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Mother Sues Rhode Island Lottery for Child Support Funds
A Cranston, Rhode Island mother who is owed approximately $40,000 in child support is suing the state Lottery Commission because prize money wasn't withheld when the father of her son cashed in.Paula Duffy originally filed suit against Lincoln Park, a Rhode Island slot machine and racetrack facility, claiming the gambling venue should have withheld money when Frank Bianco won several thousand dollars on more than one occasion.Lincoln Park said it was never told to withhold such payments.Duffy ha
Dec 23, 2004, 10:29 am - Lottery News

Details of lottery winner kin's death still sketchy
The 17-year-old granddaughter of the nation's largest lottery winner was found dead near her boyfriend's home, her body wrapped in a sheet and plastic tarp. Brandi Bragg, who lived in the nearby town of Hurricane, was last seen alive Dec. 4. She was reported missing five days later by Jack Whittaker, who won a $314.9 million jackpot on Christmas Day 2002 but has battled legal and other problems since then.The cause of death was under investigation. Authorities said there were no obvious signs o
Dec 21, 2004, 10:51 am - Lottery News

Lawsuit acuses Texas of misusing lottery funds
A lawsuit filed by a watchdog group seeks to block the State of Texas from making more payments to a Las Vegas law firm hired a year ago to draft legislation to legalize video slot machines.The lawsuit, filed Tuesday by Russ Verney of the national watchdog group Judicial Watch, contends that the state exceeded its authority when it agreed to spend lottery proceeds to pay the firm.The Texas attorney general's office hired the law firm Lionel, Sawyers and Collins to develop legislation that would
Dec 17, 2004, 3:13 pm - Lottery News

Record Powerball lottery winner's life a mess after big win
The worlds first glimpse of Jack Whittaker, winner of the richest undivided lottery jackpot in U.S. history, was of a boisterous, happy-go-lucky guy in a big cowboy hat who loved his family, work and God and promised to share his good fortune with the church and the poor.Two years later, the picture the public is seeing now is a mug shot of a haggard, somber Whittaker.Whittaker, 57, has been arrested twice on charges of drunken driving in the past year and has been ordered to go into rehab by Ja
Dec 14, 2004, 1:16 pm - Lottery News

Record Powerball Lottery Winner's Granddaughter Missing
Record Powerball winner Jack Whittaker has reported his 17-year-old granddaughter missing, police said late Thursday. Family members had not seen or heard from Brandi Lasha Bragg since 9 p.m. Saturday when she was at her Hurricane home, Putnam County Sheriff's Sgt. Lisa Arthur said. At this time we're treating this as an unusual disappearance, Arthur said. Normally someone would see her at least on a daily basis, someone in the family. Arthur said Whittaker reported Bragg missing sometime this
Dec 10, 2004, 10:01 am - Lottery News

Record Powerball lottery winner ordered into substance abuse program
A man who won a nearly $315 million Powerball lottery -- the largest single jackpot in history -- was ordered into substance abuse treatment today after his second drunken driving arrest this year.In an agreement with prosecutors, Jack Whittaker, 57, will check himself into rehab by Jan. 2, must surrender his license and may not drive until he provides written proof he's completed the 28-day residential program.Whittaker was charged with drunken driving last week, violating his $150 bond for a s
Dec 8, 2004, 1:07 pm - Lottery News

For some lottery winners jackpot is a 'nightmare'
Winning the lottery turned life into a nightmareFor a lot of people, winning the lottery is the American dream. But some say the reality is more like a nightmare. Winning the lottery isn't always what it's cracked up to be, says Evelyn Adams, who won the New Jersey lottery not just once but twice (1985, 1986) to the tune of $5.4 million. Today the money is all gone and Adams lives in a trailer. I won the American dream but I lost it, too. It was a very hard fall. It's called rock bottom, says
Nov 17, 2004, 10:40 am - Lottery News

Suit seeks $213M in lottery winnings
Clarksdale City Commissioner Charles Buster Moton has already thought about what he would do with a $213 million Powerball winning.Build state-of-the-art recreational facilities for young people, help churches repair or rebuild and assist families that can't afford decent housing, he said.He must convince a judge and jury, however, that he is a jackpot winner in the May 8 Tennessee Powerball lottery.Moton filed suit last week against the Tennessee Education Lottery Corp. saying he lost a Power
Nov 8, 2004, 7:41 am - Lottery News

Settlement reached in Mass. scratch ticket dispute
After two years of squabbling over the ownership of a $4 million winning scratch ticket, the litigants embroiled in a lawsuit agreed to a settlement in an effort to avoid another civil trial.Julie Prive, a former clerk at an East Falmouth Tedeschi's convenience store, was sued by two customers, Raymond MacDonald and Monica Hertz, after she cashed in the scratch ticket in 2002.MacDonald, 65, and Hertz each claim they bought and scratched the winning ticket at the store, then gave it to Prive beli
Oct 8, 2004, 10:22 am - Lottery News

Tennessee Lottery officials respond to lawsuit
The Tennessee Attorney General's office says a Fayetteville man can't sue the lottery on grounds he could have won a million dollars.The state also claims in its motion filed last week that the lawsuit by Dennis Perry was filed in the wrong county and any damages would be purely speculative. Perry won 10 thousand dollars in the lottery's first one million dollar drawing on June 26th.He sued after the lottery failed to follow the rules it set for the drawing. He claims that it eliminated the ran
Sep 7, 2004, 10:02 am - Lottery News