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That 56 is gonna drop Val...................soon........................I don't actually bet in the lottery much........I do it on paper for sport but I just emailed t-girl and told her I was gonna splurge today.....I am betting all the triples 50 cents and 825............and 566 and 556. I noticed ms whizz had it as I might wheel those doubles. She is quite accurate. To complicate matters, Sista Dee has 777-999 as picks for today....heck..........I just got a funny feeling whi
Jun 10, 2003, 6:48 am - Sandy K - Pick 3 Forum

Virginia: 6/1 - 6/30/2023
That's a good question, TheBiz!. This was just a random stranger I encountered at a lottery machine. Some players are very secretive about their workups, so I didn't press for more info, just listened to what she had to say. FYI, the only other thing she said was that she is also expecting 7777 in the Pick 4. I just looked it up and 7777 has only fallen twice in the history of the Pick 4, the last time as 04/13/2004 Day: 7777 Night: 0251 about 13,734 draws ago. Poking around a bit in the Pick 4
Jun 22, 2023, 4:38 pm - parlayman - Pick 3 Forum

Pick 3 Forecast (Multiple States) 14th Edition
I just realized I won 8 times today. It was not a new profit record but it was definitely a new daily win record and ROI record. I focus on keeping the cost low, and multiplying the ROI so I can reinvest and compound faster. I seek compounded growth. The profit will inevitably come but you must be disciplined enough to reinvest. To be able to play and post more forecasts I pre-make forecasts in spreadsheets so all I have to do is update the new drawing results every day and automatically see
Mar 10, 2022, 1:23 am - LottoIntuitive - Pick 3 Forum

Pick 3 Forecast (Multiple States) 10th Edition
Almost to Forecast #100 I don't even know why I'm excited but I am. It feels like some dramatic climax about to happen. I'm waiting for my poor little spreadsheets to finish struggling to process my over 1,288 potential forecast. It's taking longer than the usual 30-40 minutes for some reason. However, I do see a possible 2 forecast to play. I feel like I should do something at #100. I keep a record of all of my stats and observations that I've been collecting throughout the yea
Oct 4, 2019, 1:18 am - LottoIntuitive - Pick 3 Forum

Pick 3 Forecast (Multiple States) 10th Edition
You can predict the lottery as entertainment only or you can learn how to use it to build generational wealth. There are more possibilities here than most people realize or take seriously. You don't have to be some nobel prize winning mathematician to be a highly precise predictor, however, you do need to develop your intuition, be prepared to sacrifice, exercise your creativity and self discipline. How bad do you want to experience what you say you want to experience? Are you willin
Sep 9, 2019, 9:12 am - LottoIntuitive - Pick 3 Forum

Ncel - North Carolina - No Play Day - October 1St, 2015
Spot on ClubPulse! I will be starting an online petition soon and once enough people sign it, plan to deliver it to the Attorney Generals office for review and asking for an investigation. Here is an excerpt from it regarding live draws: 1.a) Cameras: a.) 2 cameras should be used during each drawing. One static shot that shows announcer (MC) and full view of the machines during the segment , another used as a PIP (Picture-in-picture) shot of the top of the chute where the ball is captur
Sep 14, 2015, 5:31 pm - itpmguru - Pick 3 Forum

Michigan Post 12/29-1/6
Morning FBird, You hit it dead on the noise. Sandy K she is the other person I was talking about in my post - I read a post from her a couple months ago that indicated the same thing. Now with the gentlemen calling the balls out before they hit the top of the hopper (I didn't catch that). Ouch that hurts when I think about all the money I have lost. However, here is something that may help a lot of lottery players. A couple of my collegues was talking yesterday about the lottery
Jan 2, 2009, 6:36 am - Chris - Pick 3 Forum

Florida - 05/01 thru 05/31/2008
A question to all - With the mid-day draws supposedly starting on May 19th (only 10 days from now), has anyone seen any advertisements on TV or the FL lottery web site? I have not been able to find any info on the web site at all. Nor have I seen anything on TV or heard it on the radio. (I receive Tampa stations). I have asked 2 different c-store owners about it they knew nothing. Only 1 place that I had bought my tickets at, had a photo copy of the ad from the lottery, posted by the scrat
May 9, 2008, 3:31 pm - inittowin - Pick 3 Forum

Georgia Feb.5Th Thru Feb 11Th
I think I need to say something here, because it's starting to get a bit warm in here. I understand those who are asking msgirlinga to post numbers to the predictions board, and I also encourage people to do that, for many reasons that I have outlined countless times before. I also understand that this thread is an ongoing endeavor, in which everyone is working together, so it may be frustrating to see msgirlinga not following the same procedures as the rest. However, it does not appea
Feb 7, 2007, 6:02 pm - Todd - Pick 3 Forum

Pick 3 Forecast (Multiple States) 15th Edition
9/28 TX morning results: 904 I forgot to update here but that was an awesome win! Caught the exact order $mash because I had the 904 combo in a different forecast ( Forecast #38 Level 2 ). But yeah, I'm definitely always working to predict just one combo. It's hard AF to do and the conditions are super rare but when I see them; I'm playing them. Forecast #1 Level 6 Specific State drawings included (play these state drawings only) : TX MORNING , NJ DAY, TX DAY, NC DAY
Sep 30, 2023, 3:34 pm - LottoIntuitive - Pick 3 Forum