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New Arizona Lottery game on sale Sunday

Arizona LotteryArizona Lottery: New Arizona Lottery game on sale Sunday

'All or Nothing' to be drawn twice a day, replaces 2by2 game

By Todd Northrop

A popular new lottery game format is now finding its way to Arizona.

Starting Sunday, Arizona lottery players will be able to buy tickets for the latest Arizona Lottery game called All or Nothing.

In the new game, players choose 10 numbers from a total pool of 20 numbers, and they can win the top prize by matching either all or none of the 10 numbers drawn to the numbers on their game ticket.

The top prize is $25,000.

Tickets for All or Nothing cost $2 each, and they will go on sale state-wide Sunday, May 18.

"All or Nothing is the Arizona Lottery's first game to draw twice in one day, which is in direct response to our players' requests for more ways to win," said Karen Bach, director of budget, products and communications for the Arizona Lottery. "We are thrilled to launch All or Nothing and expect it to be extremely popular with our players."

All or NothingDrawings will be held two times a day, Monday through Saturday, at 10:35 a.m. and 7:05 p.m.  Like other Arizona Lottery games, the drawing times shift an hour later, to 11:35 a.m. and 8:05 p.m, starting the first Sunday in November through the second Saturday in March.

Arizona Lottery drawings are conducted with a computerized drawing system. 

In addition to the two top prizes of $25,000 by matching all or none of the numbers drawn, players will have several other ways to win prizes between $2 and $250.

Overall odds of winning All or Nothing is 1 in 5.59.

To kick off the new game, the Arizona Lottery will be hosting a special launch event Monday, May 19, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Phoenix and Tucson Lottery offices. Players will receive one free All or Nothing ticket with the purchase of two All or Nothing tickets.

The Arizona Lottery street team will be at the Phoenix office with a "Spin-to-Win" promotion and scheduled appearances by Diamondbacks' mascot Baxter from 11 to 11:30 a.m. and Phoenix Mercury's mascot Scorch from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Players also will have the chance to win one of three "Ultimate Sports Packages" consisting of Diamondbacks- or Mercury-autographed memorabilia and more.

The coming of All or Nothing also signals the end to another Arizona Lottery game.  All or Nothing will replace Arizona Lottery's draw game, 2by2, which will end after Saturday night's drawing on May 17. (Arizona's 2by2 game is not the multi-state 2by2 game that is played in Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota, but it is played the same way.)

Arizona is not the first state to implement the 'All or Nothing' game format, which has gained popularity recently in several other states.  Currently, the states of Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Texas, as well as the country of Ireland, have started All or Nothing games.  (It is called Hit or Miss in Illinois.)

Among the other All or Nothing states, Georgia, Illinois, and Texas and Illinois have implemented the game with four daily drawings.

As with all other Arizona Lottery games, proceeds from All or Nothing will fund a variety of programs in the state of Arizona.

All or Nothing winning numbers will be published on Lottery Post's Arizona Lottery Results page soon after each drawing takes place.

Lottery Post Staff

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5 comments. Last comment 3 years ago by rdgrnr.
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dallascowboyfan's avatar - tiana the-princess-and-the-frog.jpg
United States
Member #82391
November 12, 2009
6305 Posts
Posted: May 17, 2014, 4:47 pm - IP Logged

This seems to be the new popular game I know the one in a Texas you win $250,000. If only Oklahoma could get a new state game.

I Love Pink & Green 1908

    mrcraft's avatar - images3lp4 zps7dbb4a10.jpg
    Los Angeles, California
    United States
    Member #149492
    December 2, 2013
    919 Posts
    Posted: May 17, 2014, 5:02 pm - IP Logged

    This is an interesting variation to all other "All or Nothing" games available in other states.  You pick 10 numbers instead of the typical 12.  I'd be interested in seeing what the reception will be from the folks in Arizona with this game.

      spartan1707's avatar - Lottery-050.jpg
      United States
      Member #119762
      December 2, 2011
      83 Posts
      Posted: May 19, 2014, 1:55 pm - IP Logged

      This is another Rip Off game. Arizona still has problems with posting results and they continue to say they are working on it after more than a year. No Live drawings and if you wish to view a drawing you must summit a request well in advance like a wk or more. They never post where the winning ticket is drawn in the state and in my humble view they pick the least picked number for all it's games insuring under 100 winners per game.  They also close the drawings about 1 hr before the drawing then take all night to post the numbers drawn. I've complained with countless others including state rep about it and got nothing other than the same old run around. They run multiple tests drawings before the actual drawings which no one sees. I thought the switch to computer drawings would not need this much maintenance. A look into just the pick3 would show how it is done with numbers going years not drawn and others which come out multiple times in a year even in days. 777 last seen 2008....666 last seen when Arizona started it's lottery. Not seen since 20 plus years. This State run Lottery is a joke,rip off!

        New Member
        Phoenix, Arizona
        United States
        Member #155464
        May 19, 2014
        1 Posts
        Posted: May 19, 2014, 5:11 pm - IP Logged

        10:30 am draw time and the results do not show on AZ lottery website until 1:15 pm.  found the results on this site an hour before it was posted to the Az lottery web site. Previously it was no more than a half an hour.  One can only wonder what is going on down there.  I have asked a lot of questions and they never seem to find the time to reply to them.

          rdgrnr's avatar - walt
          Way back up in them dadgum hills, son!
          United States
          Member #73904
          April 28, 2009
          14903 Posts
          Posted: May 19, 2014, 9:52 pm - IP Logged

          Odds ain't bad at 1 in 184,756 for the top prize.

          But the top prize is only $25,000.

          And it's 2 bucks a ticket.

          Nah, I'd take a pass.