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Texas legislature defeats Internet lottery bill
An Internet search for online gambling netted 9 million hits Wednesday, but Texas House members nixed hopes that one of those might lead to the Texas Lottery.Lawmakers, seeking ways to help fund the state budget, rejected a measure, 89-52, that would have raised as much as $275 million more a year by allowing the lottery to debut on the Internet.Passions rose in an unpredictably bipartisan fashion as lawmakers debated the virtues and vices of expanding gambling to pay for better education, hea
May 6, 2005, 10:24 am - Lottery News

Bulger victims seek share of lottery jackpot
In the decade since South Boston gangster James Whitey Bulger fled to avoid federal racketeering charges, the fight over who cashes in on his $1.9 million share of a Massachusetts lottery jackpot has been nearly as intense as the hunt for the fugitive.The mothers of two women allegedly killed by Bulger unsuccessfully went to court for the windfall. Bulger's brother John and one of his sisters also failed to hit pay dirt in court.Yesterday, the lottery wrangle was rekindled. A federal judge ope
Apr 27, 2005, 10:41 am - Lottery News

NY lottery pool members sue over Mega Millions jackpot
A Manhattan judge has frozen most of the Mega Millions lottery winnings of a Mount Sinai Hospital employee and has told three co-workers who pooled money to buy tickets with him they may proceed with their lawsuit to get a share of the prize.The lawsuit against John Piccolo says he kept $175,000 in lottery winnings that he should have shared with the three co-workers because he used their money to enter the Nov. 2 drawing.The co-workers' court papers say each of the four should have received $43
Apr 21, 2005, 10:51 am - Lottery News

N.C. Lottery committe selected and moving quickly
House Speaker Jim Black chose his top lieutenant Monday to lead a special committee whose mission is to fashion an education lottery bill on which the full chamber can vote.Rep. Bill Culpepper, chairman of the House Rules Committee, will also chair the 14-member House Select Committee on the Lottery, which will meet for the first time this afternoon.Black won't serve on the committee but hand-picked its members. They will examine three lottery bills introduced this year in the House before gener
Mar 30, 2005, 8:38 am - Lottery News

Opinion: Time has come for a lottery in North Carolina
Charlotte Observer EditorialBy Jim Black, N.C. House SpeakerNorth Carolina must make the education of our children our number one priority and find the needed revenue to fund it. The future of our state and its people depend upon it.Unfortunately, the North Carolina legislature is facing a budget shortfall of more than $1.2 billion in the upcoming year. In order to continue improving education, legislators will either have to increase taxes or find new revenue sources to help fund education.Rais
Mar 28, 2005, 11:30 am - Lottery News

Elderly man, claiming he was cheated of lottery prize, wins settlement
An elderly man who claims he was swindled out of a winning lottery ticket has won a court settlement with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.But under the terms of the agreement, Bob Edmonds isn't allowed to discuss the details. Edmonds spent years fighting the lawsuit against the OLGC, alleging he was robbed of the $250,000 he won with an Encore ticket, validated at Coby Variety in July 2001.He had already settled a suit with Phyllis and Scott LaPlante - the prize claimants and owners of the C
Mar 18, 2005, 9:27 am - Lottery News

Lottery trial sheds lights on OLGC miscues
An 81-year-old Canadian man, a cancer survivor, is suing the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC), saying it refused to properly investigate a retailer who allegedly cheated him out of a $250,000 winning Encore ticket.Despite feeling cheated by the store owners, Robert Edmonds settled his civil suit against them in January. While he was originally asking for $250,000 the value of the winning ticket and $500,000 in punitive damages, Edmonds settled for $150,000 because he'd heard they ha
Mar 8, 2005, 12:00 pm - Lottery News

Oregon Gov. pushes for larger lottery cut
Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski has become a quiet backroom force in pushing the Oregon Lottery into considering a nearly 50 percent cut in the share of proceeds that bars, restaurants and taverns receive for the lottery's new electronic slot games.People close to Kulongoski say he has become more involved than previous governors in determining how much money retailers should get for offering video gambling, which last year totaled $531 million in sales.Kulongoski prodded the new lottery director, Da
Mar 8, 2005, 9:51 am - Lottery News

World Games officials face probe
Officials of global pyramid lottery scheme face tax evasion chargesA lawyer representing disgruntled investors in the controversial World Games Inc. (WGI) has reported WGI's Norwegian officials to the country's white collar crime unit kokrim.An kokrim official confirmed the federal agency that investigates and persecutes economic crimes in Norway had received the filing from lawyer Olav Sylte.He represents 8 people who are demanding the return of around NOK 1.2 million from WGI officials in No
Mar 1, 2005, 10:43 am - Lottery News

Florida Lotto winner sued — again
Robert Swofford Jr. had $35 million in Florida Lotto winnings, and his soon-to-be ex-wife wanted a piece of it.Swofford solved that problem, but now he's got another one: The ex-wife's sister wants a cut, too, and she's taking him to court to get it.The way Mary Lackey sees it, she deserves part of the money every bit as much as her sister Ann did. And some folks might agree she has a point. Swofford fathered children by both women in 1993. Mary Lackey says she wants the money for her daughter.O
Feb 28, 2005, 9:30 am - Lottery News