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Wisconsin Lottery sorts mixup on Badger 5 numbers
The Wisconsin Lottery will pay on two sets of winning numbers from Monday's Badger 5 drawing after a mix-up caused confusion over which five numbers were actually drawn, a lottery official said Tuesday.The Wisconsin Lottery sent the media a winning combination of three, five, 15, 19 and 29, the correct numbers drawn Monday night, spokesman Andrew Bohage said. But lottery employees mistakenly substituted a 25 for the 29 in the numbers posted on its Web site.Bohage said neither combination produce
Apr 14, 2004, 7:25 am - Lottery News

Visible numbers end sales of Louisiana Lottery scratch-off games
The Louisiana Lottery Corp. has stopped sales of three scratch-off games because numbers supposed to be hidden could be read without scratching off anything.The Louisiana Boil, Extra Free Spot Bingo and Winning Combinations games all had the problem, the company said in a news release Monday.It said sales of Winning Combinations were halted Thursday after lottery workers realized that the numbers were visible through the latex scratch-off coating.Lottery President Randy Davis ordered the printer
Mar 30, 2004, 4:52 am - Lottery News

N.H. Lottery Accidentally Draws 2 Sets Of Winning Numbers
Pick 3 Will Pay Off On Both Sets Of Midday Winners Tuesday Players in the Tri-State Pick 3 lottery had two chances to win the midday jackpot Tuesday. Due to a human error during the live midday drawing of the game's daily numbers, two sets of Pick 3 numbers were drawn, according to a news release from the Tri-State Lottery. Lottery officials decided to pay out on both sets of Pick 3 winning numbers for Tuesday's mid-day draw. The two sets of winning Pick 3 numbers were: 9, 7, 1 and 0
Jan 8, 2004, 5:39 am - Lottery News

French lottery to pay up
Games company Francaise des Jeux said it would compensate a handful of people who mistakenly thought they had won the jackpot because of printing errors on a batch of black jack scratch cards.Eight people in the Lorraine region of eastern France will be awarded between 2,000 and 40,000 euros for having had their dreams of wealth raised and dashed.The company devised a way to calculate how much distress the players had suffered linked to the amount they thought they had won and how long they were
Dec 8, 2003, 4:31 am - Lottery News

Mass. Lottery needs to replace 2.2M defective scratch tickets
More than two million state lottery scratch tickets will have to be replaced because they have a shelf life problem. If they sit around too long, the latex in the scratching area deteriorates and may become unscratchable.The problems with the $200,000 Bonus game tickets have prompted Treasurer Timothy Cahill to order an overhaul of the Massachusetts State Lotterys procedures for handling ticket glitches, according to a published report Monday. We expect flaws. Its part of the industry, said
Oct 14, 2003, 3:46 am - Lottery News

LA Lottery Will Honor Misprinted Game Tickets
Tickets for three state lottery games - Pick 3, Pick 4 and Cash Quest - that were purchased Tuesday between 1:35 p.m. and 2:11 p.m. for Tuesday night's drawing were inadvertently generated for Wednesday's drawing.Louisiana Lottery President Randy Davis said the Lottery will honor winning Pick 3, Pick 4 and Cash Quest tickets purchased during that time frame for both drawings, Tuesday, Oct. 7 and Wednesday, Oct. 8.Lottery records indicate 1,493 Pick 3; 724 Pick 4; and 354 Cash Quest tickets were
Oct 8, 2003, 4:36 am - Lottery News

Calif. SuperLOTTO Plus Ticket-Printing Problem
Due to a computer error, the California Super LOTTO Plus draw dates printed on tickets issued Sunday morning, October 5, 2003, incorrectly show the draw date for Saturday, October 11, 2003. The affected tickets are actually valid for the Wednesday's October 8, 2003 Super LOTTO Plus draw. The nature of this ticket printing problem was identified at 9:30 am Sunday morning, and statewide LOTTO wagering was immediately suppressed. The cause of the error has been determined and corrected. At 11:42
Oct 7, 2003, 5:38 am - Lottery News

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