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Prediction Winners for Sunday, May 1, 2016 (Filter Applied)

 Member State Game  Win Type  Prediction  Actual Results Prize
aux8bNew JerseyPick 3 Evening6-Way Box8-5-98-9-5$40
Bahamas41New JerseyPick 4 Midday12-Way Box4-3-0-00-4-0-3$200
bayramNew JerseyPick 3 Midday6-Way Box1-5-35-1-3$40
Dd2160New JerseyPick 3 Midday6-Way Box3-1-55-1-3$40
diggindeeepNew JerseyPick 3 Evening6-Way Box5-8-98-9-5$40
diggindeeepNew JerseyPick 3 Evening6-Way Box9-8-58-9-5$40
emilygNew JerseyPick 3 Evening6-Way Box5-9-88-9-5$40
ESONew JerseyPick 3 Evening6-Way Box5-9-88-9-5$40
gr8terNew JerseyPick 3 MiddayStraight + 6-Way Box5-1-35-1-3$290
gr8terNew JerseyPick 3 MiddayStraight + 6-Way Box5-1-35-1-3$290
jojosurfNew JerseyPick 4 Evening12-Way Box4-7-9-49-4-7-4$200
lynki516New JerseyPick 3 Evening6-Way Box8-5-98-9-5$40
MikeinMotleyNew JerseyPick 3 Evening6-Way Box5-8-98-9-5$40
mr lotteryNew JerseyPick 4 Midday12-Way Box0-3-0-40-4-0-3$200
sully16New JerseyPick 3 Midday6-Way Box1-3-55-1-3$40
TheArtOfMackingNew JerseyPick 4 Evening12-Way Box4-9-7-49-4-7-4$200
woody4591New JerseyPick 3 Evening6-Way Box9-8-58-9-5$40
17 Prediction Winners$1,820

Statistics for Prediction Winners for Sunday, May 1, 2016 (Filter Applied)

  • Total predictions: 7,659
  • Winning predictions: 17
  • Winning predictions percentage: 0.22%
  • Total simulated cost: $7,659.00
  • Total simulated prizes: $1,820.00
  • Prize Ratio: 23.76%


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