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Lottery jackpots may get bigger
I'm wondering about these bigger jackpots that may go up to 500+ million or to even a billion. People have said multiple times that this may not happen, but I'm wondering if the boost from a 20 million to a 40 million starting number will promote larger jackpots by lessening the amount of draws it takes to get to those higher jackpots. As someone said, someone giving the lottery a chance may be more attracted to the 40 million prize versus the starting prize of 12 million in MM, despite the
Feb 14, 2012, 4:53 pm - DisplacedLurker - Lottery News

First N.C. Mega Millions lottery winner claims jackpot
I am an avid lottery player and have a bit of a hobby collecting tickets from all over the US from my travels. I have bought tickets in Greensboro many times and am glad to see someone win, however I felt for winning such a difficult game this man should have gotten more out of it. I mean 12 million can only go so far in this bad economy especially if you take cash (you are taxed like hell). I am honestly wondering how they can get away with starting the jackpot at only 12 million when they've a
Jul 18, 2010, 3:49 am - libra99nh - Lottery News

N.M. Lottery posts second-best year
New Mexico legislators were told today that strong sales of in-state games helped drive the New Mexico Lottery to its second-best year of sales.Lottery Authority CEO Tom Shaheen said that sales of all games exceeded $139 million, while net revenues (profits) earmarked for the Lottery Success Scholarship program were $32.2 million, topping $30 million for the third straight year.All financial data for fiscal year 2005 are preliminary and unaudited.Shaheen, appearing before the Legislature's inter
Jul 28, 2005, 4:36 pm - Todd - Lottery News

Powerball sales skid hurts lottery profits
Major changes in the game in August should lure players who want bigger jackpots.Powerball players got lucky during the past 12 months, winning lots of smaller multistate jackpots but dampening overall enthusiasm by reducing the number of huge payoffs in the $200 million to $300 million range. The players are just beating the game, Iowa Lottery President Edward Stanek said Monday. We had 11 Powerball jackpot winners the year before, and we have had more than a 50 percent increase for the fisca
Jul 26, 2005, 6:42 pm - Todd - Lottery News

Mega Millions fuels California lottery sales record
i will be glad to... now i want you take a deep breath and think about this issue removing your emotions (a need to win fueled by irrational thought process's) ...and inserting rational thought(s) instead. this stuff is really easy. someone is always going to win eventually (it could be you). after the odds get high enough that they cannot be covered (like maybe in a pick3 game where the odds are a little more obtainable ), then it becomes a matter of IF you are meant to . i don't see
Jun 24, 2005, 7:32 pm - visiondude - Lottery News

Missouri Lottery sets profit record
The Missouri Lottery posted a record $230.3 million in profits for the 2004 fiscal year, well above state projections and the previous year's results.A year ago, state lottery director Jim Scroggins predicted a sharp downturn in sales, and thus lottery profits for education, following a second consecutive year of advertising budget cuts by state lawmakers. Despite record sales the past year, Scroggins said he was sticking by his story that the ad cuts dventually would take their toll.Up to now,
Jun 24, 2004, 8:02 am - Todd - Lottery News

Tennessee Lottery has paid nearly $700,000 in bonuses to date
State lawmakers are surprised by the number of Tennessee Lottery employees who have received bonuses totaling nearly $700,000 since the launch of the games in January.Lottery CEO Rebecca Paul has earned $245,000 in bonuses for beginning scratchoff games ahead of schedule and starting the lottery online by March 20. The other 142 Tennessee Education Lottery Corp. employees have cashed $422,304 in startup bonus checks, according to lottery records, an average of $2,974 each.Paul used employee ince
Apr 19, 2004, 6:23 am - Todd - Lottery News

$1.1 BILLION: Rush of Mega Millions lottery sales prompts officials to raise jackpot estimate
Now the 3rd-largest lottery jackpot in history By Todd Northrop A rush of lottery ticket sales for the $1.025 billion Mega Millions jackpot has prompted lottery officials to revise their estimate for the Friday night drawing just one day after it was announced to $1.1 billion an increase of $75 million. The increased jackpot now ranks as the 3rd-largest lottery jackpot in history, and the 2nd-largest in Mega Millions game history. The all-important lump-sum cash value is now esti
Jul 28, 2022, 12:40 pm - Todd - Lottery News

Pennsylvania Lottery Announces Retirement of Super 6 Lotto
Pennsylvania Lottery officials today announced the last Super 6 Lotto drawing will take place on Tuesday, January 27, 2004. Super 6 has been a great game for the Pennsylvania Lottery, generating more than one billion dollars in sales over the past five years, said Lottery Executive Director Ed Mahlman. Recently, however, interest in Super 6 has decreased, as Powerball has established itself as Pennsylvania's premier jackpot game. Mahlman said the Lottery plans to distribute of the remaining Su
Jan 12, 2004, 6:27 am - Todd - Lottery News

Winners of big lottery jackpots often crave anonymity amid challenges to do so
The tiny Illinois farm town of Red Bud is the kind of place with few strangers and few secrets. Yet the community of 3,700 has a lingering mystery on its hands: Who bought the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket, and why hasn't the winner of the world-record $656 million jackpot come forward? Though secrecy surrounds the ticket sold at the MotoMart convenience store, lottery officials note it's not unusual for winners to lay low and those who advise them say it's just plain smart. It's ex
Apr 11, 2012, 10:20 am - Todd - Lottery News