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i need do you......

Posted By: LOTTOMIKE — March 9, 2006, 11:26 pm

i want to put my some of my winning tickets on here in my to do i scan them and then put them on here so i can view it?


Reply #1:  LOTTOMIKE  —  March 10, 2006, 6:57 am

i learned last night how to change the avatar.just wondering how to do some other things.any help is appreciated.i have learned a lot due to the nice people here.......i bought a scanner,copier and printer in one so i could do a few things.might even post a couple pics of my babies in my blog.i just need to know a few things like once you scan it where it goes to and how to do get it on the site.i'd like to make a homepage.any help is appreciated........

Reply #2:  PadawanLotto  —  March 10, 2006, 7:34 am

Mike, it's been awhile since I did this but, I believe you have to place your image on a web site and then link to that image using the URL that the image is stored at. Look for the icon of the image of the tree that is 4 icons to the left of the smiley face on the post reply control panel. Also some sites like this one limit the size of the image that you post.

There may be some server sites out there that you can store images or post whole web sites for free. I use Freeservers but they have changed their policy and no longer allow links unless you upgrade to a paying customer.

Reply #3:  Lottery Queen  —  March 10, 2006, 8:41 am

Ok Mike just scan it like a picture save it, then upload it with URL so everyone can see it 
Here is a book I made I uploaded it  Good Luck Mike

Reply #4:  LOTTOMIKE  —  March 10, 2006, 9:04 am

save it,then upload it with URL.what is URL.i'm lost at this point.....

Reply #5:  Triple Tree  —  March 10, 2006, 9:50 am

Hi Mike!

A URL is a web page address.  EG. so anything that comes after the word http:// is actually a URL.

In this case, you might need to post your pictures/images to a image hosting site or if your blog page allows you to, then it's better! Just post/host it there.  Hope this helps.Wink

Reply #6:  Raven62  —  March 10, 2006, 10:24 am

Maybe you should consider setting up a Gallery on your Webspace:

LottoMike's Place

You might want to take a look at some of the other Webspaces:

Todd's Place

Reply #7:  LOTTOMIKE  —  March 10, 2006, 10:32 am

thanks everyone for your suggestions.raven thats a good point.i forgot about that.i think its about time i "moved in"

Reply #8:  LOTTOMIKE  —  March 16, 2006, 4:19 pm

Ok Mike just scan it like a picture save it, then upload it with URL so everyone can see it 
Here is a book I made I uploaded it  Good Luck Mike

how do you upload it with URL?

give me some beginners steps.

when i scan it its saying bif image

Reply #9:  MrBobb  —  March 16, 2006, 5:22 pm


 "how do you upload it with URL?  give me some beginners steps.  when i scan it its saying bif image"


(You may want to print out these instructions before you get started):

1. Click on "Member Home Pages" on the "Lottery Post Links: sidebar on the left side of your screen.  A new browser window called "Welcome to Lottery Post Member Pages" will open.

2. You'll need to "Sign In."  If you don't remember your LP Member Pages password click the "Forgot Password?" link and have your Member Pages password resent to you.

3. Once you Sign In, you'll be in your home page.  For now, if you just want to upload images, click on "File Manager" under "The Tool Shed" bar on the right side of the screen.

4. You can use the "File Manager" (on the right side of the screen) to create a folder called images.  Once you've created the folder, click on the folder's link to open it.

5. Going back to the "File Manager" (again, on the right side of the screen), click on "Upload File".  The "Upload Files" page will load.  Press the "Browse..." button to locate the file on your computer's hard disk.  Once you've selected the file you want to upload by clicking "Open" you'll be returned to the "Upload Files" page.  Then click the "Upload Files" button and your scanned image file will be uploaded to your image folder.  The image file will have the same name as the the one on your hard disk.

6. After you've uploaded your image, you can link to it. If you created the images folder, the URL to your image would be:

  For example, the URL of my avitar is:

Hope this helps you get your images uploaded and posted.  If not, let me know and I'll see if I can help you out.  Or perhaps Todd knows a better way to do this...


Reply #10:  MrBobb  —  March 17, 2006, 12:16 pm

Testing uploaded image:

Reply #11:  LOTTOMIKE  —  March 17, 2006, 12:21 pm

thanks mrbobb!!!