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Maybe this could work: Just trying to help. LP could win Jackpots
Nobody is talking about starting a lottery here...Again read Plan A and read Plan B...If you read Plan A and Plan B YOU WILL NOTICED that i am not talking about starting a lottery...I know that starting a lottery is Illegal in the USA i am well aware of it... the reason why i don't post predictions is because i suffer from Paranoia and i well believe that the lottery has the drawings fixed...I don't post predictions because i know that if i post predictions they will try and change it...That'
Jul 6, 2009, 11:25 pm - pumpi76 - Lottery Discussion Forum

Right time to join a lottery Pool or not?
I agree. A contract needs to be drawn up prior to starting a lottery pool. The tickets also need to be photocopied (each participant should have a copy) and tickets placed in a safe place, hopefully a safe. Personally, I would never join a lottery pool, but then, that's just me.
Nov 22, 2016, 4:45 pm - LiveInGreenBay - Lottery Discussion Forum

Are YOU in a Lottery Pool?
I'm not in a lottery pool. Last year there were a few of us who talked about possibly starting a lottery pool but it never got off the ground. Even though I'm leary about pools (due to the fact that lately have been reading about some people not sharing with others in the pool and bringing lawsuits) it seems that many people seem to win with lottery pools (maybe because they buy many tickets at a time as opposed to myself who only buys one).
May 19, 2012, 9:07 am - shyguitar - Lottery Discussion Forum

Mega & Powerball changes
Quote: Originally posted by CASH Only on April 24, 2005It's a little too early to assume that NC is starting a lottery, period. But I agree OK will join PB by next year.i hope NC does get a lottery.....
Apr 25, 2005, 6:37 am - LOTTOMIKE - Lottery Discussion Forum

Are lottery pools legal in Michigan?
gmcroman,There are several lottery pool MLM programs that are legal and a few that perform well. As far as starting a lottery pool as an individual I recommend doing in depth research and developing a contract for participants. An illegal lottery is usually set in the context of having to pay a fee to enter into it where lotteries that are free to enter are not bound to the same policies. What I am suggesting is that a safer route is to operate a lottery pool for a lottery that is free to ent
Nov 16, 2003, 2:50 pm - luckyduckydave - Lottery Discussion Forum

Easy Way to Print Lots of Tickets?
You guys are right. However, I am thinking of starting a lottery club with 4 other people from work. We plan to put in money once a month ($40 each) and then just keep adding $40 each month till the jackpot reaches a certain amount. So, even though right now filling out 10 slips may be easy, I think with the lottery club that will be times when we will have like 200 or maybe even more tickets for a certain jackpot. Now, we could buy 200 easy picks (or quick picks as some of you call them) but th
Nov 28, 2012, 1:07 pm - Hulk311 - Lottery Discussion Forum

Lottery Pools or Clubs
It is great to be back here at lottery post. I do have a question if anyone can answer it for me it will be most helpful. I am starting a lottery pool here in georgia with friends i met through my teachings of how to use astrology to win at gambling . My question is i have also held classes in other states and met a lot of nice people through these classes .. Can people from other states join my lottery pool here in georgia if i am pruchasing the tickets here in georgia myself. Thank you for you
Oct 23, 2010, 7:29 am - mystic317 - Lottery Discussion Forum

“Money doesn’t mean a great deal to me"
I forgot to mention that what Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Turkey, India and Italy (and only those seven), need is a 1 billion dollar lottery played twice a year just like Spain's...But they need first to start with 500 million (which to me, in some of these countries, 500 million is like 1 billion)....But of course starting a lottery like that you have to first do research, polls, surveys, etc to see if it and how it will work.. ...Those eyes.... .....they dissappeared...
Aug 11, 2006, 7:12 pm - pumpi76 - Lottery Discussion Forum

Roller Coasters Vs. the lottery...
I was looking at roller coasters on Tv and i am surprise at some things...The program i was looking at was about roller coasters...For example, there are roller coasters that cost 4 million, I was looking at the tv and saw one that cost 24 million. The surprising thing is that building, maintaining, and starting a roller coaster cost money too and it requires research, lot of research. Research with computers, electronics, dummies, people studying optimization, etc..Roller coasters have so much
Aug 10, 2006, 1:37 am - pumpi76 - Lottery Discussion Forum

Sure, they know appromiately how many people are going to win and what their payout going to be, that is the reason they decide the odds and amount of payout before starting a lottery. It amazes me when some pick three player has 30 numbers boxed and hit 1:5 or some of their numbers hit as much as 5-7 times some where in the country's 45 or so drawings, they claim they have a gift for picking numbers, when actually all they have done is matched the odds. Any one that was sell tickets in a multim
Apr 17, 2002, 10:21 am - RJOh - Lottery Discussion Forum

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