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$1.3 billion Mega Millions lottery winner's family sues him for not sharing jackpot
Family of lottery winner bites back in scathing legal battle; winner changes his story By Kate Northrop The $1.3 billion Mega Millions lottery winner sued the mother of his child for revealing the win to his family, but now, his father is accusing him of going back on a promise to share the jackpot. The family of the $1.3 billion Mega Millions jackpot winner is biting back in court, claiming he went against his word that he would share the lottery winnings. I told him... 'You are
May 15, 2024, 5:24 pm - Todd - Lottery News

$1.3 billion Mega Millions lottery winner's family sues him for not sharing jackpot
So much to unpack, so many many questions 1. Kinda hard to keep a massive windfall private when you suddenly have enough funds for round-the-clock security teams for you and your daughter. Would love to know what the cover story for that was 2. It's been advised by CFAs not to use the principal to donate or give $$ away to family/friends. Only give money away from the interest. If John had taken that advice, it means that daddy shouldn't have expected to see anything for at least 6
May 15, 2024, 10:19 pm - Sasha - Lottery News

DC man sues the lottery after incorrect numbers posted on website would have won him $340 million
It looks to me Mr. Cheeks bought the ticket after the incorrect numbers were posted. I had noticed that, too. It seems extremely likely that he happened to have noticed the error and deliberately bought a ticket using the numbers from the website instead of a set of numbers he chose through some honest method. I'm split about evenly between the possibility that he's one of the clowns that think the game is rigged and the (fake) winning numbers were accidentally posted early, and the possibi
Feb 24, 2024, 1:05 am - KY Floyd - Lottery News

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