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do you want mega millions or big lottery win numbers...or any draw you want,, share an email..will post with short list ahead of drawings by 1 day ahead.....but not the email here. use the email goggly with paneagle7... thanks..
Feb 27, 2024, 4:07 pm - paneagle - Jackpot Games Forum

Powerball & Mega Millions: A History
Yeah, the lottery industry needs to realize most players recycle the lower tier wins back in to the lottery most of the time anyway. In addition, if the lower tier win is big enough, it gets put in to the local economy; with taxes on those purchases... win-win for both the player and gubment. So, it would be the best interest of all, if the lottery industry would loosen their money bags a bit and crack off a little of that pot for those lower tier wins.
Oct 27, 2023, 12:27 pm - JADELottery - Jackpot Games Forum

Wisconsin SuperCash $$
$350,000 SuperCash! top prize win in Big Bend on Wednesday, October 18. Congrats to the winner !!!! Jon
Oct 19, 2023, 3:43 am - whynot789 - Jackpot Games Forum

Wisconsin All Or Nothing $$ 2023
Twice Daily Draw Jackpot Prize: $100,000 Give it ago and win BIG ! Good Luck!
Jul 1, 2023, 1:45 am - Nikkicute - Jackpot Games Forum

Powerball/Mega Millions Winner Combination for the next Draw.
Hello everyone! A couple of weeks before the big 2 billion draw, and since no one had won yet and the big draw was over, I became very interested in why and jumped right into researching and analyzing past winning numbers for both Powerball like Mega. millions. To make the presentation short, almost without realizing it, I had built a system manually, of course, since I have no idea about the use of logarithms in programming. and my first test was to buy the lottery for the big draw of
May 7, 2023, 11:50 am - Mountainhigh - Jackpot Games Forum

megamillions leading contender
You only need mega balls 2 8 9 10. that 4/25 = .16 x 100 = 16% of the bonus balls. Remember you have to save some money for next Tuesday in case it rolls again. You have to be careful of PUTIN. He might just make it roll forever, and end ever and forever, and nobody will ever win. The only guy who will win is the Big Guy . He always gets his 10% from Ukraine.
Jul 28, 2022, 9:40 pm - JeetKuneDoLotto - Jackpot Games Forum

Why are payouts on the low side of the big games different?
The overall odds of the various prize categories in Mega and PB are pretty close, but he amounts of the prizes vary as you noted. For example should one get a 4-0 ticket in PB, it only pays $100, but if you were able to get the red PB with those 4 numbers, it pays $50,000!! In Mega if you get a 4-0 ticket it pays $500 and if you get the Mega Ball with those 4 numbers, it pays $10,000. This is 2 of the biggest differences in the two games. Regarding lower prizes which are hard to win, 2 WBs +
Jun 13, 2022, 2:22 pm - lottobrain - Jackpot Games Forum

Maddog's POWERBALL Challenge 9/16
Thanks for the encouragement. Given the extremely difficulty of this prediction problem, its needed. I notice that the statistics portion of my predictions overlap with your predictions. This is the first time that I won more than I played IRL on Powerball or Mega Millions, albeit only $2 more. One $2 play with a 0+1 win. The power play was x2, so had I power played, it would have been a $5 gain. But power playing all the time means 50% more losses when I lose, which is almost always. To
Sep 17, 2023, 4:48 am - Wavepack - Jackpot Games Forum

EDESSA although anyone can share there religion and philos and words its not against or for any laws or ideas but it really isnt called for and it is invasive to suggest you are actually doing anything more to support this project so its not a perfect use of OUR TIME I wouldn't mind you stop the cat call but if you must CATalog your POSITION, then whatever... Notice I don't spout my 'real-legion' here either but LOTTERY is clearly gambling so what you say in the gambling hall is gamb
Mar 21, 2024, 3:05 am - paneagle - Jackpot Games Forum

solaris update MEGA MILLIONS GREEN GREAT/ RED SHARED LIST IS ADJUSTED PLAY or watch LOTTERY MEGA 800 MILLION WIN NUMBERS FROM SOLARIZ MARCH 15 date dig 3215641686 date big dig 6155453207 ADD SUBTRACT 30/1/10/60 TO MATCH NUMBERS WITH DATE DIGITS OR 1-70 CHOICE red power30 60 10 31 41 1 42 2 12 43 53 23 4 14 35 5 26 37 48 18 39 great green 1/2/30 56/57/26 20/21/22 4/5/36 53/24/25 17/18/19 46 29/59 . GREEN AND RED 30/1/31 26 4/5/35 48/18 41/42/12 23/53 play
Mar 15, 2024, 1:32 pm - paneagle - Jackpot Games Forum

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