct the gadget to stay completely silent.  You can even have multiple gadgets on the screen at one time, each with its own sound effect, so you can tell which one has the new results.  Comes packaged with a large library of fun sounds.
Direct links to game detailAt Lottery Post, we know that lottery players want not just latest results, but they also want detailed game information, previous draw data, statistics, jackpot history, and more.  That's why every game shown in the gadget is hot-linked directly to it corresponding Game Information page online.
Jackpot alertsThe announcement of a new jackpot receives the same attention in the gadget as new lottery results.  You'll hear the sound effect (if enabled), and the game will jump right to the top to let you know.
Gadget resizableYou can decide how big the docked gadget will be.  If you have multiple gadgets on the screen at once, each one can have a different size.
Custom font sizesThis feature is especially treasured by those who find reading small text difficult.  Choose from a variety of font sizes, depending on your needs.  As with other customization features, if you have multiple gadgets on the screen, each can have a different font size.
Expanded/Undocked viewThe gadget includes both a smaller view for when the gadget is docked in the Sidebar, and a larger "Expanded/Undocked" view that is displayed when you drag the gadget off the Sidebar and onto the Windows Vista desktop area.  In addition to physically being larger, the expanded view gives you additional detail not present in the normal docked view.  In Windows 7 and higher, because there is no longer a Sidebar, the gadget is placed directly on the Windows desktop area, and the Smaller/Larger button allows you to toggle the view between the regular and expanded views.
Flyout viewPopup an expanded view, including all its added detail, with a single mouse click, and then close it with another single click.  This is great for times when you're looking for quick access to additional detail, without dragging the gadget off the Sidebar.
Supports SideShow devicesUse the gadget to feed an external laptop display, electronic picture frame, remote control, or any other SideShow device.  Support includes several different views, such as sorting options, top 10, 15, and 20 latest updates, and results updated today.  You can even disable SideShow support for an extra performance bump.
Your time zoneYour time zone is detected by the gadget, and the lottery result update times are automatically adjusted to your time zone.
Automatic version checkingThe gadget will periodically make sure you're using the latest version.  A download link is provided for instant upgrades.
Multi-language supportThe Lottery Results Gadget comes with built-in support for English, Spanish, and French languages.  (More to be added in the future.)  The gadget will sense your computer's language preference and automatically change the interface to that language.
E-mail / RSS NotificationTo alert you of important news and upgrades available, you can sign up for e-mail notifications and/or syndicated RSS feed.  These are optional services, although we recommend signing up for at least one of them.  Both are 100% spam-free.
Upgrade remindersIf a new version of the gadget is available but you're not ready to upgrade, you can instruct the gadget to remind you once a day, or to ignore the upgrade entirely.
Latest results firstThe lottery results are presented in the order that they were updated, with the most recent updates at the time.  When a new result comes in, it is displayed right at the top.
Last update noticeThe date and time of the latest results update is clearly displayed.  You'll find this more useful, and refer to it more often, than you might expect.
Connection detectionThe gadget will display a warning message if an Internet connection cannot be established, or if the gadget cannot communicate with the lottery results service.
Online helpWe believe excellent support is as essential as any other function of the gadget.  The Lottery Results Gadget includes full, detailed documentation online, which is accessible with a single click.  We even provide basic assistance for common Windows gadget/Sidebar problems.
Save default settingsThis is a high-tech feature pioneered by Lottery Post!  With other Sidebar gadgets, each time you drag a new gadget onto the Sidebar it starts with the same default settings as the day you installed it.  The new technology in the Lottery Results Gadget lets you change the defaults, so every new gadget starts with your personal settings — even including a default set of games!  For example, you can have all new gadgets start pre-loaded with all the California lottery games.
Network activity lightAn unobtrusive indicator shows you when the gadget is communicating with the lottery results service.