Maine World Poker Tour

Maine (ME) World Poker Tour Prizes and Odds for Thu, Sep 28, 2023

Thursday, September 28, 2023

World Poker Tour

Each prize amount is based upon the ticket cost shown next to it.
Match Prize Amount Odds
Nightly Draw: Match 5 of 5 $100,000 $2 ticket cost 1 in 2,598,960
Nightly Draw: Match 4 of 5 $500 $2 ticket cost 1 in 11,059
Nightly Draw: Match 3 of 5 $20 $2 ticket cost 1 in 240
Instant Win: Royal Flush $5,000 $2 ticket cost 1 in 649,740
Instant Win: Straight Flush $500 $2 ticket cost 1 in 72,193
Instant Win: Four of a Kind $150 $2 ticket cost 1 in 4,165
Instant Win: Full House $75 $2 ticket cost 1 in 694
Instant Win: Flush $50 $2 ticket cost 1 in 509
Instant Win: Straight $20 $2 ticket cost 1 in 255
Instant Win: Three of a Kind $10 $2 ticket cost 1 in 47
Instant Win: Two Pair $5 $2 ticket cost 1 in 21
Instant Win: Pair of Jacks or better $3 $2 ticket cost 1 in 8
Instant Win with All In: Royal Flush $5,000 + 100% of Jackpot $3 ticket cost 1 in 649,740
Instant Win with All In: Straight Flush $500 + 10% of Jackpot $3 ticket cost 1 in 72,193
Instant Win with All In: Four of a Kind $300 $3 ticket cost 1 in 4,165
Instant Win with All In: Full House $150 $3 ticket cost 1 in 694
Instant Win with All In: Flush $100 $3 ticket cost 1 in 509
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Important Notes

Ticket costs
Some lottery games, especially daily numbers games like Pick 3 and Pick 4, allow the player to decide the cost per ticket, and the payout will change based upon the amount paid per ticket.  That's why we include the note just above the prize table specifying the ticket cost that each prize is based upon.  For example, if you paid twice as much per ticket as the cost in the note above, then your actual prize will be twice as much as the prize listed here.
Zero prize amounts
For some games, particularly games with pari-mutuel payouts (when the prizes are different every drawing), you may see a zero (for example, $0) for a prize value if nobody won that particular prize on that day.  Other times a zero value may be shown for prizes with no money value, such as a free ticket.  In that case we will show a description of the prize in the "Match" column.
Some games have add-on features called multipliers that can increase (multiply) prizes won.  For example, Mega Million's Megaplier feature.  If the multiplier is an extra cost per ticket, we typically only include the normal, non-multiplied, prize amounts in our prize payout table.
Bonus/extra draws
Sometimes lotteries hold extra drawings of a particular game, either as a promotion or to rectify an error that occurred in a previous drawing.  Our prize payout table only shows the payouts for the regularly-scheduled drawing.  It is possible that the bonus/extra drawing has different payout amounts.

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