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CASTING CALL: Looking for Lottery Winners to be featured in TLC Series
Beyond Productions (producers of Mythbusters ) is looking for anyone who has come into sudden money, whether it be from the lottery, a casino, a raffle, an inheritance, etc, to be featured in new season of TLC's hit series Lottery Changed My Life . We're looking for winners who have mainly positive stories to share and are not afraid of the camera. Beyond Productions is based in Australia, with offices in LA and Washington DC. We pride ourselves on...
Feb 6, 2009, 4:18 pm - jkowats

Millionaire Raffle
I know it sounds funny for someone who lives in Michigan and loves playing the lottery to say they HATE the Michigan Lottery butt I do... This Millionaire Raffle stuff is a PRIME EXAMPLE of what Michigan does.. They introduce a new game with decent odds, then keep making the odds worse or the payouts smaller till they start taking more then they should... I keep trying to get my wife Princess to move to FLORIDA!! A GREAT STATE for...
Sep 15, 2007, 11:42 am - TomCat

Maryland #'s for 1/29/07-2/04/07
Only 5 winning #'s from the list last week, and one of those was a repeat. I don't know whats going on in Maryland with all of the repeats. Theory: Making up for the loss from the Raffle de-boggle. This weeks' list: 012-013-014-015-016-017-018-019-122-023-024-028-029-034-038 039-045-046-047-048-049-056-057-058-059-067-068-069-077-078 079-088-089-122-123-124-128-129-134-138-139-145-146-147-148 149-156-157-158-159-167-168-169-177-178-179-188-189-223-224...
Jan 29, 2007, 11:00 am - Litebets27

What's wrong with a fixed lottery?
I recently made this post in a thread about fixed lotteries, but nobody answered. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Exactly what does it mean for a lottery to be fixed? When a lottery puts a particular scratch-off series on sale, they already know exactly how many tickets will be sold in that series and exactly how much they'll pay out. The only mystery is who will be lucky enough to win...
Jan 4, 2007, 7:10 pm - ayenowitall

Maryland #'s for 1/1/2007-1/7
Not a good outcome from last week's list. There were only 4 wins out of 14 draws. I hope this week's list will be better since MSLA won't be saving up for the Raffle! 012-013-014-015-016-017-018-019-023-024-026-027-028-029-036 037-038-039-045-046-047-048-049-056-057-058-059-067-068-069 077-078-079-089-123-124-125-126-127-128-129-136-137-138-139 145-146-147-148-149-156-157-158-159-167-168-169-177-178-179 189-236-237-238-239-245-246-247-248-249-256-257...
Jan 1, 2007, 10:04 am - Litebets27

the NY instant games
the second largest instant ticket that have hit 500.00 on a set for life 10.00 and a 100.00, then 50.00 all three tickets were from the same place in the same week. then a nice combo that 755 started the dough falling in my pocket, the 564 straight, and last the 675 straight not a bad run.looking for the 565, and the 705 , also have a raffle ticket from the NJ lottery dated the 1st of November, Would anyone have the number that was drawn on that day?also what doe...
Nov 13, 2006, 10:14 pm - thousandair

A Richer Country: small Breakthrough as well as dissappointment
One of my goals was to find a way that will make everyone in a country with 30 million people or more a millionaire (at least have 1 million dollars), i did this because i wanted to see everyone in the U.S with 1 million dollars at least.... This may not look like much but at least is a step forward...Is a step that someone could take a step further and elaborate... But don't think is a field full of roses, is not....Unfortunately this requires for your money to be placed...
Oct 18, 2008, 7:05 pm - pumpi76

2015 and happy new years
Well I hope that everyone here at lottery post has a safe new years but still have fun. Well I get paid on friday and I have to get three services done on the car this friday. So I think it will run about $300 because we have yet to do these services since we bought the car in 2013 march. Once the services are done we will not need them again done for another 75000 miles. We just broke 100,000 miles in our 2006 sonota so the car has been really good to us. I am v...
Dec 31, 2014, 9:04 pm - weshar75

Remember this?? $9.2 Trillion dollars Wealthy Global Annual Powerball
Remember this??? Well i was thinking, out of the $3 Trillion that they were going to give people in the form of: $50 Million dollars Raffle i was thinking why not hold those, $3 Trillion dollars for 3 years place it in the bank at: 9% earning interests, just for 3 years each annual drawing...It will be: $270 Billion dollars per year in 3 year...
Apr 8, 2011, 1:56 am - pumpi76

New guitar on the way
A friend of mine in N.Y. won a raffle. The prize was this $1800.00 guitar. He dosen't play the guitar. He was supposed to come down to Florida, here in Fort Myers yesterday. I called him last night to find out why he didn't show. He said he got tied up. He said he'll be here next wednesday. He went on to say that he'll be bringing the guitar here with him, but won't leave with it. I asked him what he meant by that, and he said that he's gi...
Sep 17, 2008, 10:20 am - pacattack05

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