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Download the Lottery Results Gadget

See real-time lottery results right on your Windows desktop!

Important! Before downloading, please review the requirements and installation instructions below.

We detect you are not using an operating system that is capable of using Windows gadgets.  The Lottery Results Gadget will only operate under Windows 10 or Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

NameLottery Results Gadget
Size2.80 MB
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  1. The gadget only works with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.  It will not work with Windows XP, Windows 98, Mac OS/X, Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, or other platforms.

    Note:  The gadget will also work with Windows 2008 Server or Windows 2008 R2 if the Sidebar is installed.

  2. The gadget is licensed for your personal use for free.  By downloading the software you are affirming your agreement to the license terms, which can be found here.

Installation Instructions

  1. After you click the Download Now button above, you will be asked if you want to Open or Save the download.

    Your Action: Click the Open button

    Click the Open button to install the gadget

  2. Next, Windows will warn you that the program you are opening will not be running inside the protected Internet "safe" area.  Because of this, you should only install Sidebar gadgets from companies that you trust, similar to how you would only open e-mail attachments from people you trust.

    Your Action: Click the Allow button

    Click the Allow button to continue installing the gadget

  3. The next box shows that the gadget you are installing has been signed (certified) by Speednet Group, the gadget Publisher.  (Speednet Group is the creator of Lottery Post.)  If the prompt does not show the Publisher as Speednet Group, then do not install the gadget.

    Your Action: Click the Install button

    Click the Install button after verifying Speednet Group as the Publisher

  4. Last, there will be a slight pause as the gadget is silently installed, and then you will see the gadget displayed at the top of your Sidebar (in Windows Vista) or on the Windows desktop area (in all other versions of Windows).  At that point installation is complete; you can begin configuring the gadget by clicking the Settings wrench icon, as indicated by the large arrow.

    Your Action: Click the Settings wrench icon

    Click the Settings wrench icon to start configuring the lottery results

That's it!  Installing the Lottery Results Gadget is very fast and easy.

You will find several helpful arrows and prompts to help you configure the gadget for the first time.