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people to play ga fantasy 5 large wheel
hello, I live in u.s. georgia, from time to time the jackpot gets pretty high. as you experienced lottery players know a large wheel (that has a high amount of numbers) increases your chances of winning, but as you know its a lot for one person to play so if interested in starting a group with me, let me know. georgia fantasy 5 jackpot tonight 950,000, lottery matrix pick 5 from 1 to 42, free play on hitting two numbers.
Dec 5, 2019, 11:03 pm - lottoman626 - Pick 5 Forum

Buckeye 5 to have jackpot
This was post at the Ohio lottery website: Big Winners: Three September 8 Buckeye 5 $100,000 winners sold at Hilltop Quick Stop, Williamsburg (manual pick), Pettit's BP Oil, Yellow Springs (manual pick), and Lews Express Mart, Austinburg (manual pick).Could it be that players who are using a system to pick their numbers are starting to win, prompting a need for a change?RJOh
Sep 11, 2004, 9:34 pm - RJOh - Pick 5 Forum

Upcoming PA Lottery Game (Quinto) Strategy input needed..
Hello LotteryPost members, I have a question regarding the upcoming game of Quinto for the Pennsylvania Lottery. It will be starting on August 26th and will have 2 draws per day. Some basic info about it if you don't know is that it is a Pick 5 game using the digits 0-9. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or tips for playing this game and possible strategies to use because it seems like it could be a decent game to play with the payouts not too bad. If anyone has any ideas or tips I'd gr
Aug 19, 2008, 9:41 pm - kb3$ - Pick 5 Forum

New York Take 5 (My Hometown)
I grew up in New York City and moved to Phildelphia about 5 years ago. I lived in Philly for about a year and a half. In all that time I've played number passively and sometimes with real intensity. It wasn't until I came here(China)and stumble upon Lottery Post and read so many people really working at finding some system or strategy to win consistently that I decide to really make it like a job . Go figure. I am just starting in my opinion to stratch the surface. I am all ears to what everybod
Apr 29, 2008, 1:30 am - jackpotismine - Pick 5 Forum

Gail Howard's Wheel Wins In New York
Quote: Originally posted by Greg on February 21, 2005I'm an avid reader and I have also purchased other people's software, by the way. It is Gail's software that I consistently use and her books that I reread and further study (especially her Lottery Master Guide) because I find more meat there than anywhere else. Not that other software programs have no merit, it's just that for me, they don't speak to me the way her programs do.Please note: it's not what you have, it's how you use it. If I
Feb 21, 2005, 10:34 pm - Maverick - Pick 5 Forum

I honestly think if I was to play 3-10-12-16-20 ten times with power up and caught the x10 paying $10,000,000 they have a payout limit of $2,500,000 so if I won the 10 times EXPECTING $10,000,000 and COMPLAIN like the SC xmas tree winners publicly wanting my ENTIRE $10,000,000 not only $2,500,000 I believe that is the lottery concern I believe and WILL NOT NEVER EVER let that happen EVEN THOUGH IT'S POSSIBLE to win that way. I play to win that way BIG!!! But they are countering all my EFFORTS
Apr 12, 2018, 6:23 pm - stanyslaww - Pick 5 Forum

Illinois Lucky Day Lotto adding midday draw in June
Got my ticket this morning it shows midday on ticket this is the game I mostly play, I play 10.00 every day now its gonna be 20.00 the ez match in my opinion is a waste, the odds of winning 500.00 is 1: 210,000 give me a break, take that dollar buy a scratch off odds way better. Illinois lottery is now selling 4th of July Raffle it sells for 10.00 a ticket this gets you in draws starting June 6 to July 4 weekly prizes for the first 4 weekly draws are as follows 1 Prize 500,000.00 10 Prizes of 10
Jun 2, 2013, 8:38 am - lottery4ever - Pick 5 Forum

AZ Fantasy 5
Im starting to wonder if I could post a BETTER snap shot of the AZ lottery building.
Mar 29, 2013, 9:53 am - Ronnie316 - Pick 5 Forum

TN Lottery Pick 5 ending Oct 1
The TN Lottery site is blocked at work so I have been una ble to post this, but on the TN lottery site under the Pick 5 section is this: The last day to purchase a PICK 5 multi-draw ticket for twelve (12) consecutive drawings is Monday Sept. 6, 2010. After the PICK 5 drawing on Monday, Sept. 6, 2010, the number of available multi-draw options will decrease by one after each drawing, with all multi-draw options ending after the drawing on Wednesday, September 29, 2010. The last PICK 5
Aug 28, 2010, 9:29 am - TheOtherOne - Pick 5 Forum

used gail howard's smart luck program
Greg:It's not my intention to attack Gail Howard, her products or those of any other author/ distributor of similar, commercially available lottery systems. Ms. Howard was indeed one of the industry's foremost pioneers in developing the concept of wheeling number selections, and she certainly deserves credit for that. However, all lottery wheels, whether authored by Gail Howard or by someone else, are based on common mathematical formulas. Therefore, they're not proprietary.I bought Ms. Howard
Nov 15, 2005, 11:23 pm - jim695 - Pick 5 Forum

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