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Robinson's buy 6.2 Million $ home on 320 acrea in TN
I did read about the crazy lawsuit. But I was unaware that they got fired. Bodyguards too?
Jul 9, 2016, 5:00 pm - jacintasc - Lottery Discussion Forum

Should Camelot Pay These "Jackpot Winners"?
Was the lottery app the property of the UK lottery commission, or some private company ?? If the lottery app belonged to the UK lottery commission, and confirmed that the ticket was purchased before the deadline, I think the couple could sue the UK lottery commission for their winnings, b/c the computer glitch was the fault of the UK lottery commission app. However, they should read the online contract that they had to agree to when they purchased the lottery app online in the first place. T
Jan 2, 2016, 1:50 am - destinycreation - Lottery Discussion Forum

Illinios Lottery keeps going down hill
I re-evaluated what games I was buying and cut way back, but I'm still buying. The money is there for paying winners, only the comptroller can't issue checks. Until either legislators come to their senses or that group of winners win their lawsuit. And I have absolutely no doubt they will get their funds released once their suit is heard. Let's say I win over $25,000 tomorrow. Will I be sitting around stewing in bitterness over a delay for a few months? NO! I will be going to work with a hug
Oct 12, 2015, 10:52 pm - ArizonaDream - Lottery Discussion Forum

My husband's brother won the lottery but hasn't offered to help us out.
Do you REALLY think a lottery winner will be able to keep the news a secret from their family? Depends on how close you are to your family. If Warren Buffett's children could be duped enough that they didn't know their parents were multi-billionaires until they were older, I don't see any reason why a lottery winner wouldn't be able to keep that secret to him or her self. If the lotteries were anonymous, all a person would have to do is allude to a windfall to explain away an influx of
Sep 20, 2015, 11:23 pm - Teddi - Lottery Discussion Forum

You in a Pool that forbids anyone buying tickets " on the side"-However..
Dang, you know that probably happens more often than not. But no way any lawsuit would stand any ground. Unless the pool had everyone sign a notarized contractual agreement (even then you can probably hire a team of lawyers to defend yourself) there's no ground the rest of the pool to stand on. I'm guessing the pool probably already has people playing on the side. It's your own money and you are not sharing with the pool so you don't have to share the winnings.
Feb 9, 2015, 11:18 pm - nist7seven - Lottery Discussion Forum

It's time the lottery needs to stop releasing a person name and picture when a big win is won!
The lottery doesn't care about the safety of its players. They only care about the free publicity and they hide behind the flimsy transparency argument to do it. Not until someone is kidnapped and/or murdered as a direct result of the forced publicity will they stop this nonsense. It took Australia finding out about a kidnapping plot on a winner's child to force them to change the rules to allow for anonymity. It'll take a tragic event and a massive lawsuit for things to change here. As for t
Feb 6, 2015, 7:16 am - Teddi - Lottery Discussion Forum

Ohio New Year Raffle
I bought one early. At that time on the ticket and on their website the drawing was listed as January 2. Now it has been extended to January 5 according to the Ohio lottery website. I don't think this is right. They say they are giving you more time to play , when the real reason is they have not sold as many tickets as they wanted to. Tickets sold by the original January 2 noon deadline will now have smaller odds of winning since more tickets are being sold through January 5. How many people bo
Jan 2, 2015, 10:29 am - Pibo55 - Lottery Discussion Forum

(Just For fun)- You part of a pool where one of the members decides...
One individual cannot change the terms of an agreement unless there's a meeting of the minds with all parties involved. The reason lottery pools are such a problem is that most don't spell out the terms of the agreement. If the pool administrator or his designated ticket buyer buys extra tickets using the extra contribution they've implicitly agreed to the new terms. There's a chance they could win a lawsuit, but there's a chance it would cost them as much to win it as it would to just pay
Jun 27, 2014, 8:32 pm - KY Floyd - Lottery Discussion Forum

TLC The Lottery Changed My Life...on again
I think the $67 million was after taxes. It's been reported that they each netted around $21 million. In any case, she's big on pretending the $112 million was all hers. Lanre claimed that they always get their money out first so that it minimized their losses allowing Queen Nefertari to remain financially fit even though their movies hadn't performed well. I don't really believe that, but that's what he was spinning. Sorry to hear Kim's restaurant closed. I know she started it to have so
Jun 22, 2014, 1:12 pm - Teddi - Lottery Discussion Forum

Why is the Ohio Classic Lotto so difficult to win?
The game was called Ohio Lotto, it was 6/40, and it and the 6/44 Super Lotto game that eventually replaced it in 1986 paid pari-mutual. When the pick-4 began it was only drawn 3 nights and it too was pari-mutual. When I just went to the Ohio Lottery website looking for their archives, I noticed that 8556 was drawn last night and it paid over $1000 for a box bet when it was first drawn in the 80s. The archives going back to 1979 are either no longer on the lottery site or they hid them pretty goo
May 19, 2014, 1:41 pm - Stack47 - Lottery Discussion Forum