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UK National (UK) Lotto Raffle Results for Sat, Nov 7, 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Main Drawing

  • 02-03-34-43-49-50, Bonus: 38

Raffle Results

  • £1,000,000 Winner:
  • AQUA 9461 1796

  • £20,000 Winners:
  • AQUA 3743 7969
  • AQUA 6191 2638
  • BLUE 0051 2411
  • BLUE 8578 9408
  • GREY 2754 1006
  • GREY 4792 9014
  • GREY 6075 7618
  • JADE 1207 6263
  • LIME 4005 0218
  • NAVY 3952 6672
  • NAVY 6962 1841
  • NAVY 7613 6257
  • PINK 4539 9168
  • PINK 6659 9783
  • PINK 8087 6485
  • RUBY 4751 1170
  • RUBY 5642 7338
  • TEAL 1388 3709
  • TEAL 2400 6903
  • TEAL 3344 0879

Important Notes

What are extra drawings?
Extra drawings are additional drawings for a game that are conducted on the same date as a game's main (regular) drawing.  Extra drawings can be held for a variety of reasons — perhaps as a promotion, or to rectify an error that occurred in a previous drawing, or even as a regular feature of a game.
If extra drawings are a regular feature of a game, we often try to include the prizes awarded for winning an extra drawing in the prize payout page.  If you cannot locate prize information for the extra drawing(s) in the prize payout page, you may have to check with your lottery retailer or with your government lottery offices to determine how prizes are awarded for the extra drawing(s).  Importantly, extra drawing prizes are often awarded for matching numbers differently than in the main drawing of a game, so don't discard your tickets if you are not sure how prizes are awarded for the extra drawing(s)!

UK National (UK) Lottery Lotto Raffle Results, by Lottery Post

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