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Powerball ticket price to increase to $3 in Idaho

Topic closed. 33 replies. Last post 4 months ago by treefiddy.

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January 22, 2015
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I agree, if they are making you pay $3 and rest of America doesn't, almost doesn't seem fair.


wonder why they haven't moved it back to $40mil?

Your second sentence speaks volumes.  No accountability, just do as they please.  Using Covid-19 was just an excuse IMHO to drop the starting jackpots..conveniently MM & PB both agree to that.


I hope that KLC goes back to ball drawings vs RNG but something tells me when pigs fly they'll revert back to that.

2020 was the pick 4 today here and paid out handsomely!

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    Why not try it in bigger states? The states that win often 




    Cause there are more savy players in those high revenue States... They won't risk THAT much revenue, possibly suffering a serious blow to an already dying game..that's why they picked Idaho , to test the idea...they're only significant if you're concerned about Wink "potatoes"...notice how LOs CONDITIONED the State's players by threatening to STOP having PB there FIRST , then hit'em with ANOTHER $1.00 cost increase, but this time MANDATORY..!! LOL

      Thumbs Up Classic "Psychological Conditioning 101"

    I think foreign Countries told'em to "Shovit"...so, they're slyly tryin to pilfer American players... But ,No No I DON'T THINK SOOOO...!!

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      April 17, 2021
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      Your states together are in fact one state.

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        January 5, 2021
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        I shudder when I look to European lotteries and hope it never comes to fruition here with seven #'s to pick from.  IF that happens that might be the straw that breaks the Camel's back for me and probably lots of other folks too.   Hard enough to win with six numbers.

        I always play Powerplay; however I wish they'd match Mega Millions for secondary prize.   Once in a blue moon---if that often, seriously, PB has the Powerball # as 10...but it doesn't apply to secondary prize.   They're getting awful greedy.  With MM as we all know it can go from 2-5 so with a 5 you'd get $5 million secondary vs. $2 million on suckazz PB.  Better yet, as we've discussed before just roll them all into one lottery.

        Why? The odds are way better.

        Eurojackpot is 1:95 000 000

        Euromillions is 1: 175 000 000

        German Lotto is 1: 140 000 000 with second prize regularly going up to 4 million within 2 draws.

        The only crap one is SuperEna wit 1: 600 000 000, which is about twice as ahrd as Mega.